5 Types Of Housemates We See In Every Big Brother Naija Season

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The seventh season of Big Brother Naija will have a double launch this weekend on Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. on Africa Magic Showcase, Urban and Family channels.

In every Big Brother Naija show over the years there have always been some set of people we find in each season. We are going to talk about the top 5 of these people. These people are unmissable and you can easily tell within their first few hours in the house.

1. The Rich guys:

They don’t really come for the money but for the fame. They don’t show off their wealth on the tv show because they are not allowed to bring any money in but they surely brag about it and also seek respect from other housemates.

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2. The Foodie :

They are always close or in the kitchen, they have no worries once food is in their mouth. Nothing really concern them for the house.


3. Knackademus :

These ones can be so flirty and serious at the same time but all they looking for in the house is sex. They always want to play the dirty games and are always the first to suggest. They usually sleep late sometimes to practice the theory discussed during the games.

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4. The Lovers :

Once they have a lover in the house, they do things together, they act like they already got married before getting to the house. Once one of them gets evicted the other can be sad for over a week. Na breakfast dey end am las las sometimes.

5. Vawlence Comrades :

They are always up for a fight, until big brother gives them about two strikes before they calm down. He/she is always looking out to become the head of the house so the house will become military zone.

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They will be competing for a massive N100 million worth of prizes; the highest of any reality TV show in Africa. The show is set to premiere today on the 23rd of July, 2022.

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