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10 Mistakes Every Undergraduate Is Bound To Have Made

Being an undergraduate is no child play actually, getting a new life and a new beginning, it’s not easy. Growing up, we all make mistakes, if a Part 4 student looks back to part 3 such person will count numerous mistakes they made, not to talk of looking back to part 1, lol. Mistakes are part of our lives, we are humans and are bound to make mistakes, learning from them is the most important thing. However IOI presents 10 mistakes every undergraduate are bound to have made.

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1. Procrastination

We all procrastinate at one point or the other, many undergraduates are guilty of this as well. We tend to leave our books first few weeks of resumption, sometimes till exam period before we start reading which is a very big mistake because as students reading should be a daily activities.

2. Skipping Sleep Hours

8-10 hours of sleep is important to get a fully relaxed brain, but undergraduates cannot relate, how can you sleep 8hrs without fear, I think this is the most impossible thing as a student. However skipping sleeps might lead to impaired vision and not being able to memorize and recall information effectively.

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3. Not Answering Questions Properly

Knowing what your lecturer want is key and that is what should be done during test and exams. But when we “over read” we go extreme to prove they we have read all the materials and tend to overwrite, skipping the main points which at the end and don’t get the expected result.

4. Not Working With The Curriculum (Course Outline)

Lecturers tends to give out course outlines so students are able to study ahead and do researchs but because we’re lazy, we mostly depend on materials and notes given by the lecturer forgetting about the ones he didn’t teach but are in the outline just to later find questions on it during test or exam.

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5. Freaking Out On How Much Work We Have To Do

This is a very common habit as we tend to freak out on how to complete chores and studies instead of working through, well, reality eventually dawns on every one of us.

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6. Feeding On Junks

Every student tend to feed on junks ranging from oily food to spicy and processed foods which is not good for the health and might later lead in sickness.

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7. Fixed Mindsets

It’s a common mistake made by students senior colleagues enlighten us that “No One Makes First Class In This Department”  then our mindset becomes fixed that no one can make first class, we tend to relax and kill our first-class dream, forgetting nothing is impossible.

8. Cramming/Memorizing Instead of Understanding

Students tends to do this when test/exam is fast approaching cramming concepts that are meant to be understood, you hear things like “la cram, la pour, la forget”. Yes, you will forget, it might even be in the examination hall. Lol.

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9. Being Too Busy On Our Gadgets

Our Gadgets we can say has done both good and harm but however students tends to be on our gadgets way too much without being productive which however isn’t good for studies.

10. Thinking Tutorials Can Cover For Lectures

It’s a common mistake as student believe that attending classes isn’t necessary instead believing tutorials organized by their department/ faculty can cover for lectures.

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These are ten mistakes every undergraduate are bound to have made, but, I know there are still more that you made and want to share with us or that you are aware of but didn’t make our list, kindly add them  which of the mistakes mentioned here you are guilty of.

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