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Margaret, stared endlessly at the sky counting the number of stars for the umpteenth time,she hissed as she checked her time, she realized she had been sitting for about four hours alone reflecting on how her life had been for the last four years, waited two years for admission, then corona virus compulsory holiday, some months strike again by her school because of some issues, then this incessant Asuu strike.

She thought about her mates from secondary school, some are already graduate or final year students in private universities, some have travelled to greener pastures(abroad), some are working and doing fine, running businesses and enjoying life but painfully she realized she had just been doing a little business with great focus on her academics, with little progress because of federal universities’ strikes upon strikes.

She felt cheated of life, what can i do she exclaimed? She looked up and down and tears raced down her eyes like downpours of rain. “Should I face my business,( they said school nah scam before!), quit school and do something else with my life(she lamented)______” No, No, No. Not too fast, does this describes you or somebody you know? Here’s five reasons why you should not quit schooling now.

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1. Education Offers Financial Security

Education facilitates creative ability, inculcates knowledge and knowledge is the food for man because absence of knowledge man can not grow his food.

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Education provides huge opportunities even in times of economic turmoil, you will be confident at least you have an advantage_Your certificate. The current population of the world is escalating at an alarming rate, the way to secure your financial destiny in years to come is through education.

To get a fulfilling job, that will afford you time and comfort to enjoy your life, explore the world, enjoy your family, have time for your children and what you love to do, is getting high qualifications and educational background, it places you on a higher pedestal higher than the average person.

Your credentials will motivate your potential employers to employ you and offer you the opportunity of being an employer yourself.

2. Education Offers All-round Development

Education is the most important fundamental factor for having proper development and growth, it prepares you for the competitive world we live in, teaches self-reliance and also independence. It drives productivity, refines your creative potentials, independent thinking skills, it expands your vision and perspective about the world, increases your standard of living in ways you can’t imagine.

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3. Education Gives You Confidence

Don’t think this is unimportant, till you see the difference between you and your buoyant illiterate friends in the next 10 years, an educated person has much advantage in taking advantage of an illiterate person in the name of helping the person. Education heightens your confidence to deliver and be yourself publicly. Without education in this present generation, an individual can become deformed. A man without education is like a building without foundation, how long will it lasts?


4. Education Gives Fulfillment

Education makes your life impactful, because you are able to contribute your ideas, gifts and talents to humanity limitlessly, this is the inner craving of every human soul, the need to feel valued, appreciated, important and needed by the world they live in, education teaches interpersonal skills, morals, builds character to live an impactful live and makes you responsible and profitable citizen of your country.

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5. Education Gives You The Opportunity To Be A World Changer

The fact that you are dissatisfied with the current situation of Nigeria, is a proof that you are made to contribute significantly towards its upliftment.

The baby crying inside of you wanting a change in the educational system of Nigeria is communicating your potential to change the world, and make it what you desire it to be, this can only be achieved if you don’t give up on your academic pursuit, don’t quit school, graduate, get your certificate and create the world you desire.

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Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”.

I believe this was helpful, kindly share to your friends especially those in Federal Universities on ASUU strike. It might be the best favor you can do for them right now.

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