Daeho in the “Alchemy of souls” is ruled and monitored by selected notable families that enclose four mage families who are the most active in each of their territories. The fictional nation, Daeho, after the bloodshed war in their history book, does need surveillance like the ones these families lend or should as malicious characters are after the one thing that can rewrite history— The Ice Stone! 

Pause it there; I’m not telling the stories here—Haha!

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I’m sure you’ve watched the drama unfold, or you’re just catching up. Why don’t you meet the families instead for a more proper introduction or evaluation? Ahem! Here goes the countdown 

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6.  The Heo

HEO Mage family
 Heo Yeom & Heo Yun Ok

Sejukwon Infirmary under the Songrim province is presided by the Heo family, and the infirmary is responsible for treating ailments and wounds of Mages in Songrim. The drama featured Heo Yeom, who is one of the important mages in Songrim and as far as the Royal Palace. His granddaughter, Heo Yun Ok, was absorbed into the royal infirmary and was notably praised for her skills as a healer.

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Heo Yeom was the character that presided and was in charge of the Sejukwon Infirmary. 

Heo Yeom uses his magic to pick herbs and provides medicinal solutions to mostly Songrim colonials. Aside from being in charge of the family business, he also takes part in important decisions in Songrim. 

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 5.   The Seo

SEO Mage family
Seo Yul & Go Won

The western end of Daeho is where the noble Seo family is situated, and the drama features Seo Yul as a member of the Seo family. According to the drama, Seo Yul came to Songrim when he was very young to practice as a mage, with Park Jin as his master. 

Seo Yul is a smart, powerful, and very noble mage who has represented his family name quite well and was related to the royal family as the crown prince, Go Won’s cousin. Although it’s not clear Seo Yul’s family background, the drama chose Heo Yeom to represent the leader of the Seo family— Seo Yul could be a descendant of the founder of Songrim, Master Seo Gyeong

 4.   The Jin

The Jin Mages family | Alchemy of souls
lady Jin cho yeon  , lady Jin Ho Gyeong & Bu Yeon

Jinyowon is the name of the province where skilled women of the Jin family are equipped with powers from the Ice Stone and dangerous relics forged from it. The leader and mage, lady Jin Ho Gyeong described one of the products of the dark power from the Ice Stone as the ‘mirror of longing’ that create illusions from the victim’s reflection. This was the mirror Mu Deok was trapped in and the spirit in it succeeded in testing Uk, Go Won and Yul.

The relics room in Jinyowon can only be opened by the bloodline of the Jin household, this was how So I was tested before she got accepted into the family. In Jinoyowon lies the power that can overrule the order of the royal family lies in the plaque that the Jin family possesses— by casting unanimous votes, the royal king can be overthrown! 

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3.   The Park

The park family | Alchemy of souls
Park jin & Park Dang Gu

Situated in Songrim is the Park family that governs the province and is led by Park Jin, the firm but discreetly caring leader. Park family habor most of the powerful young mages in Daeho, and that includes Park Dang-gu, the nephew of Park Jin. 

Parks are like detectives as portrayed in the Alchemy of Souls drama, sniffing out unusual occurrences in Daeho and especially soul shifters. Eliminating human energy suckers is their job to prevent the 200 years-chaos-ago from re-occurring— Jin Muknew better to hide away his little soul-shifting crimes

2.   The Jang 

The jang mage family | Alchemy of souls
Jang Gang & Jang UK

In the drama of Alchemy of souls, Jang Gang was the runaway Gwaju leader of Cheonbugwan, where the Jang family resides. Jang Gang had secretly practised the forbidden sorcery since he had attained the last and most unattainable Hwansu level as a mage. 

Jang Gang’s mistake resulted in the birth of Jang Uk, the reckless but genius and fast-becoming mage in Daeho, even though he had relentlessly gone through short training with 12 masters before he met his Mu-deok, who trained him as Nak-su. Although Jin Mu strived to get the king’s order to make him the next Gwaju of Cheonbugwan, Jang Uk’s growth as a newborn mage is making it unreachable— Jang Gang’s son or not, Jang Uk had upheld the kindle to keep the Jang family afloat. 


1. The Royals 

The Royal Family | Alchemy of Souls

The Royal family had an heirless king, King Ko Sung, who had Jang Gang helped him to produce the King’s Star before dying, leaving the throne for his brother, King Go Soon to ascend. The succeeding Royal family birthed the Crown Prince, Go Won

But the Queen, Seo Ha-sun, who happens to be Shaman Choi or, say the infamous Danju did well to hide her true self to reopen the gateway to Daeho’s destruction after 200 years of unaltered peace. While the royal family harbors its secret, the Ryusu-skilled crown prince, Go Won, has a logical mind of his— No matter Jin Mu’s way of manipulation 

Daeho almost got plunged into the chaos of the past but a couple of these powerful family members struggled to shift more than souls to restore the peace that almost got disturbed. 

In the end, it didn’t matter the mage family that lost a member during the fight— Daeho was once again peaceful.

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