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The prolonged strike is generally unplanned-for by most University undergraduate especially OAU students, it started jokingly but sadly it’s no longer a play but a big reality, detrimental to the educational system and more painfully each student as an individual because truly the educational system is currently down, but time is ever- racing unmindful of strike or no strike, meaning this break doesn’t slow down your lifetime neither does it add to it____Time is going.

The best way to Optimize and maximize this break is not to sit all-day grumbling, complaining or moaning, but it is the best time to Invest in yourself, this period can be a blessing or a curse to you,it depends not on the government or your environment but depending solely on you.

Therefore, below are the six strategic ways to maximize this break and resume as a better and valuable undergraduate student of the prestigious University of Obafemi Awolowo.

1. Take a job

It’s advisable you take jobs,to gain work experience and also to save towards resumption, look out for reputable jobs,there is always opportunity,if you seek out, and if you are not comfortable with the jobs around then create one, start-up a business no matter how small it might be,do something meaningful, brand it and sell it, you can get some freelancing jobs on nairaland,upwork and many more.

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2. Volunteer

You can decide to volunteer and help in serving humanity with minimal or no compensation at all but the law of life is non-negotiable___what you sow, surely you will reap, therefore volunteer, help your parents, help the elderly and less privilege, volunteer in churches and mosques, volunteer in your society because sooner or later or will pay-off for you.

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3. Build/join Healthy Association

Join healthy relationships and association that will improve your skills and make you a better individual, participate and contribute actively,join clubs like book club,tech club, study groups,sports club,redcross, girls guide’s, boys scout….

4. Watch Healthy Movies

Explore both the entertaining and educative dimensions of movies,watch wholesome documentaries,learn new languages and culture, improve your vocabulary all available on YouTube, educate yourself and enjoy yourself with quality movies.Have fun,relax with quality movies.

5. Improve your physical fitness and mental well-being

Maximize this period to exercise your body and mind,join a fitness club,shed-off excess body fat,eat balanced diet, improve your mental well-being by developing new habit, work on your reading and writing speed as well as your listening ability.


6. Explore the world

Go on a vacation, visit new places, visit museums, nature reserve, have picnic,reconnect with friends and family, enjoy nature, remember you have one Life to live,learn new things from nature and places around.

I believe this was helpful, kindly add your comments and contribution in the box below

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