5 OAU Students Share Their Opinions On Departments Likely To Be Involved In Hook Up

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Hookup here and there, yet no one admits to be involved in hookup. We’ve been getting questions on the most likely departments to find large number of ladies that are involved in hookup. However, for this reason, IOI went far and near to hear people’s opinion on departments likely to be involved in hookup. Sit back and enjoy.

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1. English Department

English department, one of the most populated departments on OAU campus, happens to fall under the faculty of Arts. English was nominated as one of the departments whose female are likely to be involved in whoocup. Read the nominator’s comment:

English department has a large number of ladies, really hot ladies and they don’t date not to talk of dating small boys, I no go lie give una, those babes wey I dey see so, na hook up them dey do.


His point was supported by four more people. Brings us back to the post of  Departments with most beautiful ladies, can this really be true? Well, what do I know, lol.

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2. Faculty Of Law

The Great Faculty of Law, that happens to have a large number of neat “good looking guys” who fell under our Top 10 Departments With The Most Handsome Guys In OAU and their ever-shana good looking and hot ladies. Their faculty was also nominated and the nominator’s comment is below.

It is how those ladies shedi balabala all over the campus with their white and black, different men dropping them all the time, it cannot be double dating, nah whoocup.


Just two persons seconded, can it be true then? Faculty of Law babes, I don’t want to believe this is true.

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3. Faculty Of Education

Faculty of Education comprises of 8 departments, it’s one of the most populated faculties as well, often called mother of all faculties. Well, under our hook-up nomination, faculty of education was nominated with no department in specific, lol.

Education babes dey do whoocup low-key, we sabi where we dey meet each other, you see all their innocent faces nah scam! Education babes mad, I dey tell you! Faculty of education, I hail una!!!


Even someone testified to this, God, things dey occur, them no go talk wetin them no see, arbi wetin you think?

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Based on stats

4. Microbiology

Microbiology is the most populated department in Faculty of science. It’s probably the third or fourth most populated on OAU campus. Well, many are wounded College of health sciences students, it is like a female dominated department though.

You see this department ehnnn, omoooooo, infact, it’s one of their coursemate that hinted me on the number of ladies doing whoocup in that department. Microbiology ladies, I hail.


No one seconded, I can’t believe and I won’t believe, but since someone mentioned it, who am I not to add it to this list?

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Your thought on sharing man/woman?

5. Dramatic Arts

Dramatic arts is also under Faculty Of Arts and the second department under Faculty Of Arts nominated for hookup, lol. Dramatic arts is one of the departments with most beautiful ladies actually.

Fear dramatic arts ladies! If you’ve a girlfriend in dramatic arts, forget that you have a girlfriend, she’s as good as gone, looks like their initiation involves whoocup. These babes are doing whoocup, they don’t even hide it.


I don’t know what to believe, I don’t know if this is really true or she just said her own.

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We just shared the opinion of 5 OAU Students on the departments most likely to be involved in hookup on OAU campus. Someone nominated your department and you feel your department shouldn’t be there? Or you feel some departments should be there? Kindly add them in the comment section, don’t forget to put reasons. Winks!

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