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10 Famous Nigerian Food Combinations That Went To Harvard

“It’s a sin to eat me alone” – Each food in this article lamented.

There are some food combination ideas that our ancestors (let me put it that way,lol) have come up with and they don’t just make sense when we eat them without their partners. Combining both foods result in nutritious, delicious and economical (yes, economical, I know you like that word) heaven on earth.

These mouthwatering food combinations went to Harvard so you don’t have to. Just sit back and plan how to enjoy them.

1.) Beans and spaghetti

Oh my Lord! Students love this, even mothers. I don’t know why though, but the amazing feeling people have for this food is something I can’t seem go wrap my head around. When mothers are advising each other on how to manage kitchen funds during rainy days, this food is always mentioned as a saving grace. Frying correct stew to it is like serving fried rice and chicken. It is cooked the exact way as Rice and beans, then you fry your stew the exact way you like it. I’m not sure you’re Nigerian enough if you’ve not tried this, as it has been saving lives since 1900, lol.

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2.) Noodles and Egg

Heaven knows who thought of breaking egg inside noodles! Someone just thought about it and we have been eating it since then. I remember disposing my lunch claiming it was sour seeing the egg white designed on my noodles. The person that thought of this, God bless you, boiling egg with noodles never makes sense, so breaking egg in it is the real deal. Thank you ancestor!

3.) Bread and Akara

African sandwich invented by our ancestors, which is made with correct Agege bread opened with hand or knife and stuffed with hot Akara fried with vegetable oil or palm oil. Whoever thought of this, you’ve been saving lives all these while.

4.) Rice and Beans Made With Palm Oil

This is just concotion rice and beans made to look like jollof rice depending on the amount of palm oil and pepper used. It doesn’t need all the jollof rice stress. Our ancestors must have been tired of the regular rice and beans to come up with this.

5.) Rice and Beans (Original version)

Yes original version or basic, whichever you call it. All it needs is a well fried stew. Not the modern rice and beans cooked separately, but the original rice cooked with beans, that brings the amazing taste.

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6.) Bread and Beans

Just like correct agege bread and Akara, bread and beans is no different. This combination is often referred to as CONCRETE. It cannot be eaten without enough water and it can carry you for a whole day. W farmer must have discovered this, lol.

7.) Bread and Eggs

Looks like someone discovered bread cannot work alone, it always has to tag with something, thank God that someone discovered, we might have been eating bread and water now, lol. Very easy to prepare, must have been a white man that discovered this, a black man will not intentionally think of bread and egg when they know it cannot sustain them for a long time, well, all thanks to the discoverer, because of him/her fast food is available.

8. Moin-moin and Pap/Custard

A black man always goes for what will fill his stomach at once other than eating four times a day. Pap and moin-moin is Saturday special in almost all Nigerian homes, probably our ancestors met and discussed this. Adding egg and fish to moin-moin made modern kids love this dish, I’m sure they’ll not intentionally settle for pap and moin-moin. Lol.


9.) Garri Mixture

A student must have discovered this, probably the person was tired of the regular meal and decided to combine different things together and came up with this beauty. This is the best of all combos!

10.) Akara with Pap/Custard

This is the last on the list. The person that discovered this must be lazy, must have thought moin-moin takes time and didn’t know Akara is more time draining, lol. This is Saturday meal in most African homes, once it’s not moin-moin, then it is Akara.

We can’t help but appreciate our ancestors for coming up with such amazing combination. If they had left it to our generation, I wonder what it would have seemed like, lol. You can try some of these foods incase you have not tried anyone among them. Your best food might be here, kindly let us know in the comment section, winks.

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