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Obafemi Awolowo University has not only gained her reputation by sheer bluffing or because of its perfect acronym, great feats both academic and non academic has been associated with the university which has made her to be in the hearts of many Nigerian students and beyond. In this post we bring to you some interesting accomplishment of OAU since her years of existence.

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1. Electricity

Compared to other parts of Nigeria and university campuses, electricity on OAU campus seem to be unrivaled. It is often said that OAU campus life is Nigeria’s biggest dream because of the lifestyle of her students.

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2. Cultists Free

Since the massacre of some students on OAU campus by members of the black axe in 1999, OAU has been one of the university in Nigeria without an open recognition and terrorizing activities of cultists.

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3. Outstanding Alumni

Enoch Adegoke who competed in the just concluded Olympic games and is reputated as an Olympic games finalist is an Alumnus of OAU. The former chairman and current chairman of First bank are Alumni of OAU. The CEO and Chairman of Platform Capital is an Alumnus of OAU. World renowned Surgeon Professor Oluyinka Olutoye is also an Alumnus of OAU. Amidst many other Alumni.

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4. First Nigerian Institution To Be Featured On Netflix

The aesthetic view of OAU campus has gained her recognition on international levels, one is the Netflix aired movie Citation, featuring stars like Joke Silva, Temi Otedola, Gabriel Afolayan and many others that was shot on OAU campus.

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5. First Class Teaching Hospital

Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex (OAUTHC) is the medical center where the Sub Saharan first separation of the Siamese twins was carried out.

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6. Amazing Infrastructure

This is one of the reasons OAU is called Africa’s most beautiful campus. The amazing Infrastructures, from the roads to the buildings and all. It’s top notch!

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7. Has An Active Blockchain Club

OAU have an active blockchain club; BlockchainOAU. It is a club that educates and connects people in the tech space that are interested in blockchain.

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8. Has One Of The Longest Structure In West Africa

OAU Faculty Of Environmental Design And Management New building is one of the longest Structure in West Africa. It’s located behind College of Health Sciences, right beside Faculty of Pharmacy.

9. Over 70 Departments

Over the years since the establishment of the university with just 5 departments, OAU has grown to now offer admission into over 70 disciplines.

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10. Large Landmass

OAU has a portion of 13,000 acres of land. OAU landmass is a natural history museum, which right now is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

There are other things to talk about but for this post I’m stopping at the 10th point. Next time anyone hypes OAU in your presence, these are some of the reason it is worth every hype.

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