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In an era, where technology has revolutionized the culture and schemes of life, it will be reprogressive to not have a social media marketing skill whatsoever to meet the rising vacuum created by the tech space. And as student and budding employee entrepreneurs we are meant to seize the opportunity in honing our expertise level with a digital  skills acquisition.  It is now fortunately scary to even know that these skills are the ones highly sort for now in the labor market especially in the International labor force, I am saying International because often times national brands, seem to downplay on your returns {Payment} in relation to your skills  while you would be getting a massive ton of returns while working for International Brands why? Just because you have that digital skill


Hence, would you like to know where to find social media marketing courses and also learn social media marketing free to grow your brand?

With today’s world leaning heavily towards the digital space, gaining access to a free social media marketing course is exactly the kind of opportunity a budding social media enthusiast like yourself needs to hone your skills in this niche.

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We know how difficult it can be to find good free courses online. However, if you have been searching for social marketing courses to improve and grow your business, then this is your chance to discover free online social media marketing courses. The courses we’ve selected for you span across Udemy, Coursera, Alison, and sample subjects like organic marketing for Facebook, introduction to social media marketing, marketing management, social media monitoring, etc. They contain everything you will need to master this concept even as a student.

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Where do you need to go to learn social media marketing courses  for free? Keep reading to find out.


1. Organic Marketing: Facebook Groups For Small Businesses

This Facebook marketing course is open to everyone and will teach you how to construct a client profile, become proficient in the etiquette of Facebook groups, and make effective use of them as a marketing tool.

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Timing: approximately 2 hours

Certificate: None

Course link: Organic Marketing: Facebook Groups For Small Businesses



2. Advanced strategies for client acquisition via social media marketing

Another one of the free SMM courses that are offered online and in which you may enroll is this one. You will discover how to pick up coaching and consulting customers through the use of Facebook groups, niche forums, forums, and YouTube during the course of this training.

Instagram online course

Time taken: 51 minutes

Certificate: None

Course link: Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients



3.  Introduction to Marketing Management

You will be given an overview of the marketing process as part of this free online course that leads to a degree in marketing management. You will become familiar with the fundamental principles of marketing, as well as the reasons why it is critical to have a solid grasp of these ideas before introducing new items.

Time: approximately 3 hours in length

Certificate: Yes

Course link: Introduction to Marketing Management



4. Marketing on Social Media Using Facebook

This course on Facebook social media marketing features a curriculum that is relevant to the industry and is aimed to prepare you for an entry-level career in social media marketing. It was developed by digital marketing specialists at Aptly together with Facebook marketers.

Facebook online course

Duration: one year and one month

Certificate: Yes

Course link: Facebook Social Media Marketing


5. Social media marketing strategy course (SkillShare)

As an e-learning resource for organizations and marketers of all levels, Living to Roam is pleased to provide you with this course. An organizational psychologist with experience in both social media and digital marketing will be the course’s lecturer, Living to Roam creator Maggie Stara. A holistic social media marketing strategy centered on your business’ long-term goals may be developed using her big-picture approach, which she breaks down into quantifiable, doable actions.

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As a result of this course, you will be capable of

  • Identify what strategies you should increase, continue, or discontinue using in your existing plan.
  • Investigate, evaluate, and take notes on the tactics employed by your rivals on each network.
  • Determine your marketing goals and then prioritize your techniques and resources to achieve them.
  • Your plan should be tailored to your team’s particular abilities.
  • Your social media plan should be documented and reported on in detail.

Duration: 2 hours

Certificate: No

Course link: Social Media Marketing: How to Create an Impactful Strategy for Any Business


6. Marketing Through the Internet and Social Media

This is one of the greatest free social media marketing courses available, and it will expose you to the principles of internet marketing courses, such as how to perform a SWOT analysis in marketing and how to conduct marketing research.

Twitter online course

Time: around 3 hours in length

Certificate: Yes

Course link: Marketing Through the Internet and Social Media


7. Social Media Advertising

This free social media marketing course comes with a certificate that demonstrates how to advertise successfully on three of the most prominent social media networks. This article explores the various advertising options available to small businesses on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Time: 11 hours is how long it lasts.

Certificate: Yes

Course link: Social Media Advertising


8. Facebook advertising & social selling courses

It’s a free resource that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Facebook and Instagram to promote your business. A variety of different tutorials are available to help you learn about Facebook’s services.

“Start advertising from your page” teaches you how to create Facebook ads, including how to:

  • Your corporate goals should guide your campaign objectives.
  • Make sure you’re aiming for the proper demographic.
  • Select a target audience and a budget approach for your ad placement.
  • Facebook Ads Manager may be used to plan, monitor, and analyze the performance of your ad campaigns.
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The “Sell your stuff online” track includes the following information:

  • Using Facebook and Instagram for business.
  • How to use product catalogs to keep track of inventory.
  • How to install Commerce Manager and get started selling online.

Time: 1-2 hours

Certificate: Yes

Course link: Facebook Blueprint: Start Your Advertising Journey


9. YouTube Marketing: The Five Essential Steps

Learn how to turn your YouTube channel into a traffic and cash generator by completing this online social media certificate course on YouTube Marketing.

YouTube online course

Time: 3 hours

Certificate: Yes

Course link: YouTube Marketing: The Five Essential Steps


10.  A Complete Guide to Google AdSense & YouTube

The objective of this free online social media marketing course offered by YouTube and Google is to educate aspiring and long-time YouTubers as well as website developers on how to monetize their website and channels by applying for an account with Google AdSense.

Google online course

Time: 3 hours in length

Certificate: Yes

Course link:  A Complete Guide to Google AdSense & YouTube


The crucial essence of Social media marketing can not be overrated and that’s businesses monitor the actions of their customers and potential customers on social media networks because they are accessible to everyone. And for social media marketers, knowing their target audience’s preferences and interests allows them to craft a more effective marketing campaign.

You may improve your company, your brand, or even yourself by taking one or more of these free social media marketing training courses. These courses will teach you how to build a strong social presence, which will help you achieve your goals. By taking advantage of some of the best free classes available in social media marketing, you may even acquire a professional certification at no cost to you.

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