Firstly, IOI extends her heartfelt congratulations to you all for reaching this point of preparing for Post-Utme. You are a fantastic baller, From JSS1 till now, no be “smallz”. So, in preparation for your Post-Utme, we bring to you 6 important things you should take note of to aid your success.

1.) Forget Your UTME Score

Yes, you read right, you should completely disregard your UTME score at this point. Whether you did less than you expected, were average, or had a very high score, you just need to forget about it. It might seem difficult, but to be on a safer side, forget it. You might not be eligible for admission with your 300+ if you depend on your UTME score too much.


2.) Link Up With A Good Cyber Cafe

To avoid network and technical issues, you are advised to connect with a highly efficient cyber cafe. Don’t let your grades and stress suffer as a result of a problem that can be avoided. Be the most humble while dealing with the people of the Cafe, they know how best to deal with situations and do not be too quiet, ask questions.

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Attend Good Tutorials, it’s most advisable you attend one in Ile-Ife, they know OAU best and they know how things work on campus, the one from your house might depend on past questions only, but the one around knows what you should and shouldn’t do. Location should not be an issue as many have accommodation. You should not choose a tutorial center based on the fact that your friend is attending it also. Choose it because you know they can help you get your desired result.

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4.) Prepare For Aptitude Tests

One of the most tricky part of the Post-Utme is the aptitude test, you have to read widely on topics such as general knowledge, verbal reasoning, government, biology, and social studies. It can easily boost your mark, it can also easily reduce your score.

5.) Pay Attention To Your Health

Don’t wait till exam is close before you worry about your health. Start paying attention to your health as soon as possible. Consult your physician when you don’t feel too well. Pay attention to every part of your body so that nothing holds you back in the hospital, especially when the exam is closer and you need to intensify your reading. Health equals wealth.

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6.) Keep a Positive Social Circle.

Be sure that your friends are paying attention to your mental and academic alertness rather than just catching a cruise or discouraging you. Find a good team if you need one. Make certain your friends do not impact you negatively. Also, choose people that can be honest with you, so that when you are lagging behind, they will help you, rather than gossip.

So that concludes this list. Pay close attention to each of them; they will assist you. We extend our best wishes and congratulations in advance.

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