Every young professor definitely have these nine traits. Today, there are many young professors in Nigerian universities; who are extremely intelligent and know their onions. IOI brings 9 of their common characteristics that will help you know that you are dealing with a young lecturer without doubt.

1. Intelligence

A young lecturer is undoubtedly clever. Being a professor in Nigeria right now is difficult, even in light of the federal universities’ strike, especially if you’re young; It suggests that this person must be outstanding. You can’t help but be impressed by how knowledgeable young academics are in their fields and how seriously they take their work.

2. Smartness

Being clever is not the same as being intelligent. Our young professors are unquestionably bright. They know how to maneuver around issues that stem from academics issues and fashion. They are always on point with quick and correct solutions to problems.

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3. Excellent English and Communication Skills

With their English, you might think they studied abroad.They focus on their past, present, and future tenses, as well as their use of concord. Some of them inspire many students to improve their public speaking skills.Their communication abilities are exceptional. Their grammatical errors are minimal as a result of their meticulous use of English words, and they are also like an English dictionary. Take it as one of those things they have to be cautious about while they teach students very likely to be rude because of the close age gap.

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4. Mentoring Ability

They may not give you long advice during lectures, but they are the ones who are most often chosen seen as mentors by students.

Students are truly inspired by their early accomplishments. As a result, their mentoring abilities are always first-rate. Simply contact one of them and ask them to take you on a tutelage (I mean mentoring) journey you will enjoy it. You are most welcome for the advice.


5. Role Model Worthiness

A role model is not the same as a mentor. They are most students’ favorites. They earn a role model spot in the hearts of students, particularly those who are unable to meet them for mentorship. Their dressing style, academic achievements (mostly this), body carriage, even smileor communication skills all serve as a gearing ratio for them to be role models.

6. Discipline

Even though their relationships with students can be envied and they can be amusing, they are disciplinarians. You should expect to see another side if you try rubbish.

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They may have a great sense of humour, but they value themselves so much that they want to ensure that they are treated with respect. So, if you were planning not to be serious with any of them because they are “young” abeg change your plan.

7. Punctuality/Time consciousness

What I can say is they pay the most attention to time. Their time is money, time is knowledge, and time is everything to them.

They make good use of their time. They arrive early for class and expect their students to do the same. They expect their students to arrive before they do, or you are simply done for, during the day’s class. When their period is up, they end their classes. Two hours is two hours, no wasting time, sharp as a tack, they come, lecture and leave.

8. Curriculum in a Flash

As you are aware, they do not waste time, and their syllabus is no exception. They complete their curriculum quickly and then leave you to read on your own. If you like read, if you like don’t, they have taught you niyen, let it come out in your exam and you say they didn’t teach you,wo, you will know, lol.

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They are as quick as lightning when it comes to their curriculum. Just pay close attention and never miss a class because you never know when they will “brush” through some topics.

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9.) Good-looking

This is not a behavioral attitude, but we must just give it to them. It is far from the last on the list. Our young professors are always attractive; they could almost blend in with the students, but their attire indicates that they are not students.

You can’t help but admire the creator’s work of art on them. I believe that because they have a touch of money fast, it helps them look good in life, lol.

That’s all for this list. If they have any other characteristics that you want us to know about, please leave them in the comments section.

You can also tell us about your experiences with one or two of them. Till next time, comrade.


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