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5 Things Guys Do That Turn Ladies Off

We are all in a world where everyone wants to find love, finding love is not as hard as you all make it to be. You might just be doing it the wrong way, ladies aren’t as complicated as you all make them up to be, lol. I’m sure you’re tired of being single, however you need to check your ways. IOI has brought to you 5 things you guys do that turn ladies off completely.

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1. Turning Every Conversation Into A Sexual One

This is very annoying really, is it that you can’t keep a conversation going or I just don’t understand. How will lady ask about your well-being and the answer will either be “I’m h*rny” or “I’m lonely and I want to cuddle” it doesn’t really make sense actually. The other annoying part is seeing a lady’s picture and your next comment is “damn, I wanna suck those b**bs” because of why? Lol.

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2. Believing In Gender Roles

I don’t think guys with this mentality should still exist in this modern age. Really, you should never tell a lady to her face that certain chores are meant for her because she’s a lady and a woman in the making. No chore has a gender, so don’t put gender into everything.

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3. Talking Too Much

Excess talking with your partner is not a big deal actually, it’s a big deal when you just meet a lady and you can’t control your tongue, well, except it’s about something she’s really interested in, even when it is, you still have to be careful with your choice of words, because really, ladies are really sensitive. They will still sit back to analyze if you talked sensibly, maturely or you were just blabbing.

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4. Poor hygiene

Poor hygiene is not something any one should have. It makes you less attractive. Ladies love it when men look neat and smell really nice. Hugging men like that is so nice and relaxing. You can’t expect a lady that hugged you and your smell choked her to hug you another time, impossible, lol.

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5. Making Everything About Your Ex

Guys that fall under this category are obviously not over their ex because you tend to insert your ex into every conversation, it is a total turn-off, many ladies aren’t even interested in your ex, they’re in the past and they should continue to live in the past.

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 When they said ladies are complicated, they didn’t lie about it, though, the list above are things that turn most ladies off. There are numerous things that still turn them off, however, you should note this, you might just get your dream girl after. Do you know other things that turn ladies off? Kindly add them in the comment section.

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