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Ogba femi(Great Ife) is unapologetically one of the best federal University in Nigeria and gaining admission into this great citadel of learning is an herculean tasks because the total number of applicants per year is far greater than the minute faction that will be admitted, this means that the standard to study any course,in any department is very high and it takes only intellectuals to satisfy this great standards.

Therefore you studying in OAU confirms that you are really smart.
Obafemi Awolowo University has a total number of two colleges ( college of health sciences and post graduate college),13 faculties and 92 departments.

But according to research, statistics has revealed that there are department with much significant accumulation of brilliant folks,brainiacs,intellectuals,smart-ass, book-nerds and geniuses.

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Below are the lists of the top 10 departments with massive number of brilliant folks in OAU(Note that the the list below is not in any particular order)

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A five-year course,a department in the prestigious faculty of clinical sciences, college of health sciences, this department is committed to the training of dental surgeon with strong scientific decision-making ability, impacting professional skills and knowledge with the aim of producing impactful contributors to the advancement of health and productivity.
The high rate of competition over a limited space,high degree of tenacity and resilience makes this course accessible for only highly brilliant folks.

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9. LAW

A five-year course,a department from the faculty of law.This department is concerned about enforcing and teaching students the basic fundamental principles, communicating legal concept about legal subject,integrative analyze,prior to entering law school.It’s not surprising that more than half of the highly-intelligent Art students are found in this department.


Obafemi Awolowo University is undoubtedly in an environment that foster unrestrained scientific inquiry, critical thinking, innovation and creativity and this is the core ingredient for the successful learning of this course_this makes this department very competitive thus only brilliant folks can gain admission and strive in this department that is committed to scientific and engineering aspect of computer, it’s design and development.


A department from the faculty of technology, designed to equip students with enough basic engineering principles and exposing students to both the theoretical and practical approach to learning of engineering science, mechanical engineering is basically for the brilliant folks.

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A department encumbered with the responsibility of providing qualitative engineering education, facilitating professional manpower and technology resources and it’s management.This departments consist massive numbers of brilliant geniuses.


A five-year course,a department from the faculty of clinical sciences,a department ardent on training effective and efficient physiotherapist and occupational therapist, this department is committed to training excellent and skilled health professionals, Medical rehabilitation is neither for the lazy but for the studious and smarties.


A department from the faculty of technology focussing on the study,design and application of devices, equipment and systems using electricity supply, this department requires a lot of intellectual prowess and high mental capacity.


A department from the faculty of clinical sciences committed to training competent nurses,that will contribute to improving the health care of the client through scientific approach.
This department is strictly for the academically sound, responsible and intelligent folks.


Pharmacy from the faculty of pharmacy,a department committed to equipping undergraduate with material knowledge required to perform pharmaceutical services in the industry, community and health institution.The standard for pharmacy in OAU is very high because of the limited capacity to retain students therefore it takes only an intelligent and brilliant folks not only to gain admission but also to graduate.

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A six-year course,a reputable department from the faculty of clinical sciences ( college of health sciences)The most competitive department in Obafemi Awolowo University over the years.The standard of qualification is high,thus scrutinizing the best of the best applicants.Obafemi Awolowo University is one of the best University in Nigeria to study Medicine and surgery,it takes a highly brilliant and intelligent academia to secure admission and also survive the rigour of this department.This department contains a massive number of brilliant folks on OAU campus.

This compilation is not to demean nor debase the fact that every department in Obafemi Awolowo University is congested with intelligent folks but results above is based on thorough research at Obafemi Awolowo University standard over the years.

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