7 Different Types Of Nigerian Lecturers You Will Find In A University

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Nigerian universities breed different types of lecturers. The good, the bad, the ugly, you’ll find them in any university. If you schooled in a Nigerian university, you’ll easily know these kinds of lecturers. They are:-

1. The Sadists

The lecturers you find in this class are always unfriendly, unkind and unapproachable. Their classes are always dry and no matter how difficult you try, you can’t impress them. They are of the mentality that ” A” is for God, “B” is for lecturers while the student’s grades start from “C” – ” F”. Students’ failure seems to be their success. It’s more or less that they derive joy at seeing students failing- Mass failure. These lecturers threaten everyone and are mostly hated by students. They don’t smile. He/she wears an angry look whenever he comes to lecture.

Fine, I know you have a lecturer’s name in mind now, we can all relate. They’re mostly feared by students because they can do and undo, without giving a damn. They’re the “LIONS” of every institution. People run whenever they hear their names.

2. The Comedians

You will never be wrong if you call these types of lecturers live comedians. Lecturers in this category find the most hilarious concepts to explain better. Students easily connect with them because of their friendliness and sense of humour.Technically, there is never a dull moment in this funny lecturers’ class. Their technique of teaching is always welcoming and warm, thereby, developing a comfortable and happy environment that helps students to learn better.

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They’re always lively, and students look forward to their laughter-filled lectures. There is always a form of happiness in students whenever he’s coming to lecture them. These types of lecturers don’t take lives hard. They must not be taken for granted as well, or else the turnout will be surprising.

3. The student-lecturer

These are also known as assistant lecturers, who start their teaching career by serving as errands boys for senior lecturers in various departments. They mark scripts, invigilate during tests and exams and also help the senior lecturer with lectures in classes, which mostly bring up a form of pride. They create a form of impression that they’re the real lecturers – in the real sense, they are not.
They’re usually boastful. In that, they’re extremely pompous.

No one wishes to associate with them due to their pride. They are the most strict ones, especially during examination invigilation, one will literally think that they graduated with a first class as if derive pleasure at seeing the failure of students. They go extra mile at showcasing themselves. They’re mostly hated by students due to their pride. Their attitude of pride is down to earth. They are mostly irritated and annoying by students.

Apparently, they are mostly hyper-active more than senior lecturers while performing an administrative duty.

4. The Parent-like lecturers

These lecturers apart from being hardworking in shaping the future of their students, also make a keen effort to guide them in taking the right actions and making the proper decision in life. Their class is usually half lecture half advice. These type of lecturers see their students as their children and always remind them about the endeavours their parents are making to send them to school and why they should not let them down.

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He/she is a student’s favourite. They’re always approachable, smiling. They create platonic relationships with students, to help students out when they need their help. They extensively teach for the success of the students. They derive pleasure in ensuring students pass. They play the roles of a father and mother in the lives of the students. They are concerned about different aspects of students’ lives. They’re always ready to mentor and guide students.

5. The lazy lecturers

This set of lecturers disappears after providing students with the course outlines for the semester. They only come to class twice or three times before examinations start, probably for revision which might be held once or twice. Whenever they come to class, they might not lecture, but rather, read their handouts loud to the class, they don’t give a damn if you understand their teachings or not and after fifteen to twenty minutes, he/she is done for the day’s lecture.

Coming to class is only for the fulfilment of righteousness. They’re good at stabbing classes and create a philosophy” that students should form notes and read themselves, they shouldn’t wait for the lecturers to lecture them because they are not babies”. Unfortunately, enough, they set hard questions in their exams, which makes students fail woefully. I know right, a lecturer’s name just popped into your head.

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6. The Respected Ones

Every university has a lecturer who commands so much respect from Students students and lecturers alike. No one misbehaves with this type because they are aged, but possibly because of the level they have achieved in academia. Whenever these lecturers are lecturing, the class is always well organized, calm and quiet.
One must not trespass his or her boundary.

7. The religious ones

Every department has that religious man or woman as a member of staff. The religious lecturers are those who’ll not engage themselves in bribery or sex scandal on campus because of their religious beliefs.
They are strict to the core and have no mercy on students. They are highly disciplined.
The Mummy and Daddy Go can chip in Gospel while lecturing and will invite the entire students for church programmes and fellowships.

On the other hand, we have the fanatic( mallam) who will firstly separate ladies from guys before lecturing.
This set of lecturers are highly respected.

It doesn’t take the more than a class to know which lecturer fits into what category.

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