The Hong sisters made it to our screens again with the series of the year, and that’s indisputably the fact. “Alchemy Of Souls” kept everyone wanting more till the end of its first season. Amid the hot drama were Maidservant Kim, Park Jin and Master Lee’s love triangle, the zombie comeback as the hot Songrim next of kin and the blind girl from Sari Village that regained her sight.

What more?

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Daeho was the fictional country in “Alchemy of Souls” that got its name and powers from a magical lake, Lake Gyeongcheondaeho, that supercharged the country. Individuals that can harness the power of the lake and wield power over the lake’s energy are referred to as mages. Ever wondered who the strongest mages are?

Here’s a list of the strongest mages in “Alchemy of Souls“, and you won’t be shocked by our number one.

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7. Jang Uk

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Lee Jae Wook as Jang Uk had to struggle to prove he was his father’s son and passed through 13 different masters to live the life he wanted for himself finally. This man dramatically made it to this list. From having zero energy level to gaining a decade worth of torrent of energy via Mu Deok’s craft, Jang Uk became the genius to reach so many energy levels unprovoked. With Jang Uk jumping from Jipsu to Ryusu and then his legendary use of Tansu to catching a golden fish with Chisu, he is undoubtedly a strong mage courtesy of his King’s star.

To analyse how Jang Uk got so good in a very short period, we need to comment on his perseverance, Mu Deok’s abilities to push him to his death, his family line and, yet again, the King’s star. 

Though Jang Uk lost his powers, died and came back alive per Master Lee’s prediction, we can’t wait to see what he does with the ice stone.

6. Seo Yul

Seo Yul

Hwang Min Hyun as Seo Yul was one of the four seasons from the Seo fortress. Seo Yul was warm as the early morning sun but sharp like the cracks of a pistol. Yul was the youngest mage to reach Chisu before Jang Uk stole the title. Through the series, we saw how everyone reverenced him as the strongest mage in Jeonjinggak. Mu Deok even tried to steal his breathing technique for Jang Uk to learn so he could manage his surging energy. During Go Won’s bet with Mu Deok, he won the competition to become the owner of Mu Deok by beating Jang Uk.

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If the ice stone wasn’t sucking powers like MTN sucks  data, he would have been able to beat the crap out of that soul shifter that almost killed him. I’m really worried about the bloodworm in his body.

The downside of Seo Yul being Seo Yul even though he is a strong mage? He can’t lie to save his life.

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5. Naksu


If everyone else forgets what Naksu means, I wouldn’t. The infamous assassin that brought heads down wherever she went. I can’t even lie that Mu Deok bodied that character well; Mu Deok was better off as Mu Deok. Not so many were users of Tansu, but if Tansu was able to beat the Crown Prince’s Ryusu, then Naksu is definitely a strong mage. Remember how it took her just one slice on the neck of the vicious soul shifter roaming inside the ice stone’s barrier? What about when she killed Jin Woo Tak and took those mages out in a breath? Apart from the stories we heard about Naksu, we all witnessed her powers when she handled her sword.

My Naksu is definitely Go Yoon Jung, not Jung So Min.

4. Jin Mu

Jin Mu

Jin Mu, the honey biscuit thief but the assistant Gwanju of Cheonbugwan. He is the only villain I can’t resonate with his backstory of why he became so vicious. At the beginning of the series, he was perceived as the Danju that created the soul ejector and was raising an army of assassins in secret, including Naksu, but we found out that it was Shaman Choi all along. That man never had one single happy moment in the “Alchemy of Souls“.

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He was the master manipulator because how else could he have made the great Jin Ho Gyeong of Jinyowon fall for his tricks?

Jin Mu is sitting pretty as the 4th strongest mage, a student of Jang Gang, master of the great Naksu and the man with bad blood.

While we are on Alchemy of Souls, Have you seen

3. Park Jin

Park Jin

Park Jin was the slow-witted lover of Maidservant Kim but the head of the Songrim group. We learnt that he reached Chisu after ten years of rigorous practice. The ever dazzling long-haired mage, Park Jin, was the only one able to capture Naksu twice at that nearly. We could see that the mages at Jeonjinggak were from different families, and Songrim was never a home for the weak; you can ask Mu Deok about how she almost lost her life just to become a servant at Songrim. Park Jin was tactful and his decision-making skills were able to keep his family together and safe inside the boundary of Songrim and all the way to the Unanimous Assembly, where Songrim holds the highest prestige.

If he wasn’t a strong mage, this feat couldn’t have been possible – strong but weak at love for the beautiful Maidservant Kim Do Joo.

2. Jang Gang

Jang Gang

Jang Gang is the prodigal father who at least tried to bond with his son-not-son before his demise. He was also the runaway Gwanju of Cheonbugwan that came back many years later to calm the chaos he created with his death. But then, without him, we wouldn’t have had a good series, innit?

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Jang Gang learnt the Choi family alchemy of souls through their heirloom, and he used the power of the ice stone to practise on people like Geon, who ended up petrified in the first episode of the series before he mastered it well enough to give us the King’s star, Jang Uk. Not only did Jang Gang perform the alchemy of souls, but he also used the power of the ice stone to keep Jin Bu Yeon alive. Jang Gang was definitely at Chisu, and this spot as the second strongest mage is rightfully his.

1. Master Lee

Master Lee

Im Chul Soo played the role of Lee Cheol in the “Alchemy of Souls“, but that’s Master Lee to us that love his aesthetics. We wondered how Master Lee was older than Heo Yeom, but he still looked younger, and so did the King. He revealed that he had mastered Hwansu, the highest energy level, before his impatient student burnt his body when he was practising the alchemy of souls. Even without the power of the ice stone or the soul ejector, Master Lee could preserve his soul in the body of a small beggar. No one else was able to achieve that throughout the series, so he is undoubtedly the strongest mage in “Alchemy of Souls“.

With his extraordinary powers and knowledge, he became the master predictor of “Alchemy of Souls“. The master predictor that couldn’t even predict his own breakfast. It was really hard to root for him, considering the strong yet slow love budding between Park Jin and Maidservant Kim. 

The people on the list of the strongest mages in “Alchemy of Souls” stand unshaken throughout the first season as all characters fought their way to the last episode. My list doesn’t match yours? Let me know your order in the comment section.

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3 replies on “Top 7 Strongest Mages In “Alchemy Of Souls””

  • September 5, 2022 at 5:40 am

    You tried. But Ul supposed be 7th and Uk 6th

  • Lil
    September 5, 2022 at 6:36 pm

    It’s a toss up between Naksu, PJ, and JM as they all have reach the same level of power. According to the drama, rumor has it that Nasku could beat her master. The 2 times she lost to PJ was due to her already being worn-out by other mages. She is so confident she want a fair do-over w/ PJ. Also she is the most skilled fighter due to being in constant battle w/ other mages assassinating them.

  • Abhay Choudhary
    September 9, 2022 at 2:44 am

    I think Naksu is stronger than Jin mu