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Studying abroad is a dream come true for Nigerian students. The Joy of leaving Nigeria and the opportunities that comes with studying Abroad.
Many Nigerian students wish to study Abroad, but the fee are sometimes unaffordable. IOI has brought you glad tidings, here are certain countries you can apply to that are quite affordable.

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1. Germany

If you have always wanted to travel worldwide, Germany is a great place to study your dream course or program. Tuition at the PhD and undergraduate levels is entirely free of charge.
Germany has a booming economy, a world renowned education system and an abundance of English programs, making it the ideal location for degrees abroad.
The average tuition cost in Germany for international students is free. Some of the best universities to look out for in Germany are: The University of Munich and also University of Bonn.

2. Hungary

Hungary is one of the best and cheapest countries to enjoy a beautiful blend of low university tuition and low cost of living. While it may not be one of the few countries with no tuition fees the cheap lifestyle outweighs the small fees to study abroad.

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3. Norway

Norway is one of the most affordable country for students to study worldwide, regardless of being an European Union (EU) citizen or not.
Ideally, it is best for any student on a tight budget who wishes to study abroad. It is indeed financially feasible to learn there. It is also known for providing world class educational solutions.
Students will only have to pay for necessary expenditure such as housing and transportation and there is always the opportunity for financial aid.

4. Austria

Austria features some of the cheapest universities for international students. While EU citizens study for free, other international students only pay a small fee of under $1000(₦520,000) for the year.
That’s over $30,000(15,600,000) in savings compared to your average American University.
Some of the best universities to attend are the University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, Graz University of Technology and many more.

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5. Finland

According to some researchers and online survey, Finland is one of the cheapest and easiest countries to live in and obtain an education. It is a lovely Nation with reasonable living costs.
Students with study visas can only work 25 hours a week, and the job most be related to their course of study. And you can earn about 8 to 10 euros per hour.

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6. Malaysia

You can also study in Malaysia irrespective of your financial situation since it is cheap and accessible.
You will not have to spend a large sum of money. If you are a Nigerian student who wants to study in Malaysia, this might be a dream come true.

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7. Mexico

This country is popular with Nigerian students,but it is also appealing to prospective students. Mexico has one of the most reasonable tuition and living costs. Mexico offer some of the cheapest universities for international students.

8. France

You can study in France for free or at a relatively low cost, though international student still have to pay an administrative fee of $250 (₦130,000) every year.
Students can earn up to $8,926 (₦4,641,520) per year working per time.

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9. Italy

Not only is the architecture and culture fascinating, it is also a fantastic place to pursue education. The cost of living is meagre.
Though private universities are expensive, State Universities are cheaper, and state universities cost approximately $800 (₦416,000) to $1000 (₦520,000) per year. As an international students in Italy, you can make approximately $1000 (₦520,000) from working 20 hours per week.

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10. Taiwan

This country is one of the best for students on a tight budget who wants to study abroad. It has a large number of English language courses and an affordable tuition fee. If visiting Asia has long been on your bucket listen, Taiwan is excellent place to stay.

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You can consider any of these countries, if you’re really passionate about studying Abroad. You might not make as much as United Kingdom and America, but the cost of living in the country is quite low compared to UK and US. Well, you shouldn’t be bothered about that as you’re passionate about education. Lol.

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