[Alchemy of souls – Light and shadow] – Who are you marrying ? Meet the Top 10 potential husband material ln Daeho

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When Joo Wol spoke about the men in Daeho every woman wants to marry, we knew it was only right to meet others in Daeho and have your pick. Everything you hear from Joo Wol is right because as the head of Chwiseonru if she doesn’t carry out a perfect Lady Whistledown, who else can?

Alchemy of Souls – Light and shadow has the finest of men who live in a world that can’t be found on maps or history books, Daeho. Even if they can’t be found, held, or possessed, we will have fun matchmaking ourselves as we waltz through part 2 of this legendary piece the Hong Sisters wrote us.

If you were a regular woman in Daeho, blessed a little by the Gyeongcheondaeho Lake and with influence, which of the Alchemy Of Souls men would you marry?

11. Jin Mu

Jin Mu

Every man deserves a woman (or so they say) and Jin Mu definitely is husband material. Like Jang Gang had Do Hwa, our not-so-little honey biscuit thief, Jin Mu, needs a villainess for his Gwangju position in Cheonbugwan. If you see yourself loving an intelligent perpetrator of crimes, mastermind of evil and the most annoying character we can’t wait to see the end of, yes, Jin Mu is your guy

Strong Points
  • Jin Mu has control over the royal family and can influence almost all the characters directly or indirectly.
Weak Points
  • Everyone can’t wait to see him die.
  • Jin Mu has childhood traumas that might have turned him into the villain he is.
  • Jin Mu is a manipulator.


10. Heo Yeom

Heo Yeom is cute. I love his little run when he sees Master Lee, and the way Heo Yeom gets all giggly and excited pass him for a sugar daddy filled with vibes. That’s not even all,

Heo Yeom has a big influence in the Unanimous Assembly and he is the best physician in the whole of Daeho as the head of Sejukwon. I can imagine coming home after a long day of gossiping with Maidservant Kim to a warm grin and sweet massages or acupuncture. If you see yourself doing that too, Heo Yeom is your guy.

If you remember in part 1 of “Alchemy Of Souls”, Heo Yeom gave ten years’ worth of energy torrent to Jang Uk. The bright side is that he is a very kind man too, as for the dark side, he has a shorter lifespan now.

Strong Points
  • Heo Yeom is a great physician with strong influence.
Weak Points
  • He probably won’t notice you as he cares about his granddaughter a lot.

9. Seo Yun Oh

Seo Yun Oh is a member of the great Seo family that snuck onto our screen in part 2 of “Alchemy of Souls”. Does he hold a torch to Seo Yul? Bu Yeon doesn’t seem to agree with that.

We know Seo Yun Oh is Yul’s cousin, he is in a cordial alliance with the queen and will soon become Jin Mu’s puppet. We don’t know if he is a mage, but he sure knows how to run his mouth. If you’re looking for a gist partner that’s very easy to control, have your pick.

Strong Points

Yun Oh is a Seo family member.

Weak Points
  •  Yun Oh is now a puppet.
  • Bu Yeon says no.
  • Yul doesn’t like him.
  • Yun Oh talks when he shouldn’t.

8. Go Soon

His Royal Highness, Go Soon, has to be here somehow. It’s hard to say he is easily manipulated seeing how crafty Jin Mu can be. Go Soon fathered a tall and handsome crown prince so he is definitely a catch. If you’re interested in having pretty children as a concubine with the king of Daeho, Go Soon is your pick.

Strong Points
  • Go Soon is the wealthiest man with the biggest influence in “Alchemy of Souls”
Weak Points
  • Go Soon doesn’t have much of a presence.

7. Sang Ho

I can barely call Sang Ho a wallflower. He has a presence one time and the other he doesn’t. Sang Ho doesn’t attract drama and that’s the sweet perk of being with him. You could be having sneaky affairs with him and even the fire bird wouldn’t know about it – I call it the side character charm.

With his little moustache thingy going on, his gait, and his very handsome face, he is giving what you will need if you desire a quiet life. More importantly, Sang Ho will protect you as he is a powerful mage too considering the fact that he watched over the Jeonggingak mages.

Strong Points
  • Sang Ho is very peaceful
Weak Points
  • Sang Ho has no backstory.

6. Master Lee

Master Lee

And when Master Lee comes into the spotlight, it’s to predict the future, fawn over Maidservant Kim, and catch fishes. Master Lee is the saving-the-day kind of guy that can’t save himself. All through part 2 of “Alchemy of Souls”, he has been actively involved in Bu Yeon’s matter and barely seen with his true love.

I think it’s safe to assume Master Lee has gotten over Maidservant Kim and you can steal the heart of the most powerful mage in Daeho.

Strong Points
  • Master Lee is powerful.
Weak Points
  • Master Lee is a mirror that can’t see himself.

5. Park Jin

The park family | Alchemy of souls

Park Jin’s new short hair is getting to me. He used to be in love with his long hair particularly because it made him look good and younger. As a husband, he will be the cutest and most innocent man.

On good days, Park Jin will cook you the worst-tasting foods that will leave you hurting but on the bad days like when he is jealous, he will make the best meals. Do you find this cute? If you do, then you will have to get rid of Maidservant Kim somehow so you can have your way.

Strong Points
  • Park Jin is a responsible man that knows when and how to move.
Weak Points
  • Park Jin is good with everything but human relationships.

4. Go Won

Crown Prince Go Won is the type of man to grow on you. You might not really like him at first since he comes off as cold but as you open this onion, you notice fragile layers.

Go Won is bound to sit on the throne someday and he doesn’t have a woman yet. A main character with no entanglement is sweet but he has a past he isn’t so proud of. But even though Joo Wol said not everyone can marry him, I’m giving you the chance to have kids with the crown prince in your head.

Strong Points
  • The crown prince is a powerful and rich mage.
Weak Points
  • Go Wok is burdened with his past and has a lot of royal duties he must perfect.

3. Park Dang Gu

Tall, energetic and handsome Park Dang Gu of the wealthiest family in Daeho. Are you loving the new black hair? I love it better on this side with the cute earring when he is looking charismatic as the leader of Songrim.

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Dang Gu is that lover boy that will give you everything including rare diamonds. He will shower you with love, cry for your attention and show you off to the world with jazz hands.

Strong Points
  • Park Dang Gu is a wealthy and influential mage.
Weak Points
  • There are no dark sides here, only a beautiful rainbow and Cho Yeon.

2. Seo Yul

The radiant man I could never get mad after just stealing a look at his face is Seo Yul. Although the glow has diminished probably because of the blood parasite in his body, he is still our hot young master from the faraway Seo Fortress.

Unarguably, he is capable of a sweet and soft love with no drama. Yul is not just so gentle and cool-headed, he is a man that takes action when he ought to.

Strong Points
  • Seo Yul is rich, calm, and powerful.
Weak Points
  • Yul is too kind to be true.
  • He gets confused when startled.

1. Jang Uk

Uk is pronounced as in the ‘ook‘ in look. If you’re wondering why I’m teaching that, it’s because I’m tired of hearing UK as in the United Kingdom. If you can already pronounce the name right, that’s a bonus point because it seems Jang Uk has a thing for women (Naksu) that pronounces his name right.

The strongest man in the world is our top pick and the deadliest choice. I have to agree with Joo Wol on this one – ” you should never date a man with a past as painful as a stab to the heart”.

All of this apart, Uk will steal your heart and make you feel on top of the world. Once in love, his woman is his foremost priority and every other thing comes last.

Strong Points
  • Jang Uk is hot.
Weak Points
  • Pride.
  • Wraiths.
  • Very painful past.

Now that you’ve gotten here, you will have to pick one of these “Alchemy of Souls” men and drop a comment on your choice in the comment section.

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