Dear OAU Post-UTME Student, 

I know you are getting ready for the PostUTME that is around the corner. Especially if you’re not familiar with how to play the game of scaling through the upcoming OAU Post UTME exams successfully, then you’ll need a few simple tips to help you. 

There are a few tricks to avoid stories that touch the heart after the Post UTME is concluded, so Pay close attention:

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Firstly, remember that you are not going to the OAU exam center to sit for your Post UTME exams and stand up to go home. While your OAU post UTME exams are near, you don’t want to make mistakes and ruin your chance of being among the following prospective students of OAU

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Of course, you will study for it as the suitable OAU aspirants that you are but make sure you are learning the right way. Make certain; to get close enough to those who have already experienced the mode of the exams in OAU, and practice many past questions that were birthed in the previous years of OAU Post UTME exams. 

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To get the right familiar past questions, try and visit the IOI UTME PRO QUESTIONS to get your brain ready for the kinds of questions you are likely to tackle on your exam date. You don’t want to flunk your UTME exam, so get it rolling on constant practice! 

While practicing the past questions, ensure you have a goal you are targeting at the back of your head. The pass eligibility score for OAU Post UTME is 20, and that’s just the average, but the overall score is 40. Please take my advice, and make sure you target a score higher than the minimum to increase your zeal to study harder and come out with flying colors! 

Get mentally calculating the scores of the whole UTME and O’level marks in total so you can aim for higher scores to increase your chance of getting admitted to OAU. In other words, you have to know the measures for OAU admission.

For a proper guide, check: A couple of things you need to know about OAU post UTME exam

Don’t ever think to relent; if you’re tired, take a break. If you have it in mind that you might do well as you did your UTME, OAU Post UTME might give you some sweats on your forehead. So always aim for a higher score no matter how brilliant you think you can be

There is also the anxiety that sweeps in as the exams get near. It’s a natural experience in the examination world for most students. Do not get overwhelmed by your doubts and fears, and always seek information from the right source to leave no room for unnecessary updates. 

Whatever you do, don’t get pressured to burn the midnight candle the night before your exam. You will need to wake up early and get to the OAU exam center at the right time so you won’t have to run and lose your breath alongside the information you have studied. 

To avoid getting ruffled on your exam day, get all the required printouts ready, and bring everything you will need, including your little pencil. 

And yet, getting dressed in your most comfortable outfit and appropriate for the circumstance. The last thing you will need is your outfit to disturb the composure of your body before or during the exam 

The last thing, get yourself familiar with computers! If you must know, the OAU exam is a Computer Based Test, a CBT kind of exam, so don’t tremble when you have to work on your keyboard! 

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I hope you find this helpful for your upcoming OAU post-UTME exam. Remember, but don’t get overwhelmed, as there is a lot of information out there ready to enter your mindset. Best of luck! 

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