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A Thread: 5  Types Of Officials Found In OAU Hostels

 In OAU, just like any other any other School dorms are filled with different personalities of officials. Across the eight (8) Student hostels available, there are all kinds of behaviours exhibited by the officials in charge. However, IOI has brought a Thread on 5-types of officials. Sit back with your corn and cold Pepsi as you enjoy it.

1. The Sneaky Ones

These officials are mostly the hall wardens who sneaks up on students anytime and trust me once they come to your room and you are caught using contraband or doing things against the hostel rules be ready to beg your life out and also write a letter or better still you will be asked to go and report yourself at the DSA.

2. The Correcters

These Set of officials are mostly female and they are mostly found in female hostels. These set of officials tend to correct you when you pass by and fail to greet them, as if their life depends on the greeting or even when you put on a dress they find appalling they tend to give you a lecture on the society.

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3. The Over-Friendly Ones

You think it’s good that they’re friendly, definitely not, these people are only Over-Friendly with Beautiful ladies, when you see them addressing another female, you’ll think you can have a chance to go in without showing your I.D, lol, impossible!

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4. The Talkatives

Most of the officials in OAU hostel are talkatives, they always have something to talk about. It’s either your hair that isn’t well-combed, your crazy jean, practically anything, they must talk.

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5. The Extremist

Talking about these set of officials, I sure someone definitely pops on your mind. They are the one to always the ones to add fuel to the fire when you get caught doing something against the rules of the hostel or even when you are being corrected and you are on the verge of being released and you tend to think that this person also has children somewhere and he/she is behaving like this.


I know there are lots more, but I hope you found this piece interesting, you can add yours in the comment section and tell us your experience with any of these officials.

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