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It is impossible to survive without recharging daily through food and it is good to know the right place to go when there is the need to satisfy one’s cravings. For students living on campus, eating out is one of the most common things among students. No one underrates and overrates places like students. You’re new to OAU and you want to  eat or you’re in search of eateries on campus, we hereby bring to you the 5 most visited eateries on OAU campus.

1. Mr. Banwil Cuisine

Mr. Banwil Cuisine is one of the most visited on campus, it’s located at the famous New Buka around new market. It’s known for serving delicious meals.

2. Indulge

Indulge that is also located at New Buka around new market. Indulge is known for delicious snacks and food as well. It’s one of the eateries selling Pizza on OAU campus.

3. Rotunda

Rotunda located on the main spot on campus, around Amphi and Oduduwa. It’s the easiest place to go after a long tiring lecture around academics.

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4. Spectra

Located around College of Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy and New Environmental Design And Management building, it’s the most visited eatery around.

5. Forks And Fingers

Forks and fingers seems to be the most visited, probably because of its location. It’s located around SUB, one of the easiest places to locate around. Every new person around OAU campus, forks and fingers is what welcomes them.

You can visit any of these eateries to recharge your stomach, you’ll come back to testify, OAU students barely cap rubbish. If you think there is an eatery that ought to be on this list and isn’t, kindly add it in the comment section.

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