Are you aspiring to be a Radio Presenter that keeps people updated with the vibes and trends of society? Are you willing to be a professional Radio Presenter right on campus within a space of a very short time? You must have been searching for opportunities to express your passion for radio presenting, then you should read till the last full stop of this article.

Radio Presenting is way more than just sitting next to a mic and speaking to an invisible audience who are on the other side of the conversation listening to you. Presenting on a radio station also is more than just feeding people back with pieces of information relevant to their livelihood; yes, it’s way more than that.

Have you ever imagined how attentive you are to a radio presentation and how the radio presenter caught your attention effortlessly? It is very easy; one of the major strategies used by professional radio presenters; is as easy as making sure they are presenting to an individual, not as a whole audience. They are up to 10 major strategies that are even more effective than this that could skyrocket your radio presenting skills within a short period.

For you to have read up to this extent, means you are willing to know all the 10 major strategies along with other things that will make you the radio presenter you aspire to be (or even better). Well, I have good news for you.

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Trybe City Radio presents radio presentation training + 6 months internship. Now let me gist you about this training.
As you know, Trybe City is one of the biggest media brands across Nigerian universities; We are back again with opportunities to make both students and non-students chase their dreams and passion and also how they can earn from that. So this time around, we are setting up a Radio Presentation Training with a lot of opportunities, including an opportunity to work as a Radio presenter for Trybe City.

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Who is this training for?

This training is for those who are tired of fantasizing about becoming professional radio presenters and are ready to put in the work to make it a reality. It’s for both students and non-students also. You don’t need to have any pre-knowledge about Radio presenting; you can start from scratch to be a pro with this training.

How will the training be done and where?

This training will be a physical and will be held in Trybe City’s Studio on OAU Campus, Ile-Ife. Participants will have live and direct access to their mentors and be able to ask questions right on the spot.

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How long will this training be?

Becoming a professional radio presenter takes years of practice and consistent application, but this training will fasten the process by using effective strategies to teach participants the art of radio presentation within 6 months, Yes, just 6 months.

How much does this training cost?

The training costs N35,000 but Trybe City is giving a discount of N10,000 by accepting the payment of N25,000 if you pay between the 5th -25th of July, 2022. However, registration closes on the 15th of August.
And also, If you are willing to pay in instalments up to three times too, It is very much allowed.

So what happens after the training?

Unlike other training where tutors won’t check participants’ progress and growth after training. Here are the exclusive opportunities and plans Trybe City Radio has for participants after training:

  • 6 months Internship with Trybe City Radio to polish your skill and monitor your growth. NB: This is open for those that make payment on or before the 25th of July. (T & C applies).
  • Trybe City Radio employs the top best Radio Presenters to start work after the internship.
  • Lifetime Mentorship from Trybe City experts.
  • A certificate for every participant that can be used to apply for radio presenting Jobs.
  • A constant follow-up on their career.
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Now let me give you a recap:

  • 6 months of intensive training through the art of radio presenting.
  • 6-month internship program slot with TRYBE CITY RADIO (only for early payments)- ( T&C applies)
  • Lifetime mentorship from TRYBE CITY Experts.
  • Trybe City Radio employs the top best Radio Presenters.

Venue: Trybe City Radio Studio, OAU Campus, lle-life.
Early bird registration dates: 5th -25th of July, 2022.
Late registration dates: the 28th of July – the 15th of August, 2022.
Early bird discounted fee: 25,000
Late (normal) registration fee: 35,000 Participants can only make instalment payments thrice.

How To Apply

1. Reach out to us via any of our contact details.

So what are you waiting for? Let us take your radio presenting skills up a notch.

Limited slots available!

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