Alchemy of Souls Soul Shifting

Working fantasies into the blend of seemingly possible reality in every relatable manner is best cited for the south Korean drama; Alchemy Of Souls. The drama has kept fans and audience alike on their toes, getting hooked by the characters’ role delivery and shocking revelation in most episodes released, creating a thirst in audiences waiting and wanting to uncover the mysteries in the story.

Perhaps there are things you would need to know for more clearance to dawn on your ratings so far on the flick. You might have been satisfied with the finale or not, but it should interest you to shed a little light on your pre-existing acknowledgement.

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1. The Hong Sisters

The Hong Sisters

It’ll be rude not to recognise the ones that created great stories, including the “Alchemy of Souls“, to scratch the itch of many k-drama fans. The screenwriters are collectively known as the Hong sisters: Hong Jung-Eun and Hong Mi-ran. The Hong sisters were originally writers at a variety show, and they made their tv drama writing debut in 2005 with Sassy girl Chun-Hyang, which became a hit throughout Asia. Their other recent works are; My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox(2010), Warm and Cozy(2015), A Korean Odessy(2018), Hotel Del Luna(2019), and the now trending Alchemy Of Souls(2022).

The Hong sisters’ works are mostly wrapped around fantastical and supernatural elements. The usual alluring storylines draw viewers in, earning their works one of the most viewed dramas in South Korea and internationally. And recently, their previously anticipated new work premiered on June 18 on Tvn and Netflix, a new Korean fantasy drama “Alchemy of Souls” the first part already concluded has episodes 1-20.

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2. The Genre

Alchemy of Souls Soul Shifting

Of course, it’s all fantasies, but for specification, Alchemy of Souls is the newest Netflix Korean fantasy romance drama. Lay in the fictional country of Daeho, a fictitious country, the drama is inspired by Korea’s Joseon period, entwined with romance and worldly fantasy elements, a mystical genre created to bring viewers away from reality.

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3. The Plot


The storyline focuses on young mages whose fate becomes twisted due to the alchemy of souls, the magic spell that allows souls to swap bodies. It was run down to the infamous mage assassin and warrior, Naksu, who got her soul trapped in the body of a blind girl she unknowingly swapped her soul with after she fought with Songrim, one of the prominent families in Daeho, a group of mages wanting to curb her killings of fellow mages in Daeho. The drama, directed by Park Joon-Hwa, features actors like Lee Jae-Wook and Jung So-min in the lead role of Jang Uk, the son of the prominent mage Jang Gang and Mu Deok, respectively, where they are tied by a master to servant or teacher to pupil relationship that sparks chemistry of romance between them.  Along the line, Naksu in Mu Deok’s body got her fate twisted with the young mages, including Jang Uk, who fought together to preserve the peace in Daeho. 

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The Songrim group is alarmed as the leader, Park Jin, is preventing another war in the history of Daeho. The Great Chaos, a war that broke out 200 years ago among people shifting their souls and creating chaos in the nation with the use of a powerful element that was later believed to be destroyed then but retrieved again somehow- the ice stone. Park Jin believes using it is sorcery and that sorcery is evil.

4.Soul Shifting

Alchemy of Souls Soul Shifting

“Alchemy of Souls” drama presents the term of soul shifting from the spell, alchemy of souls harnessed by mages in Daeho. The first episode of the drama reveals Jang Gang, who knows the spell to swap souls from one body to another, using the Alchemy of Souls spells to switch the king of Daeho’s soul with his in a bid to fulfil the king’s request to give him another body to produce an heir. Earlier in the episode, Jang Gang was shown to have been performing a secret experiment of using the alchemy of souls spell to bring back the dead to life. The forbidden sorcery termed ‘hwanhonsool’, which means ‘the soul of the dead return to the living was used by Jang Gang for his experiment, which all failed.

The demonstration was shown with ‘Geon’, whose mother wanted to feed a human soul with the street urchin she lured to her home. Geon was petrified as Jang Gang halted him from feeding on innocent souls; due to the imbalance in the soul’s energy with the host body(i.e. Geon), it clashes and made the host thirst for hunting for another soul to absorb temporarily before the energy again dwindles. To break it down, after the spell of the alchemy of souls, if there is a rejection or clash between the soul and body, the host will “run wild” due to a crack or a gap that forms between the soul and body, this leads to a loss of energy and thus turning into stone the only way to prevent this is to absorb the life energy of others.

5. Blue mark meaning

Alchemy of Souls

When a soul leaves a body for another, there is a blue dot right near the heart of both the unconscious body and the new body to indicate a soul swap. The blue dent is also a gateway for the soul to leave or enter the body, and according to the Alchemy of Soul or the soul is believed to be located near the heart.

Though in the case of Nak-su and Mu Deok’s soul swap, the blue mark only appeared as expected near the heart of the Nak-su’s body but gave Mu Deok an ‘ocean eyes’; the gateway to her soul is through her eyes; thus Nak-su in Mu-deok’s blind body can see.

6. Naksu in Mu Deok’s Blind Body

Naksu in Mu Deok's Blind Body

Soul swapping should happen as it did with Jang Gang and the King(episode 1). The soul should always go to the intended body, but Naksu swapped with Mu Deok instead and not the bar maid’s body she had intended.

Naksu was seen to have wanted to choose Mu Deok as her soul’s host but tossed her away after seeing she was blind. It was too late when Nak-su saw her soul’s host be the same blind girl she rejected. After switching, Mu Deok’s body harboured Nak-su’s soul just fine.  There weren’t any specific reasons why it is so, but many theories pointed to the identity of Mu Deok as Bu-Yeon, the supposed long-lost daughter of the Jin family. Also, It was believed to be so because when Bu-Yeon was dead in her mother’s womb, she was revived by the Jang Gang ice stone’s spell, which Bu-Yeon absorbed some of its (ice stone)power.

7. The Ice Stone and Soul Ejector

The Ice Stone and Soul Ejector

Two hundred years ago in Daeho, according to the “Alchemy of Souls” storyline, a great drought made all-powerful mages gather to conduct a majestic ritual to refill the lake with its leverage. A blindfolded mage casts the spell while performing a ritual dance, and hail falls from the sky and turns into water. Yet, there was one piece of hail that did not melt—the piece of that hail conformed itself into the fire, then stone, then water, and back into its ice form. 

The process generated a black powder known as the soul ejector used to conduct the alchemy of souls. The outcome of the Ice Stone and soul ejector, as it allowed the souls of the dead to reinstall their bodies,  reproduced chaos in Daeho. Daeho was engulfed by bloodshed until Master Seo Gyeong, the King’s Star, ceased the war and sealed away the Ice stone.

8. Ying and Yang Jade

Jang Uk gave Mu-deok a special gift from the yin-yang pair of jade. Yin-yang jade is asserted to deepen love when split between a man and a woman, so the matching relic pair kept by Mu Deok and Jang Wook drill an extremely romantic definition.

Mu Deok, however, bets on the jade ornament that Jang Uk has given to her with prince Go Won to get Jang Uk to beat at least a mage in a duel. Bummer! Uk and Go Won ended up sharing a connection with the jades.

9. Danju


The opposing group against the four families of mages (Seo, Park, Jang, and Jin) is the Danju. Jin Mu was supposedly the Danju or the leader, but it appears that the queen, Shaman Choi was the real Danju.

Although Jin Mu has been helping many mages with soul ejectors to transfer their souls into younger bodies when they get old, Master Kang is one such mage who has brought his family members to shift souls with him. This group also used the forbidden spell to bring the dead back to life by transferring their soul to living bodies in the past. It was more reason why mage Park Jin wanted to eliminate them.

10. Mage


Jin Cho Yeon

Alchemy of souls cited Daeho as a mystical name that inspired the self-named country. Only mages— selected individuals that can harness the power, and they must master different power levels to become well-trained mages.

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The steps to becoming a powerful mage are four;


The first level, when extracted from Mu-deok’s training to Jang Uk, is described as the ability to gather the energy of water. Unlike other mages, Jang Uk’s energy gate has been blocked, and he must be able to do it like other mages.


In the K-drama, the “Alchemy of Souls” cited this stage where a mage emits energy from the body by controlling it from within through breathing techniques. Mu Deok explained to Jang Uk that Ryusu is the ability to gain energy from the flow of water.


This level is almost not attainable by young mages except for Seo Yul, who has mastered it successfully and consequently our genius, Jang Uk. Mu Deok defines Chisu as the ability to control the energy in the atmosphere. This stage can be achieved after a mage masters Ryusu. Chisu lets a mage manifest water droplets afterwards (Tansu)


Master lee

This stage is a critical one; it is considered dark magic, and only Master Lee has been able to master it as a mage. Hwansu is tricky to master; it is forbidden as it is used for the Alchemy of Souls; the skill to shift a soul to another human’s body.  Hwansu also can convert water to fire and vice versa. It allows a mage to wield the ice stone to create the black powder used to switch souls.

Jang Uk becomes the only mage in the history of Daeho to achieve Chisu in a short time. It seems his power gate was sealed for a good reason, as he possesses a tremendous amount of power that could get out of control.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 teasers

The K-drama Alchemy of Souls has become one of the most popular shows this year, and it has been confirmed from a source in the K-drama that the cast and crew of the fantasy ancient K-drama had already begun filming on Friday, August 26.

The second part of the series will run for ten episodes. It is slated for a December premiere.

A Korean forum also revealed that Go Yoon-Jung featured as Naksu, is fixed to replace Jung So-min, featured as Mu Deok, as the female lead. However, the K-drama’s production team declined to comment on this to avoid potential spoilers.

While many fans clamour not to replace Mu Deok’s character, for the real Naksu to remain in Mu-Deok’s body and the question of what would happen to the real Mu-deok/Bu-Yeon? A big question mark!

Well, I’m curious and excited to see what the Hong sisters will bring forth! . Have you seen the list of the most handsome men in alchemy of souls? 

Are you looking forward?! Let us have your thoughts in the comment section

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