Osun state election previously anticipated with curiousity is now an history, and every history has a story with characters.

IOI brings you the different categories of voters in the just concluded Osun state election with much observation we came to a conclusion so relax and enjoy.

1.The Faithful Franchisers:

The faithful franchisers came just to exercise their right and fulfill their duties as responsible citizens of the country, they came to vote for internal validation, they believed that, it’s their duty to vote and they enjoy the psychological rewards from acting in accordance with their ideas and beliefs so they came to do just that (internal validation is their motivation)

2.The Logical Voters

These set of people came to vote for their best interests,they have calculated rationally the benefits they will enjoy; estimating the candidate whose platform will give them the most favorable outcomes, they came for that(Personal Benefits)

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3.The Money-Lovers Voters

These categories of voters, came to vote because of the money they will collect/money they have pocketed; the “dìbò ko sébè set”. They came to collect their share of the “national cake” and the souvenirs that were shared in each polling unit, and we saw them fighting for it as if their life depended on them #MoneyMotivation.


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4.The Prospective Voters

These categories of people came to vote because of the promises of the candidate(manifestos), they have compared and by their instinct decided for the best prospective candidate so they came to vote believing that the candidate will act and perform if elected to office.

5.The Party-line Voters

These set of voters came  because of their  love for a particular party, the party is their concern primarily not the candidate necessarily,they votes just because they are party members or party fan. They came for their party.

6.The Political Aspirants Lovers

These category of voters came to vote to ensure that their ‘person'( candidate) succeeded, these kind of people in either by virtue of affinity or affiliation have a particular “choiced-candidate” they vote and even advocate that other voters should vote for them.

7.The Bandwagons Voters

These kinds of people voted depending on popular-say, it depended on what people are saying about a particular party or who the majority are voting for, they don’t have their personal decisions, they came, saw what the majority is doing and followed suit.


8.The Social Voters

Humorously, some voters came to meet new people or connect with old friends and associate, some social voters came to sell, advertise or promote their goods or services, voting was their secondary priority perhaps their tertiary assignment because we saw them hovering around the polling unit chattering and laughing.

9.The Popular Voters

These categories of people came solely to brag about their voting experiences (number of years) to any one who cares, they knew almost everybody in their polling unit and went around flaunting their fame.

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10.The Onlookers Voters

Conclusively,these kinds of people came to solely to feed their eyes, they were the spectators of the event,the bystander voters, they came to observe the turn out of the event and compare and contrast with the previous years. They kept commenting on social media platforms expressing their displeasure or otherwise, and weighed their voting tendency depending on what they felt; but kept on feeding their eyes and their social media audiences.

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These are the kinds of voters we found at each polling unit on the election-day. IOI would like to know your thoughts on this kinds of voters,and which category you were.

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