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Chemmie Music, a new music artist, is convinced that she will be the next great thing in the music industry in the future years. According to the developing act, she began her musical journey during her high school years and believes that making music is a sort of storytelling in and of itself. She expressed an interest in working with Asa, Davido, and Adekunle Gold, if chanced.

As part of her interview with IOI, the Balance It singer also discussed her views on overcoming the hurdles of being a woman in the Nigerian music industry, her musical objectives, and other topics. We got in touch with her to know more about her stances on some discourses in the Nigeria music space and this is what she shared with us


Interviewer: Can you introduce yourself to the audience? Giving us details about yourself and what you do

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Chemmie Music: My name is Oluwakemi Gbemisola Fagboro musically known as Chemmie

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I’m an afrobeat singer and songwriter based in Lagos, Nigeria. A graduate of Obafemi Awolowo university from the microbiology department


Interviewer: Pleased to have you around Miss Oluwakemi. In what circumstances did you first begin performing and creating music?

Chemmie Music: I started creating music in high school. Writing songs was the only thing I could do to keep myself busy during prep because I never enjoyed reading in a lousy and crowded place. But I started music officially in 2019


Interviewer: That’s fantastic. Indeed, music is a piece of art that keeps our souls together. Considering the fact in this part of the world parents don’t always acknowledge their offspring diving into the entertainment industry rather they’d always urge them on professional Careers. Did you have the same circumstances surrounding your music career?

Chemmie Music: Yes, I did like I said I started creating music in high school but had to put it on hold because my parents wanted me to focus on education first before anything entertainment, so after high school, I joined the choir in my pre-degree days cos I didn’t want to stop singing.


Interviewer: So, would you say they agreed with your music career only that you had to finish your tertiary education?

Chemmie Music:  In 2019, I was 200lvl going to 300lvl so at that point, they knew there was no going back for me with my academics’ cos I don enter oau I don enter noni yen . And my grades weren’t bad so they had no choice but to accept my interest in music


Interviewer: What is it about making music that you enjoy the most?

Chemmie Music: The part I love most is listening to my sound after I have recorded and done all necessary corrections to them


Interviewer: I can assume that wholesome feeling. Talking about the making of your songs; one of your distinguishing characteristics is the lyrics of your songs. Describe your songwriting process, starting with the first time you listen to an instrumental and ending with the last step of composing.

Chemmie Music: First time I was going to write to a beat I searched and listened to several beats and picked one that clicked instantly without stress. To every beat made there is a feeling, the producer must have been thinking of something or felt something before making that beat so that’s what I try to look for before writing, I do that by listening to the beat several times, sometimes I catch the vibe the very first time listening to the beat

You listen to some beats and what comes to your mind is heartbreak, love, and life in the general party vibe And sometimes I know what I want to write about so all I have to do is find a beat that would go with the vibe


Interviewer: There’s more to music-making than the way we fan see it. Thanks for shedding light on that. What is the relationship between music and other elements of your life – do you separate them or do you aim to make them mix effortlessly together?

Chemmie Music: To me, music is business oo


Might not make money from it at this very beginning but na investment so it’s separated from other elements of my life. I could use other parts of my life as an inspiration to write a song but I don’t plan to mix them


Interviewer: So, would you say, unlike some musicians that sing based on their particular state of mind; most especially fueled by heartbreaks, hard times, and moments of fulfillment, yours is fueled by the business notion that comes with it??


Chemmie Music: it’s not every time an artist sings, he/she sings about what happened to them or what they are going through, I don’t have to be able to write a love song when I’m in a relationship or a heartbreak when I chop breakfast Which I feel is the technical part of songwriting people don’t know about. As a songwriter, you have to be able to imagine situations and sing as they happened to you so people who are currently in that particular situation can relate and flow with you

This is why I always say songwriting for me is the hardest part of music production because to me I always want to tell a story with my songs  So, music is beyond rhymes and vibe. It must always tell a story people can relate to


Interviewer: I was opportune to have listened to some of your songs and believe me, they are brilliant as the day and I have to applaud you on your versatility. Could you walk us through a typical day in your life, starting with your possible morning routine and ending with your work? Do you have a set schedule for the day?


Chemmie Music: My waking time is based on my plans for the day. Most times when I have to be at the studio I wake up at 7 am, pray for 5mins, do my morning exercises for 10 mins, take a walk in the area for 15 mins, do my house chores and prepare to hit the studio till at most 7-8 pm . I don’t go to the studio every day

When I’m not in the studio, I’m home working on some things online or watching movies


Interviewer: That’s some great personal development schemes. With your experiences so far in the Music Industry, how have you been finding it since you first entered the space of singing?

Chemmie Music: It’s hasn’t been easy cos I entered without enough knowledge about the music industry . I’m always open to corrections and always want to get better at whatever I do if I get the chance, even from my sound you would observe it

I always want every single one to be better than the last . So, I would say I have gotten better and it can only get better than this . We keep raising standards and I must say I have learned a lot and I still want to learn more we keep learning till we die.


Interviewer: The music industry is portrayed as a male-dominated one and it is posited that women have to work twice as much to get their songs out there, do you subscribe to that, and has that affected you in any way?

Chemmie Music:  All I would just say is it’s very easy for a female artist to rise and very easy for them to fall as well depending on the artist. As a woman, naturally, especially if you are a fine one, you get a lot of proposals from men, so when connecting with people to market your music you can easily get people’s attention. Some would attend to you because they want to ask you out so they have to act humble and nice.

But once your sound isn’t what they like you only get to attract them, and engage them but can’t convert them to loyal fans. So, the male dominating the industry to me just feels like because women are naturally competitive. If not, we should be the ones dominating the music industry. And another reason for the fact that people have one perspective about female artists especially in Nigeria because the country itself is deep in religion and morale . So as a female artist they look at you as someone who can’t make a good wife or mother. : In another word, they see female artists as too exposed to be good mothers or wives in the society



Interviewer: Let’s talk about your recent hit single “Balance it”

Balance It” has proven to be yet another success from you. What is the backstory to that, and who were the persons who were involved in putting it together?

Chemmie Music: Balance it was produced by rumble beat also known as kash the hitmaker which shows in his works (a true hitmaker)

I was supposed to drop a single I recorded early this year but found that the beat was sold to someone else. I thought the person that sent me the beat bought it so I had to cancel the project and work on something else So, my manager (Gmoney) had to talk to rumble beat to make me a new beat to work on (amapiano)

When all these happened, I was in Ife so I had to travel down to Festac, Lagos to record . The beat was made in my presence and the first I said when I heard the beat was wow, the only thing that came to my head at that instance was party cruise and I wrote something about it

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Interviewer: How long did it take you to do all of the writing, syncing, and composition?

Chemmie Music: It took me like 5hrs or more to write and record the song: We worked overnight

Though I worked on two songs


Interviewer: I’m actually amazed by the bone marrow because I did listen to the song and it was perfect, the best, the verse, and the melody. It a 10/10 . With all these, what would you say is your muse and inspiration when it comes to writing and composing because to create a masterpiece in 5 hours, you must be operating in another dimension?

Chemmie Music: Na God oo

Most times I like to write in a quiet place where I can think deeply and remember things I probably saw or heard in a movie, or on the road something or happened to me or someone, and just turns it into a palatable sound

And when I write and sing, I like to hear the opinions of people around to know if it sounds ok or if I should tweak or remove something or something that happened**


Interviewer: Impressive, I must say. After your widely streamed and still streaming song ‘“Balance it”, our audience will like to know how many projects you’ve done so far and if there are more to come after Balance it?

Chemmie Music: There’s def more to come after Balance it

So far, I have 4 songs on all digital platforms balance it inclusive and several covers on my Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel


Interviewer: How will you describe your undergraduate days at Obafemi Awolowo University and what do you enjoy most while as an undergraduate?

Chemmie Music: Sweet, hard, sad it was everything, and what I enjoyed most were days they had to cancel classes


Interviewer: How were you able to keep a balance with your music career, academics, and all other activities as an undergraduate?

Chemmie Music:  Just God. At the time I was in school I was only doing music during the breaks


Interviewer: OAU begets so many big names in the entertainment industry nationwide and globally: would say there is a special recognition or edge OAU artist have in reaching their limelight due to their institutional background?

Chemmie Music: Yes, and that’s because celebrities that are hot in the industry now are from OAU, and OAU students always act like a family when they recognize their own outside which is why we can boldly say OAU products are making it big out there


Interviewer: That’s valid. Do you have any favorite musicians who you look up to? What are some of their characteristics that you admire?

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Chemmie Music: ASA her technicalities in the way she sings

Adekunle gold his songwriting

Davido his vibe and versatility in songs


Interviewer: Come good artists, comes an amazing fan base. What would you say is the nature of your relationship with your fans, and how have you been able to build a connection with them?

Chemmie Music: I try to build a good connection with my fans (or family) cos they are my family. They are the ones that listen and spread the news of my songs to other people so it would only make sense for me to listen to how they perceive my sound, and where they think I can do better

I try as much as possible to engage on every post or tweet pushing the brand Chemmie

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Interviewer: No better words said🔥. What do you want people to remember about you as an artist and as a person?

Chemmie Music: Global Hitmaker, influencer, and star maker


Interviewer: With the busy schedules and mental work overload that comes with songwriting and singing how have you been able to maintain your mental health and personal relationships?

Chemmie Music:  Mental health😂😂. If inspiration isn’t coming, I leave it for another day when it comes. I can’t come and die. If it’s urgent I ask for help

Na person wey dey alive dey blow o


Interviewer: What are your plans for your musical career? Are you delving into it full-blown!?

Chemmie Music: Anything to get better in the game

Also to understand the music business because I would also like to run my record label . I can’t sing forever


Interviewer: Woah, that’s some grand plans. In this prevalent technological world, what influence would you say tech has on the music space and has it helped you in any form??

Chemmie Music: A lot of influence. Everything is now digital especially music so as an artist understanding the digital world and how to work around it is very important which is one of the reasons, I had to take a digital marketing course


Interviewer: Can you tell us five random facts about yourself that the ordinary person wouldn’t be able to figure out about you?

Chemmie Music:

  • I’m spiritual
  • I love sarcasm
  • I don’t enjoy writing songs but I like to write my songs
  • I don’t like going out, if the event isn’t important, I won’t leave my house
  • I like food and sleep


Interviewer: Nothing ever comes close to the last line🙂. If not music, what else do you have major regard for and would have pursued as a career??

Chemmie Music: Event decoration and cake baking. I was doing that in school


Interviewer: Describe your favorite place to perform in the world or in the country?

Chemmie Music: O2 arena😂 🙏🏻🙏🏻✅


Interviewer: What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous or contemplating getting started with their musical careers??

Chemmie Music:  Don’t fret, it’s normal not to get it right from the beginning just be consistent


Interviewer: So far in your musical journey, what would you say is your biggest achievement so far??

Chemmie Music:  Seeing my song beingn used on kraks tv


Interviewer: Woah, that’s a huge one. Big ups to you on that. What are your social media handles should our audience want to connect with your music and yourself??

Chemmie Music: Twitter and Instagram: Chemmie_music

YouTube: Chemmie music


Interviewer: Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say whatsoever?

Chemmie Music: Thank you for the opportunity. To my fans and upcoming fans keep streaming my songs


That’s the fanlink to my latest song “balance it”

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