8 Birthday Wishlist For Nigerian Ladies

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Every Nigerian Lady have the ecstasy and high expectation of what they would get on their birthdays. We all know how birthdays are important to us in Nigeria. You will find different birthday post on every social media just to make the celebrant have a great celebration. The funniest is, you think happy Birthday to you dear, I love you is enough for a Nigerian lady? Nay! Every birthday wish comes with an expectation from different sets of people, what will she give me, does she know what I want and all sorts.IOI has however done the search for you, so search no more, you’re thinking of what to give her or how to surprise her, then this list is for you.

1. Bags

Nigerian ladies will always wish for this. If you know ladies too well, you’ll notice they like to keep a lot of things, even the ones they won’t use, probably when they want to take pictures of their room or to show their friends. So, adding another designer fancy or tote-bag to her collection will be a really wonderful thing for her.

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2. Jewelry

Is there any Lady in this world that doesn’t appreciate jewelry? Just notice what she uses most, you can choose to buy a whole set or just few, ear rings, nose rings, bracelet, knuckle rings, leg chains, just any jewelry, any lady that doesn’t appreciate it is definitely me.

3. Hair

When you saw hair, you got confused, like what is hair, will I buy someone’s head? No! Wig is what we call hair, quality human hair from trusted vendors in your surroundings will do. Except Alhajas, over 60% of ladies out there uses and loves hair, you know why, when work is draining, when school is tiring, they can always settle for it, without worrying about the jargons on their head and you’ll definitely find them attractive on it.

4. Footwears

Who no like better thing? Imagine walking elegantly and everyone is looking at your feet, this is why ladies get so many footwears, because they love everyone looking at them from head to toe, so gifting a lady footwear, sneakers, baby shoes, heels or slides is like giving a ticket to be more elegant.


5. Cake

Ladies are one kind strange humans, lol. The top of their birthday wishlist is cakes, they don’t mind getting 20 of it, there’s this kind of feeling it gives to them, like they’re miss world, Earth’s favorite or something, especially when it comes from their male friends or boyfriends. You don’t know the pride that comes after the birthday when she’s with her friends, you definitely can’t understand, get her a cake and see her expression.

6. Picture Frame

I don’t know what comes with picture frames that they all shout Awwwn, well, just like the wonderful gender they are, they appreciate really weird things, Getting her a large picture frame especially with your Picture and hers, she might get on top of the world. It’s one of the simple little things you all don’t know ladies appreciate.

7. Food Tray

I don’t know, is there a celebration without food? You think she doesn’t eat because she has a flat stomach? Ladies appreciate foods too, like varieties, ordering a large foodtray for her especially early in the morning on her day will be what she’ll wake up to and she’ll be really glad, because before the celebration and gifts starts rolling in, food is first. Try it and thank me later.


8. Surprise Birthday Party

There’s practically no one in this world that doesn’t like or appreciate surprises because it makes them feel really special. Just towards the end of her day, call her out and surprise her with a mini party, might be your sitting room, just make sure her homegirls are there and boom, she’s on you chest shedding tears of joy.

You all think ladies are hard and complicated, now, tell me, how’s any of these hard to do, just put love into whatever you’re doing, make it sincere, let us feel it, even if you gift us a cup cake, we’ll appreciate (not advisable though, lol). If you have however given your lady any of these and it ended disastrous, kindly gist us in the comment section.

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