Gélé, the Yoruba name for women’s headwear– Usually worn over the head or hair in simple styles or at least back in the days when it’s coming out to run an attire of Buba and Iro, gele was and will always be a perfect match.  

Over the years, the way of wearing gele has evolved in styles and materials. Nowadays, ceremonial events have witnessed particular trends that have been modified over and over again. Yoruba women that enrich their looks with the headgear or géle have moved with the evolution, new way,s and styles of tieing on their head this favorite party adornment. 

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Here are the latest types of gele trending for every glamorous occasion. 

1. Ankara Gele

The Ankara gèlè trend came into the tone with new trends over the years. Ladies and women alike are still exploring this one-in-a-million and forever existing headgear material. It seems our now sophisticated women ain’t leaving that soon.

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Of all newly enhanced materials of gele, the Ankara type is easy to bend and mounted in whatever styles and layers. Ankara gele is not restricted to only party lovers, but women who love simplicity, working-class women, and those in high places. 

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2. Aso-Oke Gele

This type of headwear is birthed by the traditional Yoruba weaving material made from silk and woven into different arrays of colors and sizes, so-oke. It is usually worn by prominent women in the Yoruba land but has far been adopted as an important attire in traditional weddings. 

The aso-oke gele is still valued by those accustomed to their tradition to manifest it at specific events. It can be a challenge to tie and mount but it could make a good fanned-out style for a bride.

3. Avant-garde Gele

Image credit: Glamtush

The avant-garde gele type trend has steadily gained prestige amongst stylish ladies who love to make fashion assertions. It is found in styles of a bow, a perfect rose, and more. 

It could look ample for a simple birthday party, it’s almost complicated to make a rose top standing elegantly in the front of the head it can come out of colorful material like satin.

4. Bling Gele

Image credit: Club sea time

Talk about some bling-bling owanbe party and the gélé best fit for a bride. These gèlès are decorated with glitters, stones, and any other adornments. Bringing your gele with beads, rhinestones and rare stones are very common extras for Bridal Gèlès. 

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This is the latest trend in bridal fashion attire, you should pick one for your next wedding. If it’s not yours, wear it to one for a shimmering look! 

5. Couture Gele

These are gele made for the fashion-conscious, the fashionistas of the Nigerian and other African cultures. In this category of gélé, you will find the Tampanpa print gélé, which usually makes those rain on the roof sound that reigned back in the days Yoruba women made their entry into the party world of fashion. 

There are also those made from net materials, embroideries, and designs. That is one of the earliest re-modified into a popular makeover for various events

6. Flowery Umbrella Gele

This style of gele is usually mounted in a couple of layers before it’s fanned out widely over the head like an umbrella. Nothing can beat the sight of wide headgear in colors and different materials 

You can find women-inlaws in weddings fanning their headwear to outshine their guest, of course, that would mark their place and role in the event.

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7. Infinity Pleats Gele

This type of gele style is made from different materials from Ankara to silk and so on. They are usually layered in close-packed pleats, and it could go on and on as the chosen material are mostly in yards. 

Image credit: Fabwoman

It would take more than just one person to successfully wrap the style on a woman ready for an owanmbe. The pleats layered onto each other till infinity, at least to where the yard lasts!

You should agree the Yoruba women did make good impactful styles in the fashion world. No attire is complete without headgear, and other people from far and wide have emulated and further improved the oldest styles and trends. 

For gélé, its type and styles, the game has changed and seems to forever exist in evolution. Cause our women are ever ready for parties and owanmbe get along with fashionistas to follow new trends, they are adventurous not giving up this game-changing journey.  

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