A relationship where you can freely hook up with many others that pique your interest? Say no more.

Open relationships are ethical non-monogamy that sound like unethical cheating excuse to most Nigerians except Yoruba demons Of course. There’s one guy/babe that’s like your constant while you explore numerous other feelings including sexual relations with other people. No, it’s not cheating because both partners must have agreed to it while setting some ground rules (if they want).

To know the thought of OAU students on open relationships, I had thrown the question out and below are the compilation of their opinions on open relationship.



Open relationship is common among bi, it is when both partners are bi that they tend to have an open relationship but there is no reason why straight people that knows the high possibility of breakfast that comes with open relationship will engage in it. It is not a normal thing to do but we are different people with different choice infact I won’t want to have an experience.

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Wale , 21

I’ve never had the experience but I wish I do because it is not bad at all.If you will agree with me,there are two side of a coin to this.

Lola, 20

Open relationship does not make sense at all. How can I be fine knowing my partner has another partner? Open relationship is a no no for me.I rather be single than be in an open relationship.What do people enjoy in that anyways?


A open relationship is for fun and cruise.And most times those involved are not inlove, it is just for fun, no strong feeling is attached.It is okay so far you know your boundary.

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Open relationships are fun,I mean we know we have each other but we also have other people. What’s more fun than being someone’s and the baby of others? Absolutely nothing,not even normal relationship.


Ehn for me,I will say people that involve in open relationship are not inlove most times they just need something from each other.Because I won’t understand why I will be in a relationship with two or more people at the same time and vice versa,me that I’m jealous kojo

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Emmanuel, 21

No strong feeling is attached in an open relationship.It is meant for those that are not serious about love. It’s just for fun and can’t be more than that.

This ethical non-monogamy seems to be the nightmare of most people. What are your thoughts?

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