Depression is a mental sickness people face or fight against in the world. Depression is a common illness worldwide, with an estimated of 3.8% of earths population affected, including 5.0% among adults and 5.7% among adults older than 60 years. Approximately 280 million people in the world are suffering from depression. Here are some signs that will make you realize that you are depressed, so you can start getting help from professionals, friends and family.

  1. Relentless Anxiety: Anxiety is feeling of dread, uneasiness and fear. It might cause you to sweat, feel restless and rapid heartbeat. Relentless Anxiety is when you feel uptight about everything. Research made it known that Anxiety and depression go together. Anxiety brings in negative thought, unending questions and doubt.

  1. Social Exhaustion: This is when you feel there is no need for socializing with people since they don’t understand how you feel. This leads to isolation or emotional distancing,  will not want people to see you as a damaged person so you distance yourself.

  2. Mood swings: This involves being happy this minute then the next minute you are sad and cranky. This happens to a lot of people but if yours is consistent, check up with a psychologist.

  3. Loss of interest: Depression can take pleasure or enjoyment out of the things you love. A loss of interest or withdrawal from activities that you once looked forward to like sports, hobbies, eating or going out with friends is yet another sign of major depression.

5.Consistent fatigue and sleep deprivation: Depression often comes with a lack of energy and an overwhelming feeling of fatigue, which can be among the most debilitating symptoms of depression. This could lead to excessive sleeping.
Depression is also linked with insomnia, as one might lead to the other and vice versa. They can also make each other worse. The lack of quality, restful sleep can also lead to anxiety.

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Get help if you have had some of the mentioned symptoms for more than two weeks, you might be suffering from major depression disorder. Recognizing that you’re depressed is essential to getting the right help. Depression leads to suicide if not treated well.
Depression affects millions of people, but there are varying treatments available, from lifestyle changes to medications. No matter the path of treatment you choose, asking for professional help is the first step to getting back to feeling like yourself again.
Never feel unloved, you are loved by a lot of people. You will overcome that stage you are passing through never allow the stage to overcome you.

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