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As the title suggests, this page is all about scholarships for Nigerian students studying abroad. If you are interested in studying abroad but do not have the financial means to do so, this article can assist you. You will be able to study at an international university of your choice if you are awarded one of the scholarships.

Nigeria is the largest country in Africa, both in terms of landmass and economic output, and it maintains diplomatic links with the majority of European and Asian countries. These countries prefer to grant scholarships to Nigerian students over students from other countries for a variety of reasons, including the above. Inside OAU Innovations is bringing information about scholarship opportunities from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Europe, and China to Nigerian students in order to make these opportunities more accessible.

Each of these countries offers scholarships to Nigerian students each year so that they can study abroad and earn world-class skills and information that they can put to use to help their country progress forward in the future.


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  1. The University of Dundee Scholarships for Nigerian Students

The University of Dundee is a prestigious higher education institution in the United Kingdom, with approximately 140 Nigerian students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate degree programs at the university’s many campuses. The institution offers more than a half-dozen scholarships to Nigerian students who wish to study abroad in the United Kingdom for no cost. Undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate degree students are eligible to apply for the scholarships.

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For admittance to all our studies you will need to demonstrate that your qualifications match the University of Dundee entrance standards. These are basic recommendations only, and actual needs will vary on an individual basis, and from course to course.


  1. The University of Birmingham Nigeria Outstanding Achievement Scholarship

One of the scholarships for Nigerian students studying abroad at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom is being offered as part of a larger scholarship package. The scholarship, which is worth 2,500 Euros per student and is awarded annually to 12 Nigerian students enrolled in the university’s first-year undergraduate degree program, is worth 2,500 Euros each student. In order to be eligible for the University of Birmingham Nigerian Outstanding Achievement Scholarship, students must be enrolled in their first year of full-time undergraduate study at the university. Students with exceptional academic records have a better chance of receiving the prize.


3, NIBSS Graduate Trainee Program 2022 for Graduate Nigerians

A digital payment infrastructure that promotes financial inclusion while providing world-class payment and settlement services, the Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) is being developed.

The Graduate Trainee program is meant to attract, develop, and retain applicants who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and behavioral characteristics that are compatible with our business and culture, as well as to help them advance their careers. We are searching for individuals who are intelligent, talented, and technologically savvy, and who can combine their brains with teamwork and leadership abilities. What criteria are used to choose applicants?

  1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in any engineering, social science, or allied field.
  2. A minimum of 2.2 and preferably higher
  3. The applicant must be no older than 26 years old at the time of application.
  4. 0-3 years of relevant experience
  5. The applicant must have completed NYSC as of the date of application or be in possession of an exemption certificate.


  1. Entrance Scholarship for African Students Studying in English

The Scholarship for African Students Studying in English at the University of Ottawa in Canada aims to increase the university’s diversity by offering the Scholarship for African Students Studying in English. No application is required for students enrolled full-time in the university’s undergraduate programs offered in English or with the French Immersion option in chosen programs within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Science. This is an automatic offer; no application is required. The award, which is renewable, is worth CAD$12,500 per year. 


  1. Leventis Fellowship 2023 for Nigerian Academics at SOAS, University of London

The Leventis Fellowship is offered to individuals who wish to work in libraries and archives as well as participate in the intellectual life of the Centre.

Regarding the Award: For younger academics, the Leventis Foundation provides financing for the Leventis Fellowship, which allows them to pursue their research interests in the field of libraries and archives while also participating in the intellectual life of the Center. Academics from Nigeria are eligible to apply for this research fellowship. The fellowship will last for three months in total. The scheme may be particularly suitable for researchers who are putting together a PhD thesis in a publishable format. Send your application to us over the mail.


Criteria for Selection as well as Eligibility

  • Nigerian academics have submitted applications to be considered for a collaborative research initiative. –
  • The scheme may be particularly suitable for researchers who are putting together a PhD thesis in a publishable format.

How to Submit an Application: Applicants who wish to be considered for the fellowship should submit an online application accompanied by the required supporting documentation:

  • A curriculum vitae in its entirety (maximum 2 pages)
  • A statement of current research interests (of no more than 1,000 words in length) that specifies the objectives to be attained during the study stay in London is required.
  • One letter of recommendation from an academic institution in support of the application
  • Applicants should be aware that they will need a gmail account in order to submit the required documents (including references). If an applicant does not already have a Gmail account, one will need to be created for them.
  • Applications are reviewed by a Steering Committee in London, which meets monthly. Informing the applicants of the Committee’s decision will be done through the use of electronic mail.


  1. NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship

Please apply to the Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) Scholarship Program 2022-2023, which is open to qualified candidates. All levels of education are eligible for this grant. Everyone should keep a look out for this scholarship, which is awarded every year. It is the goal of the NLNG Scholarship Program to provide financial support to deserving students who otherwise would not be able to finance their further education.

High-achievers from the company’s host communities are to benefit from a new scholarship program. Since its inception in 2012, when there were just 28 recipients, the program has grown to include 342 recipients and has spent a total of N825,300,000 ($2.697 million). Prospective students can apply for the program on the company’s website and if they meet the stated qualifications, they will be accepted. The best candidates are then put through a selection process, which includes a written exam and an interview.


  1. GREAT Scholarship for Justice & Law for Nigerian Students

Our university is thrilled to participate with the British Council’s GREAT Britain campaign, and the British government. You may learn more about our partnership with the GREAT Scholarships initiative and how to apply on the Study UK website.

To help with the cost of your education, the university will receive a £10,000 Tuition Fee Award. Only the first year of postgraduate study will be eligible for the prize for students enrolled in two-year programs.


Scholarship eligibility.

  • Nigerian students who are enrolled in an overseas program and pay their tuition costs are eligible for this prize.
  • A full-time master’s degree in law at the University of Westminster will begin in September 2020, thus you must have been accepted.
  • Please see our full terms and conditions for more information.
  • Graduates with a Master’s degree are generally ineligible unless otherwise mentioned in the guidebook on academic equivalent of overseas.
  • Students who are enrolled in one of the following courses will not be able to apply for a scholarship.
  • Accreditation in Postgraduate Education
  • Continuing education courses for the working professional (eg RIBA pt III, ACCA, CIMA, CiLEX)
  • Conversion training programs (eg Graduate Diploma in Law)
  • Master’s, MPhil, and Ph.D. student
  • those students who are merely attending school part-time


  1. Robert Gordon University Vice – Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship for Nigerian Students

Students from countries other than the United Kingdom who wish to pursue a full-time undergraduate study at Robert Gordon University will be eligible for the Vice-Scholarship, Chancellor’s which will be awarded in 2022. Students can apply for the scholarship in any of the University’s fields of study that are available.


Eligibility and Requirements for Participation

  • It is possible to submit multiple applications from various countries.
  • The applicant must be a first-year undergraduate.
  • You must be a full-time student who will be residing on-campus.
  • It is necessary to be classified by the institution as either an international or a European fee-paying student.
  • Required to embody the experience by participation in extracurricular activities and to serve as an ambassador for Robert Gordon University by promoting the benefits of studying at Robert Gordon University.


  1. University of Portsmouth Masters Scholarship for Ghanaian and Nigerian Students 

University of Portsmouth is glad to offer Postgraduate Scholarships to Ghanaian and Nigerian students who are pursuing degrees in the fields indicated below while studying at the University of Portsmouth.

They will receive a 20 percent discount on their tuition expenses if they are selected for the scholarship. Among the full-time taught Master’s postgraduate degrees available to Ghanaian and Nigerian students are engineering geology, geological and environmental hazards, environmental geology and contamination, crisis and disaster management, geographical information systems, and coastal and marine resource management, to name a few topics. The scholarship compensates for a 20 percent reduction in tuition fees, which is a significant savings. The award cannot be utilized in conjunction with any other fee reduction or bursary offered by the University. For the purposes of this scholarship, a one-time payment toward the cost of a one-year course is made, and the scholarship is only applicable for the courses listed above.


  1. University of Lincoln Scholarships for African Students in UK for Master

The Lincoln Africa Scholarship is meant to provide financial aid to high-achieving postgraduate students from all around Africa who are pursuing higher education. Applicants for postgraduate programs beginning in September 2022 at the undergraduate level who demonstrate merit will be considered for a Lincoln Africa scholarship, which will be awarded to worthy candidates. Scholarship payments are made in the form of a reduction in tuition costs in the event of qualifying students and are valued at a maximum of $5,000.


Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

  • In order to be eligible for this scholarship, prospective students must meet the following requirements:
  • Your citizenship or permanent residence in an African country (or the country in where you were born) is required.
  • Does the University of Lincoln have made you a conditional or unconditional offer to study on a full-time postgraduate taught or Master’s by Research programme starting in February or September 2021? For more information, please see this link.
  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum grade point average of 2:2 (or an equal grade point average) or an equivalent degree.
  • Being able to speak effectively in English in order to pursue their chosen course of study (which often requires an IELTS score of 6.0–7.0 or equivalent) is a requirement.


These are the scholarships available to Nigerian students who wish to study abroad; however, before applying for any of these scholarships, you should carefully review the requirements for each scholarship.

In order to make things easier for you, we’ve provided links to each of the scholarships where you can find out more vital information. So, if you’re one of the many Nigerian students hoping to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in another country, here are several scholarships you might want to look into, whether you’re applying this year or next.

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