As you all know, going to the field to observe Eid is one of the sunnahs of the prophet, which is the main reason Muslims go en-masse to the Eid ground to observe Eid. However, there are different sets of people too on the Eid ground. Follow me as I take you along.

1. The Ice-cream Geng

This set of people, mostly children, came to Eid to drink ice cream, before the Eid sef, yogurt has stained the aso Odun.

2. The Photographers

This set of people can take 100 pictures in just one sitting, with different styles, and different facial expressions, once Eid is about to start, they pause, once Eid is done, they continue again.

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3. The Aso Ebi Group

You’ll see them, they’ll come in together, with the same outfits, same hijab, same Bata. Don’t stare too much, you might be oppressed, lol.

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4. The Classy Geng

They’ll come with their prayer mat, lay the prayer mat on the prepared mat, sit on one corner, strictly mind their business and focus till the end of Eid.


5. The Noisy Ones

Always talking and laughing, if care is not taken, you fit no hear anything wey Imam talk because they will run their mouth from the beginning to the end.

6. The Popular Geng

Don’t stay with this set of people, a piece of friendly advice. They know practically everyone, they’ll just tap you, look at Semiat, you don’t even know who Semiat is, before you know it, they are up to hug each other and it continues till you leave Eid.

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7. The Late Comers

These ones will not come until Eid has started, most of them are make-up people, nursing mothers with many little children, and our sisters in heels.

8. The Hasty Ones

As soon as Eid is done, they’re on their feet, “when will this Imam kill the ram”, shey he doesn’t know we’re fasting? They already look angry enough, like you know, a hungry man is an angry man.

Reading this list, I’m sure you have accessed yourself and you know tcategory you belong to already. Provided your category isn’t here, don’t hesitate to share your category with us in the comment section.

We join our Muslim brothers and sisters in celebrating Eid-l-Kabir, may the Almighty accept it as an act of worship.

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