Doctor Strange

In the next two days, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will open in theaters (May 6), and I have never been more psyched about a movie than now. As a matter of fact, I’m plagued with so many goosebumps as I am writing this.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has been the most cryptic and intriguing of Marvel Studios’ Phase Four films since its title was announced in 2019. In addition to being the long-awaited sequel to 2016’s Doctor Strange, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige promised at Comic-Con and D23 Expo three years ago that the film would bring together multiple storylines from around the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Featuring the high stakes of magical mayhem, the facets of two powerful Avengers, and the unstable multiverse, this film will be an unforgettable cinematic experience for fans. The greatest way to get the most out of a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie is to brush up on some of the most important events before going to the theater and savoring a bucket of popcorn, because there is so much knowledge in the MCU already.. Before you view the highly anticipated MCU film, be sure to familiarize yourself with the following details. These are the things you should expect from the soon to be released Marvel latest movie.

First thing to actually know before delving into this movie is, this sequel is more of Doctor Strange presumably reflecting on his magical misstep and exploring the multiverse’s capacity in Multiverse of Madness, which follows directly on the heels of No Way Home. No Way Home is just the beginning of a much larger story that will have far-reaching consequences for the MCU.

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Seeing WandaVision and No Way Home before Multiverse of Madness is highly recommended, especially the former. Multiverse of Madness portrays Wanda struggling to come to terms with her grief for Vision and her family, her guilt over what happened in Westview, and the actual depth of her powers. Because his tampering in the occult and the fabric of the cosmos threatens to cause immeasurable destruction, Stephen is also haunted by the past. Stephen Strange and Wanda Maximoff will both feature prominently in Multiverse of Madness. Characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who have recently appeared in other films will play an important role in this one. When Dr. Strange’s actions in No Way Home led to the death of the Vision in Infinity War and Wanda’s struggle to escape it in WandaVision, the two characters’ stories converge.

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The majority of Doctor Strange’s cast returns for Multiverse of Madness, as is the case with most Marvel Studios films. Strange, of course, is Cumberbatch’s moniker. Many things have happened to him since The Avengers, including the moment he permitted himself to be snapped out of existence to ensure that Thanos (Josh Brolin) would be defeated in the end. Somehow, the Blip’s lingering effects on Strange will be explored in Multiverse, as will how those repercussions relate to his subsequent actions. According to reports, Benedict Cumberbatch will play a variety of Strange characters beyond the one seen in the trailers.


Benedict Wong is also back as the Sorcerer Supreme Wong (and a few other incarnations) (as established in No Way Home). For now, we can assume he’ll keep being his usual sarcastic self, doubting Strange’s intelligence and maybe even helping the Multiversal Illuminati, a mysterious organization confirmed to appear in the film and entrusted with keeping order in an increasingly twisted universe. When Strange, Reed Richards, and Charles Xavier appeared in the comics as members of the Illuminati, this might foreshadow a number of possible cameos in this picture.


Patrick Stewart, another Marvel star, is also rumored to be returning for the film. However, it is not clear who he is portraying in the second trailer. Due to No Way Home’s utilization of past Spider-Man performers, it is easy to believe Stewart will once again portray Charles Xavier, which would finally bring Mutants into the MCU. ” However, he could be another character or a version of Xavier that is significantly different from the one in the X-Men film cycle.

Below are the couple of mesmerizing new persons you should look forward to seeing in the Multiverse of Madness


Dr Christine Palmer

Christine is not only Dr. Strange’s colleague and girlfriend, but also a very skilled trauma surgeon. When Steve’s hands were paralyzed in a horrific tragedy, their relationship suffers. Dr. Christine Palmer, played by Rachel McAdams, will also appear in the new movie. As for her position and how it relates to Doctor Strange’s purpose in the movie, it’s currently unclear. Christine Palmer is shown at her own wedding—and Strange is not the groom—in a sequence that appears to occur early in the film. Fans speculate that Christine Palmer, Stephen Strange’s prior love interest, has moved on during the superhero’s five-year absence following Thanos’ Snap. Fans are curious how she’ll be featured in this movie’s plot and how her connection with Strange has changed after his resurrection..

Dr Christine Palmer Doctor Strange
Dr Palmer in Doctor Strange; Multiverse of the Madness


Captain Marvel Variant

The clip also shows a shimmering figure that looks eerily like Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). According to a notion, this is Monica Rambeau in a Captain Marvel variation costume, and the footage of her battling Wanda makes it much more believable. Wanda and Monica have a tense past in WandaVision, so we’re relying on it being her. There are other possibilities, like the Human Torch and Monica’s mother, Maria Rambeau.. One of the brightest superheroes in the Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness teaser looks much like Monica Rambeau, a Captain Marvel version. In the Super Bowl trailer for Doctor Strange 2, several heroes made their first appearances in the next film (of the new, old, and variant varieties). The addition of a shining hero who appears to be Captain Marvel was one of the most remarkable.

Captain Marvel Doctor Strange
Captain Marvel in Doctor Strange; Multiverse of the Madness



This is the first time Rintrah, a Minotaur-like character from the comics, has been seen on-screen, as a black, foreboding smoke cloud falls on them at the temple-like Kamar-Taj. Rintrah, a supporting character in the comics who formerly served as a Strange apprentice, will be familiar to Marvel fans who are familiar with the source material. It’s unclear what he has to do with the story, but the fact that he’s there is still a nice touch from Marvel.  Rintrah is a physically formidable opponent. Against an enraged Hulk in comics, he held his own and stopped him from going on the rampage. There is still a long way to go for Rintrah as he continues his education in the mystic arts. However, his ability to wield Weaver Magic, an unique sort of magic that even Doctor Strange was unaware of, is no little achievement. Because of Rintrah’s time spent with the Sorcerer Supreme, he’s mastered the fundamentals of both offensive and defensive magic. During his stay on Earth, the extraterrestrial character made good use of his ability to shapeshift.

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Rintrah Doctor Strange
Rintrah in Doctor Strange; Multiverse of the Madness


Professor X(?)

Despite the fact that we aren’t given a clear view of whether or not this is in fact Professor Charles Xavier or Professor X, we can clearly hear Patrick Stewart’s distinctive voice in the teaser. Patrick Stewart’s return to the MCU as the X-creator Men’s is more possible now that the Illuminati, a powerful collection of superheroes who are dedicated to averting multiverse crises, have been hinted at in the MCU’s first-ever Illuminati teaser. However, Stewart’s return to Marvel may be as a different character totally without a good look at who Stewart is playing. Stewart’s Charles Xavier was heard speaking in the film’s first full trailer, despite not appearing in the initial teaser, and Disney confirmed his reappearance shortly thereafter. A floating wheelchair version of the character from X-Men: The Animated Series was even used into subsequent marketing by the House of Mouse.

Professor X
Professor X Doctor Strange; Multiverse of the Madness


America Chavez

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’s new trailer gives us our first glimpse at Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez, one of the Young Avengers in the Marvel comics. America Chavez, a teenage girl endowed with a rare gift: the ability to open star portals and travel to other worlds. It’s safe to say that America Chavez’s MCU debut will push the young superhero to perilous new heights, but she won’t be allowed to show off her tremendous talents in the process. With her continual proximity to Strange during the various adrenaline-inducing scenes of the teaser, it is clear that she will play an important role in the movie’s plot..

Even if her origin story is altered to better suit her MCU debut, one thing is certain: Chavez will have plenty of chances to dazzle Marvel fans with her superhuman strength, speed, durability, and, of course, her interdimensional travel abilities, potentially positioning her to serve as a central figure in the remainder of Phase Four of the MCU.

Doctor Strange
Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange and Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez in Marvel Studios’ DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. .


Sinister Strange

Some speculate that the dark, menacing Doctor Strange seen in the first teaser for Spider-Man: No Way Home could be Strange Supreme, the evil version of Doctor Strange from Marvel’s What If…? animated series. However, even if we don’t know for sure that this is the same sorcerer from What If…?, it’s going to be interesting to observe how Strange and this version of himself interact with one another. If Strange turns bad in the movie, he won’t be a major problem, as the film’s plot promises a far more formidable foe.

Sinister Strange Doctor Strange
Sinister Strange In Doctor Strange; Multiverse of the Madness



When the Ancient One favored Mordo more than Strange, Mordo became a typical, power-hungry evil. For the longest time, he was a significant threat to the Sorcerer Supreme, which is why he doesn’t make for a great villain. Ejiofor returns as the mysterious villain in his second Marvel film, but this time he looks to be playing a variant of the Kamar Taj Master.

Mordo Doctor Strange
Mordo in Doctor Strange; Multiverse of the Madness


Wanda Variant

There is no doubt that she will utilize the Multiverse to reclaim what she lost in the events of WandaVision when she was left to fend for alone following the death of her sons, Tommy and Billy. When it comes to her portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), WandaVision proved just how far she would go to keep her family safe, as she has done in both the comics and the movies.

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This Friday, May 6th, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theaters and the real Wanda will finally be revealed.

Wanda Variant Doctor Strange
Wanda in Doctor Strange; Multiverse of the Madness


Captain Carter

After being injected with super soldier serum, Captain Carter appeared in the premiere episode of animated series What If…?, which takes place in an alternate universe where Agent Peggy Carter gets injected instead of Steve Rogers. As a result, she wears a Union Jack-adorned uniform and shield to reflect her British roots. The character went on to get her own five-issue comic book series after becoming one of the series’ breakout stars.

Captain Carter Doctor Strange
Captain Carter in Doctor Strange; Multiverse of the Madness


Who Is The Assumed Villain

For a fact, I can’t really say but all I know is Strange’s ambitions are foiled by an “old friend-turned-enemy” who causes Strange to “unleash unimaginable darkness.” Some Marvel fans believe Doctor Strange’s nemesis in the Multiverse of Madness will be Wanda Maximoff. Wanda already makes problematic choices in WandaVision by taking over Westview and influencing its residents’ brains. By the end of the series, she sees her mistakes and restores normalcy to Westview. Wanda has always walked a morally-grey line in the MCU and in the comics, striving to do good while making mistakes (and being driven to make mistakes) at the expense of people around her. Wanda is a superhero and a flawed human, so turning her into a villain seems unlikely—at least for now.


“Old buddy turned adversary” is the key. Dr. Strange and the Ancient One’s use of magic already offended Karl Mordo. Mordo vows to stop other sorcerers from misusing their magic in the post-credits sequence of Doctor Strange. Strange ignores Wong’s concerns and casts his spell without briefing Peter Parker. When the spell is recast at the end of the movie, the world forgets Peter Parker. Mordo already dislikes Strange, but his continued abuse of magic may push him over the edge. “You are the greatest threat to our universe,” Mordo says in the Multiverse of Madness teaser trailer.

The teaser shows an alternate Doctor Strange, referred to as “Strange Supreme”. In the What If…? series, an alternate Strange refuses to accept Christine Palmer’s death, destroying his universe. Strange himself may perhaps be one of his own enemies in the Multiverse of Madness..


Hey Buddy, I think you should stop reading now or stop drooling on how this new latest Marvel movie is going to be and just get your ticket and see it in the nearest cinema around you, and if you are that patient dog that wants to eat its fattest bone by watching the HD of this movie with subtitles for full understanding then you can lurk around for the next two couple of months when it is out on disney plus and or on Bluray for download. But best believe, just like noodles, it is best served hot!


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