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Everything You Need To Know About Papaya’s Scandal

Stories ear and dear but let’s help you patch that up.

Not too long ago, Papaya had a very lavish birthday party that converted her name to Big Paps. There was even a video of her using a money counting machine to count the heavy notes she got from it. This same Papaya massively celebrated hitting 1 million followers on IG. On that day, Big Paps was wearing trad, red beads, tied white clothes on her face and was rubbing people’s head so they can win her giveaway.

How did Big Paps turn into Akamu? Let me carry you there.

1. Papaya Has A Married Yahoo Boyfriend

Married yahoo boyfriend?

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The married yahoo boyfriend in question, Leggy, was a Funabite that has been on the wanted list before he escaped from Abeokuta to Lekki in Lagos. Prior to this, he lived with his kid and wife who is now pregnant with the second child.

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Who no like better thing? Or is it truly a better thing? Papaya seeing this hoped on the beautiful ride with this wealthy young man and successfully made him sideline his family.


Somehow the wife heard about the matter, visited her husband at Lekki and found him with Papaya. Apparently, Papaya had been tagged as olosho to her but even the olosho was enjoying her husband more than her. Tell me about Papaya’s Mecca trip, Benz ride and lavish baby girl lifestyle solely on money made from “influencing” but proudly and truly sponsored by Leggy.

The wife wasn’t okay with the situations of things and decided to end things with the husband but then you people’s favorite influencer seem to have no shame.

Papaya, Leggy and the wife

2. Papaya’s age

There was already a noise about this matter before but it seems it wasn’t massive enough to shake everyone back then like right now. The girl everyone knelt down for to get her giveaway? Yeah, that girl was born in 2003 and there is a proof backing that up.

It seems the main reason why this matter started was because of a woman that had a C section but ended up losing her baby. Her big pain was missing the Papaya’s giveaway which she managed to watch on Instagram Live. She had to give herself joy probably but calling Big Paps “momma”? I don’t know if she ended up winning any giveaway since then.


3. Questioned ancestry

Big Paps claims to be somehow related to the royal family and her eulogy name, Abike, was the proof of that. She claimed her grandfather was of the royal blood and her mom wasn’t the person Gist Lover claimed to put her out as.

Here’s a call with her true father who is said to be living at a small cubicle in Oyo state while his daughter was running side chic deals and fake giveaways.

4. Yomidun’s JAMB Result

If you’re familiar with Papaya then you know her little sister that dazzled into the spotlight with her elder’s fame as the bedrock. This brings us to the question, if Papaya is 19, how old is Yomidun?

5. Fetish giveaway party

When the truth about Papaya’s relationship came out, people started bringing out different reasons why her 1 million Instagram giveaway party was out of the ordinary. Tell me about her fit and the “choosing” event that occurred after.

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We don’t know if this is the full gist or more is coming but stay connected and watch this space.

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