Rule No. 1 : Never lose money.

Rule No. 2 : Never forget Rule No. 1.

Warren Buffett

With the current economy, you can’t say for sure if you’re saving/investing or you are temporarily putting money aside to spend later. It’s definitely not the lavish style of some but it’s heavier on the inflation rate in the economy. With geometric increase in inflation and stagnant salaries/wages, everyone is trying to pull through and survive.

Having a budget and sticking to it is not all what is needed to help manage your finance wisely. It takes more than that. Hike in price is becoming the order of the day. There’s a need for wise management of funds.

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These are 7 helpful ways to help manage and secure your finance wisely this month.

1) Know where you are financially

Your stable income is your worth. Other funds that come in for you shouldn’t be included. When calculating your worth, it is best you include whatever debts you might have.
Knowing your worth financially does a lot of good. It helps you to stay in your lane. In short, it restrains you from overspending.

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2) Set your priorities right

If your priorities aren’t set right, it will wreak havoc on your financial growth. This is where the 50, 30, 20 policy comes in. 50% is your needs, 30% needs and 20% for emergency. Set your priorities in the right way and watch your finance grow in the right way.

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3) Make a realistic budget

Note the words, realistic budget. Your budgets must be as real as your stable income. Don’t make your budget based on funds you get outside your stable income. Your budget must be well planned, must have passed through scrutiny, and very detailed.

4) Set your emergency fund

This is significant as making realistic budgets. The emergency fund is set for other things that come up outside your budget. Unforeseen circumstances arise at times we don’t expect. So to avoid getting caught unaware, create a space for emergency funds. This money shouldn’t be one of those funds you can easily access, if you can lock it away.

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5) Pay debts

As much as I would advise that you stay away from debts, it may be needed urgently. If you by any chance have debts, be sure to pay it off early, especially the ones that come with interest.

6) Track the progress of your finance

You can track the progress of your finance by making a report by yourself. The report can be in a graph or written in a way that makes it easy for you to understand. It’s your report, do it your way. Just make it well detailed and not confusing. Accounts can be confusing at times, so do it with a clear head and free mind. Don’t make it jumbled. Your report will consist of your previous finance (how you managed your funds) and your current budget, how it’s going.


This is the best way to manage finance. No matter how small, save up. If it’s only 2% you can spare, save or invest. Investigate whatever scheme you would be investing in to avoid getting scammed. It’s not too early to starting saving for your retirement.

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Money may seem hard to come, but it goes away in the fastest way. The best way to secure your future is right management of funds. It’s not too early to starting doing it right. Sapa no be anybody mate, e fit catch up with you anytime!

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