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Is your unique day coming soon? Are you in need of ideas of Outfit for your favorite ones? You may as well stop looking because you are about to read the top list of Nigerian dresses colour combinations, in numerous stunning styles and fabrics!Nigerian dresses are believed to be symbols of prestige at a lot of important events e.g OWANBE

Let us check out these amazing colour combinations that will make you the centre of attraction and attention at different events.
Colour combinations that is killing and will make people think you are related to the president’s family due to its uniqueness.

1.Peach and Mint Green

Mint Green and Peach color combination is perfect for those who love not too fanciful colours but cool colours. You can also integrate these colors into combos with vintage garden and modern beach. Simply make use of this lovely mint green and peach colour.
These unique combination of colour are always mind-blowing.
It is a win-win option since these neutral colors complement each other perfectly.

2.Aqua Green and peach

it will give you that girly vibe that many ladies are checking out for. These two colors match perfectly and will look delightful in the hot season. These colours are perfectly unique to make you to be treated like a queen in the party.

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3.Teal’s Green

Teal’s Green perfectly acts as a neutral color when styled with bold and bright colors. It’s also great for a colorblock outfit, for instance:

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Teal Green and Peach:

Your owanbe dress is unexpectedly cool with bright and grass green too. Peach is also cute with natural shades of green . A peach and green colour combination looks incredibly refreshing, light and is simply unbeatable for your owanbe event.

4. Purple and Yellow

These colors complement and augment each other establishing a very unusual combination.
They look so gorgeous and can easily be known for its royalty and astonishing appearance.

5. Purple and Silver

It is a contemporary, fashionable and trending combination. Purple color is enchantingly magical and when paired with Silver,it looks out of this world! These colors give even the girliest wedding details.

It is such a sweet and lovely combination.
When there are touches of silver with your purple attire, you have made yourself a beautiful flower in a garden for that day.


6. Yellow and Blue

These are those extraordinary colours that you cannot produce by mixing other colours. When combined, they look extremely breathtaking and strong which can be a good thing if you know what you are doing.

7. Royal Blue colour with Orange

These colours are mostly worn by fashionistas.
You can as well try it out.

Orange matches royal blue beautifully and will look heavenly at any owanbe. Royal Blue symbolizes peace and serenity. If you pair it with golden-orange, it will look incredibly beautiful.
These colours are top-notch.

8. Coral and Teal green

They look quite surprising but stunning together. If you use them with high taste, your outfits will be looking like the women on the front page of a fashion magazine!

9. Bubblegum Pink and Lime Green

It is highly astonishing and it’s enough to capture a person’s attention.

Ideal for a wedding party, bridal showers or any event.You can rock it massively and it can make you the talk of the day. Bubblegum pink and lime green go together seamlessly. This colour combination is lovely, outstanding and evokes fresh feelings of enjoyment.Try it out and feel on top of the world.

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10. Navy blue and Gold

it is always a classic combination.Navy blue and gold are fun colour choices for any kind of party. Combined lined patterns and sparkly gold combination are enough to make you amazingly stunning.

Having mentioned the above colour combination, you don’t have to choose wrongly. Remember, colour is life and the way you dress is the way you will be addressed.

For you not to be rubbished at an owanbe event, rock yourself in a stylish way and be the boss of yourself.

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