OAU students and bragging are 5 & 6, I mean, more than 60% of Nigerian graduates can never deny the fact that they have once chosen OAU as their desired university at one point in their lives. Being a bonafide student of Great ife isn’t easy at all but then some OAU students have taken this too extra, 60 out of every 100 hundred OAU student exhibit some certain trait to prove that they are in odetola’s class.  You can not deny that as an OAU student and you’ve not done one of these and felt fly at least once,

1.  Car Owners

You see this set of people, their shoulders are very high. They are always working around with their car keys in their hands, Some would just park in front of you (and babe) and just stroll just for fun. You don’t know this? Do this; stay a bit late on campus, then just find your way down to either maintenance, Moremi, or Anglomoz. The revving alone is enough to intimidate. And it’s not like they’re so good. One almost jam me and babe one night like that,  It’s either they’re over speeding or under speeding; it’s never normal.

2.  iPhone Users

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I blame Steve Jobs for this because right now an average Nigerian mentality is “iPhone = statue of wealth”. How will you have bags and pockets but still decide to hold your phone in your hand? Especially those with 3 cameras Oh, These set of people always look down on android users especially when they have to send pictures to android users, They are always like “Turn on your airdrop, ohh I have forgotten you are using an android; how do you guys cope with Xender “ Tunde when did you start using iPhone that this pride has taken over you

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On the other hand, it is the android user that can’t see an iPhone user pass without asking for a picture I blame. The way they hold it is enough for you to think they are brand ambassadors. Not to mention the constant snapping of pictures. Unpopular opinion – Every iPhone user has felt the have a future with photography.

3.  People That Stay Off Campus

Well, it’s not all of them sha. The ones that you should fear are those that staying in the island area of ile-ife like maintenance, Damico, Oduduwa, Parakin, and partially Moremi (Ajah claiming to be part of lekki ); Tunde did I hear say Asherifa? Well, watch out for IOI article on that. These people always feel like they’re on top of the world. The accent alone when saying where they stay, you would think they are from royalty.

4.  People Who Eats In Eatery’s Like Orente, Country Kitchen, Indigo, Harvard, 911, Captain Cook, And The Likes

We know almost everyone is on a sapa budget in OAU based on the sapa index released by Inside OAU Innovations, buying food on a daily from this big eatery means you are off that index.

With the way things are in OAU, it’s okay to once in a while just flex a bit to reduce stress and all. But to those that turn them into their daily kitchen, well done. The way the nylon will be swinging in their arms, glistening in the sun just ensure to carry your sunglasses.

5.  People From Specific Departments

So because you’re a law student with your white and black, I should clear road. Let’s not even mention those girls from English, Medicine students, or the boys from Tech. We’re all OAU students, my dear. We’re all in this sport and struggle together. Your department is not your social standing.

6.  Air Pods Geng

Oshey ikorodu James Bond, you would think these guys are working with FBI & Interpol because they never take this thing off. “Ade, Try the comot that Airpod once in a while”. A very funny thing happened,  guy had his AirPods on but was still bringing his phone speaker close to his ear. It was then I knew that AirPods were more of a dressing than a gadget in OAU. Different sizes and shapes, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you wear it like an earring

7.  Plastic Or Fashion Bottles Geng

This one is very funny. Even with all the wastebaskets around campus, you would still see some holding empty OAU bottled water just to let us know they drank from it. I mean we know water bottles are now #100/#150 but try the calm down. You also see those that would get a very brightly colored bottle and put it at the side of their bags or always on their hands; We don see you  Abule Egba Kyler Jenner.

8.  Being A Class Rep Or An Official

These set of people always feels like Demi-lecturers & VCs, while this isn’t peculiar to all of them I mean some are nice, amazing and friendly but then for others reverse is the case. To submit an assignment for some ehn is a problem; I know it isn’t easy to be a mini-celebrity but try they take am easy, we were all course mate before we became anything (lol)

9.  Dressing Geng


Don’t get it wrong, of course dressing nice is amazing, there’s nothing quite wrong with looking good. But No, it is OAU students that will turn it into a competition. Big girls with their butterfly locks or glistening lips. The guys with their sweatshirts and shorts. Let’s not even include the smooth way they try to sound. How will you plan to drip to the extent that I’ll be carried away and won’t be able to focus?

10.  Bike Takers

Even with being an OAU student (shege, suffering, and sapa ), it’s quite shocking how some people still manage to avoid the struggle. While a lot of people would rather walk in groups to their class, we still see some that trekking to them is a disease. While some are running, you’ll see them on bikes with their straightened backs and glowing aura. It is the way they always look at people trekking for me. The Funniest thing is most of them still won’t sit at the front of the class.

You can agree with me on these, let me know your thoughts in the comment section; which other set of mini-billionaires do you know in OAU?

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