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Low JAMB Score, Thinking of changing your course ? Here are 10 less competitive courses in OAU .

Jamb has just been concluded and quite a number of persons will have no choice but to switch to a different course. A course can be referred to as less competitive due to the low number of application received for that particular course. OAU is tagged “hot cake” because quite a good number of individuals are willing to do anything to become a student of Great Ife regardless of the course. Every department on OAU is very competitive and no one can be said to be for dullards. However, here are some departments that are less competitive for your low utme score.

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1. Music

Music department is in the faculty of Arts and you need to get atleast a score of  220  in JAMB.This course goes beyond playing musical instrument and singing. These guys here also calculate if you think this would be an escape route from calculations, you better think twice. Job opportunities include sound engineer, production assistant, studio manager, theater manager and so on.

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2. Dramatic arts

In your mind you might be like is it not to act drama? I have great admiration for student in this department and can’t help but wonder if they even have time to rest cause they are always in the theater.If laziness is part of your calling I would advise you not to go near this course. Job opportunities include theater director, script writer, movie director etc. Dramatic arts is in the Faculty of Arts and all you need is 200 in JAMB, but to increase your chances, apply with 220 score and above.

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3. Public administration

If you applied for accounting and your score won’t grant you access to it, you can go for Public Administration, they both fall under faculty of Administration. If you really love accounting, you are adviced go for ICAN professional exams.All you need to score is either exactly 200 or above 200 in JAMB.Job opportunities include foreign correspondent, Activist, Government relation manager etc

4. Foreign language

Learning someone’s language requires effort and hard work. You can’t say you don’t fancy stress and still fancy this course because you would have to stress your self. Job opportunities include travel advisor, tour guide, translator etc. Foreign languages courses are in faculty of Arts and all you need is 220 and above.

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5. Social Studies

There can’t be an end to the study of man and the environment as it evolves as day passes. To have a deeper understand of how man interact as a social being, social studies can be a go for you. Career opportunities in law, politics, social studies and media are available to those who study this course.

6. Education courses

Each course have their educational aspect. If you opt for a course let me say Chemistry and your score would shenk you, then try Education and chemistry. All educational courses are in faculty of education and all you need is at least a 200 score.

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7. Animal science

There is more to Animal science than just the study of animals. Research industry, private university and federal government are the places where an Animal scientist can work. Animal science is in the faculty of Agriculture and all you need is 200.

8. Religious Studies

When I first heard about this course I thought those that study it would have no option than to end up as pastors. Religion studies teaches the history and practices of the different religion we have in the world. You necessarily don’t have to end up as a preacher. Counselor, author, international aid worker are work opportunities of those who study religious studies. Religious studies is in Faculty of Arts, all you need is 200 and above.

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9. Soil Science

There is a lot more to the soil than just planting and walking on it. The study of this course gives you a deep insight to the composition and science of the soil. Work opportunities here include On-site evaluation,
Crop consultant and many more. Soil science is in faculty of Agriculture, all you need is 200 and above in JAMB. Another thing you should know is, there are limitless opportunities in Agriculture, regardless of the course studied.

10. Yoruba

Forget the fact that you learnt Yoruba in your secondary school. If you think you would be able to scale through this course with little or no effort then you are in for a big surprise. The scope of this course taught in secondary school is far different from the one in the higher institution. Yoruba is in faculty of Arts, your pass mark is atleast 200

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Changing course does not guarantee that you would get admitted, as Post utme is another hurdle you have to cross. OAU itself is a destiny changer so instead of changing course, flow with the tide and accept the course given to you, find love in it, if you do not, kindly resume, get the part 1 experience and resit for UTME. We wish you all goodluck!

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