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8 Things OAU Students Deserve From The School Management

Obafemi Awolowo University, popularly known as “Oba Awon University, Only African University and also called the Greatest Gbagba” is said to have over 30,000 students, including undergraduates and postgraduates. For every student admitted every year, there are certain wants, for every stalite, there are certain things the school is lacking that they want patched up. Below are things that have been identified as critical needs by the students and that they want even though they truly deserve them from the school management.

1. A Fulfilling and Student-friendly Academic Calendar

Not just an ordinary academic calendar, but a fulfilling one, a Student-friendly one that considers the well-being of its students. Looking back at the challenges OAU students have faced, from Coronavirus to Protest-break to Ile-Ife youths Protest-break to the ongoing indefinite ASUU strike, I believe we will need a good academic calendar when school resume. Not an academic calendar that would plan a session within 3-months, considering students have been home for a long time, there is need for a little period of rebooting the studentship in every students.


2. New And Conducive Hostels

I mean, OAU alone has 13000 hectares of land. I believe that more hostels, especially conducive ones, should be built because Ile-Ife landlords have seen students as a means of cashing-out, they just want to invest 100k and get 200k ROI. If hostels could be made available to at least 75% of students. We’d have fewer students off campus and it would reduce physical stress and take some financial burdens off students, guardians, and parents.

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3. Total Hostel Renovation

On a more serious note, the hostels require complete renovation, not just “renopainting” and not renovating some blocks and leave some other blocks till God knows when again. Students deserve this much! From the toilets to the bathrooms to the soakaway pits to the roofs to the rooms themselves. Students deserves an healthy and conducive environment. Some hostels/blocks are better than others in terms of facilities and comfort, even when the same amount of money is paid. I mean, all students deserve a home away from home. So, if they want to renovate, it should be a complete renovation.

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4. Agreement between CONUA and ASUU

Congress of University Academics (CONUA) and Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) really needs to agree as their disagreement affects students. Only OAU lecturers decided to form factions, which is very concerning. When ASUU goes on strike, CONUA lecturers will continue work while others will not, slowing down the entire academic year.

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5. Stable Electricity

Normally, OAU is known for having stable electricity, but I’m not sure what happens in this past few semesters, light goes off for days, some hostels have light, some don’t. The management used to have explanation for every light that goes off, I don’t know why they think we don’t deserve explanation now. If not National issue, I feel the Management can do better with our electricity.


6. Good, Clean And Drinkable Water

You cannot stay on OAU campus and still understand the meaning of clean water, how??? When all you get is Lacasera water. Waiting for the water to settle for like 2-hours before you get a Semi-Clean water above and sand below. It is only in OAU that light doesn’t work with water. Light fit dey, make water no dey. Very tiring, imagine hustling for water and you get a dirty water again. I don’t understand why borehole water are opened only once in a while, it’s very frustrating and when it runs, it only runs for few hours, I don’t know or understand why the porters are hoarding water for crying out loud. The school management can do more, please!

7. Better Health Center service

The health center needs to be well-equipped and their service needs to be monitored closely. They deal with lives, not just some random thing, human lives. The management should ensure there are enough physicians to attend to students and the file searching thing can be improved to putting the number on the system and the Student’s file is out, not searching that unnecessarily make things slow. If the personnel deserve incentives, they should be given as long as they work well. I mean, most students are away from home and in a different environment for the sake of their academic pursuits. They require complete medical attention. The key word here is “attention,” because those medical devices are rendered ineffective when they are not used. We simply require more attention and better service.

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8. A Gratitude Party

Lollll, This is not a privilege, but OAU students need it especially this time. We just need to be praised and hailed,it is not easy o,from jamb to wherever we are, coupled with different kinds of stress,not even in OAU,ahh,we need some sort of patryyyyy,funny but true o,lol. We need to be encouraged here. IOI is saying this to all OAU students out there,”Welldone, You’re doing a great job; everything will be over soon; keep chilling with the greatest Gbagba of all time.”We need this anyway,lol.

We’ve reached the end of this, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it. Let us know if there are any other things you believe OAU students deserve from management in the comments section below. We salute you, OAU students.

We’ve reached the end of this, and we hope we spoke everyone’s mind here. Let us know if there are any other things you believe OAU students deserve from management in the comments section below.

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  1. You also forgot to add good and stable internet speed for intecu like I mean the school can afford a 5gb/s router but they use a slow unreliable router that wastes the money you pay to use it

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