The occurrence of strike action in the educational sector of our nation has occurred countless times, making students to spending a longer period at home.

OAU students are not spared from this torture as you can hear some persons say ‘I am tired of seeing my parent’s face’. Well, a lot of people are in this boat but they dare not say such to the hearing of their parents unless they want to be disowned.

Here are 7reasons why OAU students are eager to resume.


The risky joint is one spot on campus that is always crowded with a lot of people waiting for their turn to place an order. This strike has greatly affected the business of these risky sellers as most of their customers are students. Risky is OAU student’s favorite and many are eager to resume because of the love of Risky.

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Every spot on OAU campus is perfect for taking killer shots. A good number of people can’t go a day without taking pictures and finding a perfect background for this can be tiresome.

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3.Loves And Lovers

This strike action has put a strain on campus relationships. “I miss you and can’t wait to be in your arms again” is now an anthem between distant lovers. Well, the only way most of them can meet is when the strike is called off as their parents won’t let them leave the house till resumption.

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Some OAU students survive on the free hotspot on several parts on Campus. Since students are at home, most have stopped receiving an allowance and are now broke. You now see a Great ife student begging for sub.


Parties add spice to campus life. Every week is graced with an event that would have a lot of students as participants.

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6.Free food

Who no like free food? hands in the air; no hands up. Free food dey sweet oh. This is where attending church programs comes to play cause free food would be served

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7 Done and dusted

We are all tired of this delay in the education system of Nigeria. Our mates in private schools are making progress while OAU is on strike. We can’t wait to be done and dusted with this stage of life and move on to the next.

As we are all anticipating an end to the strike, it’s wise we engage ourselves in something productive. Our nation is not smiling at the youth and getting a good work opportunity after school is very slim.

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