Birthdays are that time of every year when we get the opportunity to express our love towards people around us.

When gifting your Nigerian boyfriend, you want to be sure to give him gifts that will last and really appreciate. You know him best and know what kind of gift will set him in the right mood. We have compiled 10 gift ideas you can celebrate your Nigerian boyfriend with on his birthday.

1) Jewelry

Adding to his collection of jewelry is one thoughtful idea. Pieces of jewelry ranging from rings to bracelets and rings are gift options for your Nigerian boyfriend. It is a very good and cheap gift option for your Nigerian boyfriend and lover.

2) Shoes/Sneakers

An important item that most guys love to accumulate is footwear. Could be a pair of very nice and exquisite shoes with a nude colour, or a pair of sneakers he might have been eyeing for a long time.

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This gift option will definitely make him smile and make him appreciate you.
Black and brown are the favourite colours of most guys.

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3) Electronic devices

If your boyfriend is the type that enjoys having electronic devices, it will be a great gift item. Electronic devices such as a sound system, AirPods, power bank, a smartwatch and any other electronic device you know he loves and needs.

4) Clippers

Another gift item that will be seen as very thoughtful is a shaving tool including the shaving clippers and other shaving tools like shaving cream, shaving stick and others.

Every guy has a time for shaving and having a collection of shaving tools will be great.
Sharing clippers is also not a nice idea, the possibility of having a personal one is thoughtful.

5)A framed picture/ Artistic portrait

For your Nigerian boyfriend, you could get him a framed picture of his favourite moment or get an artistic portrait. There are so many artists out there who make very nice portraits, why not try it out?

He’ll definitely think about you every time he sights the portrait you gave him out of love and compassion.

6) Perfume

A perfume with a strong male fragrance will make your boyfriend feel classy and great when he dresses to go out. This is another gift idea that will make your boyfriend proud of you.

Take note of his favourite fragrance if he has one, you could get him that exact one or go for a similar one you think he’ll really appreciate.

7) Game console

It is no longer news that a lot of guys cherish their gaming console so much and getting your boyfriend a new and recent one will definitely make him very happy.

Especially when you know he has an old one that probably needs a renewal. Trust me he’ll be on top of the world when he sees it.

8) Leather Wallet

Guys use their wallets to keep their valuables when they are out, gifting him a branded leather wallet is a great idea, as he will get to remember you whenever he pulls it out for use, you can also sneak in a message or his picture into it.

9) Sport Jersey

It will be a great idea to get your boyfriend the jersey of his favourite game club and to make it more lovable and romantic, you could get a message inscribed on it. Trust that he will appreciate it and love to wear it too.

10) Suit/Blazer

This is one gift item every man would love to have and would appreciate. For that classy and corporate look, guys love suits and blazers. If your boyfriend loves dressing cute and you can afford to get him one of these.

It will be a great option. When getting your Nigerian boyfriend a birthday gift try to get him items that he would rather prefer to keep than give out to anyone else. You could also organize a surprise party for him while planning it with people that will be very discrete about it.

You could also plan a dinner night with him, where you get to enjoy yourself with him on his special day.

We believe this list will be of great help.
With love from Trybe

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