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10 Crazy Myths We’ve Heard About Sex

This is 2022 and we can’t believe these things are still flying around. It is 2022 for pretty sake. What is the weirdest myths you’ve heard about sex? Here are 10 popular myths flying on the street, we were surprised to hear about the 8th point too.

1. Bleeding is a proof of virginity

Let me school you a little. The stain of blood you see sometimes after the first intercourse is caused by breaking the hymen through penetration, although the hymen can be broken by strenuous non-sexual activities. The hymen is a remnant tissue from the formation of the vagina and not all women have this tissue. So using this as an indicator of virginity is a culture that needs to be killed and buried deep.

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2. Big shoe size=big p£nis

However this came into existence. It definitely isn’t science, and it defies common sense too. Penises are just a part of the body like the ear is, so we should learn to accept that.

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3. Sex burns more calories than moderate exercise.

Lol. I can’t believe this generation and the ones before, comparing bed to treadmill. I’m not going to bore you with the calculations, you burn calories okay but not as much as working out.

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4. Frequent sex can make the vagina loose

News is that the vagina is elastic, the muscles are designed in such a way that it contract back after stretching due to childbirth. Although aging can cause it to loose some of its elasticity, and that is just the body degenerating and has nothing to do with sex.

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5. Sex is only penetrative i.e vaginal sex

This isn’t true, penetrative sex is only one of the many types of sex. There is anal sex, oral sex, masturbation and many others.

6. Condom is the only birth control measure for a male

Science has been coming through for humans for a very long time. There is such a thing as vasectomy, and it’s a solution that has been available for years. Why people are still spreading this myth in 2021 is beyond me.

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7. Everyone is having sex.

Assuming this is wrong, to have sex is a decision that people make personally.

8. Doggy style increases butt size.

No sex position can make you get a bigger butt. Want one? Squat or get a BBL.


9. Consent is only limited to penetrative sex.

This is blatantly wrong! You need consent all way, all day. Petting, fondling, making out, the people involved have to clearly agree to it. They are also at the liberty to change their mind whenever, consent is choice and when this is taken away it is considered rape or sexual molestation.

10. Females can get pregnant through oral sex.

You can’t get pregnant through oral sex! You can’t get pregnant through oral sex!!
Even if you decide to swallow the sperm, vaginal sex is a way to get pregnant asides surgical methods.


Today is sex day, and we brought to you myths that needs to be debunked, so more knowledged conversations can happen around sex.

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