Twitter is one of the world’s most-used social media networks, with 396.5 million followers globally, with 5.1 million of this population in Nigeria. Elon Musk became the Chief Executive officer of Twitter after acquiring the most significant shares in the company, a process which he started on April 14, 2022, and ended on October 27, 2022.

Since Elon’s Twitter takeover, many celebrities and users have protested the new Twitter policies, while some have boycotted the social platform. But the platform remains loved by millions globally, and more users continue joining daily.

A tweet can be retweeted, liked, and commented on by followers and non-followers. So many tweets have gotten millions of tweets, most of which were tweeted by celebrities due to their large fanbase. We have compiled the most liked tweets on Twitter; which are you expecting to take the top spot? Check the list out below.

10.  “아미 보고 싶다 ㅜ”

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The above tweet is in Korean and translates as “I want to see Ami.” The tweet was tweeted by a popular member of the BTS Korean boy band, Jeon Jung-kook, popularly called “Jungkook.” The tweet amassed 3.1+ million likes.

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9.  😙

Jungkook, the youngest member and vocalist of the popular South Korean boy band BTS, made this particular tweet. Jungkook Tweeted under the Twitter handle (@BTSJungkook_ie1) on the 24th of January, 2021. The tweet amassed 3.2+ million likes.

8.  “Hello Literally Everyone”

The tweet was tweeted on the 4th of October, 2021, by Twitter’s official Twitter account (@Twitter). Shockingly, even Twitter falls to the 8th position on the list, failing to beat out tweets from other celebrities. The tweet amassed 3.2+ million likes.

7.  “I Hope That Even My Worst Critics Remain On Twitter, Because That Is What Free Speech Means”

This tweet was tweeted by the current Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk (@elonmusk). The CEO and lover of the platform tweeted this tweet on the 25th of April, 2022. The tweet amassed 3.3+ million likes.

6.  “Congratulations To The Astronauts That Left Earth Today. Good Choice”

The above tweet was tweeted by Andrew Michael Milonakis (@andymilonakis), an American actor, comedian, rapper, and streamer. He tweeted on the 30th of May, 2020, to show love and support for the Astronauts who traveled from earth to space on that day. The tweet amassed 3.5+ million likes.

5.  “Kobe Was A Legend On The court And Just Getting Started In What Would Have Been Just As Meaningful A Second Act. To Lose Gianna Is Even More Heartbreaking To Us As Parents. Michelle And I Send Love And Prayers To Vanessa And The Bryant Family On An Unthinkable Day.”

The above tweet was tweeted by the former American president, Barrack Obama (@BarackObama). The Tweet was an emotional note penned down to support Late Kobe Bryant’s family when the famous Basketballer, Kobe Bryant, passed on. Barrack Obama tweeted on the 26th of January 2020 and amassed 3.7+ million likes.

4.  “It’s A New Day In America”.

The tweet above was tweeted by the current American president, Joe Biden (@JoeBiden). Joe Biden tweeted this when he assumed office on the 20th of January, 2021. The tweet amassed 4.0+ million likes.

3.  “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or religion…”

This is the second tweet by the former American president, Barrack Obama (@BarackObama), on the list of tweets with the most likes in Twitter history. The tweet was tweeted five years ago on exactly August 12, 2017. The tweet addressed racists in particular. The tweet amassed 4.1+ million likes.

2.  “Next I’m Buying Coca-Cola To Put The Cocaine Back In”

This is another tweet from Twitter CEO Elon Musk (@elonmusk). The tweet appears hilarious, like a couple of other Elon Musk tweets where he claims to want to buy Coca-Cola just to put cocaine back inside. As the world’s richest man, there’s no saying he can’t do it. Elon Musk tweeted this tweet on the 27th of April, 2022 and the tweet amassed 4.8+ million likes.

1.  “It Is With Immeasurable Grief That We Confirm The Passing Of Chadwick Boseman. Chadwick Was Diagnosed With Stage III Colon Cancer In 2016, And Battled With It These Last 4 years As It Progressed To stage IV…”

The above tweet was tweeted by the family of the Late Chadwick Boseman on his official Twitter account @chadwickboseman. Chadwick was a famous actor and lead actor in the Black Panther movie. Black Panther movie was done in honor of his loving memory and a final farewell to him. The tweet was done the day he passed away, on the 28th of August. 2020. The tweet amassed 7.1+ million likes.

Now you’ve seen the list of the most liked tweets; surprisingly, no sports player’s tweet made it to the list. Did you expect the surprises? Let us know in the comment box.

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