If you are not informed, you will be deformed, if you are not updated, you will be outdated, if you are not inspired, you will expire, if you don’t know, you can’t be in the flow.

Everything you desire ( even as a student) is achievable, and financial freedom is possible.

The present world is full of noises and clatters, grumbling, and complaining leading to insufficiencies everywhere, even students are not exempted.

Many years ago, the “Land” resource was just for farming and other agricultural use, so some farmers sold out their lands at ridiculous prices if the land wasn’t” farmable”.Some industrialists (innovators__Creative thinkers) bought the lands and invested in those “unfarmable” lands and discovered Black oils(crude oil) and through their discoveries became multimillionaires.

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Truly many people see, but few people look. Amidst many discoveries we bring you the FIVE best places to find money:

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1.Money Hides in People

In the congregation of three or more people, there lies the money you need. Everyone you see on Earth has money; but no one will release their money to you, except you offer them “value ” by solving their problems or having something to exchange for the money through products and services.

Money resides among people, the money you need is inside the hands of some living people on Earth, the gist is not to look for money but rather look for the valuable things you can offer to people, and as spontaneous digestion is; their millions will flow to you (Money in people)


2.Money Hides in Potential

Your money hides in your Potentials__Your gifts and talents”.The gifts of a man maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men”. Your innate ability is your bailout; the Creator’s investment to ensure you don’t leave a poor heritage.

The truth is: Every human has something ( gifts and talents) they can trade to secure financial freedom; some are obvious while some gifts are not so obvious, you have to uncover them to recover income. Your gold is tied to your gift, your profits are dependent on your potential.

3.Money Hides in Products and Services

An average Nigerian spends 200Naira per day on goods or services; implying that producers can’t be broke even during a recession. Now let’s evaluate: Calculate how much you’ve spent this month on goods and services. The truth is that your currencies had flowed into their accounts. Money hides in profitable goods and services.

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4.Money Hides in Opportunities

Opportunities sometimes appear as challenges; one man’s food is another man’s poison; Mr. A’s problem is Mr. Z’s opportunity.

The world is now a global village and the internet is the village square; so many opportunities to explore. Money can come through your ideas, your thoughts can tickle favorably, forcing incomes on you.

Money can be sneaky sometimes, hiding in opportunities. Every opportunity you desire is around you to discover.


5.Money Hides in Professions

Money hides in all kinds of occupations. Note that no profession is in itself profitable; it depends on how you position yourself.

Money hides in work either: hard work, smart work, brainwork, muscle work, or otherwise. There is no free ride in life, you give and get paid.

Ensure the work you do is what you love else it becomes a struggle. You have to work to be wealthy__no doubt.

Many people look but only a few people see. This is the right time to take action on what you have learned that Money hides in People, Opportunities, Potential, Professions, and Products and Services.

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