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After the appointment of the New VC Professor Simeon Bamire, there has been an uproar among Ife indigenes, claiming an Ife indigene has never emerged as the VC of the university.

They have destroyed lots of things at the campus gate, students have been brutalized, work hasn’t been going as usual as it should be recalled that OAU has a division of two academic staffs, the CONUA and ASUU, while ASUU lecturers are on strike, CONUA lecturers are still going on with lectures.

A source has it that Ife indigenes are out in front of campus gate this morning again and buses are no where to be seen. We implore everyone of us to stay at our various places of residence till everything dies down.

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Obafemi Awolowo University sets a new date for the matriculation ceremony of her fresh students.

It’s no longer news that the matriculation ceremony which was set to hold today was postponed till further notice.

The news which was disclosed on Monday threw the OAU community into confusion as the information came in late. Some even thought it was a prank or one of the students expensive jokes. But the management has now released a new date for the matriculation ceremony.

Check out the release through the OAU PRO below.

The Management of Obafemi Awolowo
University, Ile-lfe, Osun State, has
concluded all arrangements to hold the
2021 2022 Matriculation Ceremony on
Monday, 14th day of March, 2022.

A release by the Public Relations Officer
of the University, Abiodun Olarewaju,
stated that the ceremony will be
conducted between 2pm and 6pm that

All matriculating students are hereby
advised to get in touch with the
Secretaries of their respective Faculties
for the collection of academic gowns
and the details of other formalities.

We congratulate all new students and
wish outstanding success in their
academic pursuit.

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In anticipation of the amazing ceremony, we wish all OAU fresh students a happy Matriculation.

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As earlier released by the Great Ife Students’ Union CEC members-elect, there was a search for the bus driver who reportedly assaulted a student. The incident which happened on March 3rd, 2022, was reported at the Students’ Union building(SUB). Since then, the Great Ife Students’ Union members-elect made relentless efforts to apprehend the bus driver. Now, the bus driver who assaulted the student has been found and punished.

Read the full details about the update below as reported by the Union through the PRO.


Sequel to the release made that the Town-Igboro driver who assaulted a member of our Union would be dealt with, the Students’ Union hereby uses this medium to inform students, the University community and the general public that the said driver has been punished for his criminal actions. This happened today Saturday, 5 March 2022, after the drivers’ association, as mandated by the Students’ Union, captured the driver and surrendered him to the Security Department of the University where he took penalties for his crimes.

The driver with his bus, with plate number DTN 869 XA (OSUN), has been banned from working on campus for the next two weeks – Sunday, 6 March 2022 to Saturday, 19 March 2022. The driver has paid a sum of ten thousand naira for the medical bills of the assaulted student. The driver has also written a letter of apology to the student; this includes an avowal that he will never perpetuate such socially unacceptable behavior again.

The Students’ Union thanks the Security Department of the University and the leadership of the drivers’ association for their cooperation with the Students’ Union in ensuring that the assailant driver was brought to book. By working with the Union to ensure that the assailant did not go unpunished, the Security Department and the drivers’ association has absolved the Union of worries over the safety of Union members at the hands of transporters. The Union sees the penalties as deterrents for all other transporters, motorcyclists and drivers alike, who may endanger members of the Union.

In conclusion, Union members are encouraged to always draw the attention of the Union to any issue which may undermine their welfare and safety. For the umpteenth time, members of the Union are assured that their welfare and safety are paramount interests of the Union and the Union shall always do its best at ensuring them.

Viva Aluta!

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The Great Ife Students’ Union CEC members elect have once again showed that they have the interest of Great Ife students at heart. Yesterday, a member of the union was harassed by a town-igboro driver. Right after the student reported the incident at the Students’ Union building(SUB), they were quick to react.

Read full details about the incident below as reported by the Union through the PRO.


This afternoon, the Students’ Union received the disturbing report of a Town-Igboro driver assaulting a student. The Students’ Union condemns totally this uncivil and destructive behavior of the said driver. The Union considers this as a red flag for the peace of our University community and especially the safety of Union members that must not be taken with levity.

From the accounts of the victim, the Union has gathered that there were altercations over transportation issues between the driver and the students he was conveying in his bus from Bank Area to AP. The driver, because of the altercations, decided to drop all the students at Mayfair. Because of this driver’s behavior, the student assaulted said he photographed the plate number of the bus for the purpose of reporting what the driver did. The student was afterwards threatened so that he could delete the photograph. Seeing that he refused to delete it, the driver assaulted the student with three punches in the face.

The assaulted student came to SUB, still hurting from the pains inflicted on him by the driver. Based on the report and the evidence of assault already photographed, the Union immediately conducted a search at the bus stops to fish out the driver but he had absconded. The Union has since then mandated the drivers’ association to provide the said driver.

For the Students’ Union, failure of the drivers’ association to provide the assailant driver is tantamount to provoking the Students’ Union to take a tougher approach at ensuring that the driver is adequately punished for the assault he perpetuated. The Union insists on and is working towards swiftly ensuring that the assailant is punished.

Viva Aluta!

While the search for the assailant continues, we hope that he’s apprehended. Moreso, Great Ife Students should report pressing issues to the Union leaders for follow up.

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Slum and Rural Health Initiative, Osun state chapter, a youth-led organisation that improves access to health information and services through advocacy, research, outreach and technology celebrated Valentine with the children of Sabo, Ile-Ife yesterday as they fed over 100 children in the community.

The SRHIN OSUN STATE Coordinator, Mr Taiwo Sokunbi, said the project which was themed FEED THE SLUM was aimed at showing love to the children in the Sabo community and redefining the “love in the air-romance at night” belief about Valentine’s day.

He said: ” Valentine’s Day is beyond romance or couple’s love. It is a day to show love to the human family irrespective of race, gender, tribe, religion or family background. On Valentine’s day, at Sabo, Ile-Ife they decided to show the redefined love in action. They targetted 100 children and reached out to over 100 children, a few adults and disabled persons on the streets of Sabo benefitted from The Feed The Slum Project. “


The Feed the Slum Project volunteering team consisted of 12 vibrant youths with a common goal to serve humanity. The team arrived at Sabo, Ile-Ife at exactly 5:02 pm after long hours of cooking and packaging the foods and putting other cogent things in place. They met with some market elders who helped in the organization of the outreach and coordination of the children in the Sabo community.

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 The children collected the food happily and some even ate the food immediately out of excitement. The adults in the community chanted: “Nagode. Nagode” and the smiles on their faces showed that the FEED THE SLUM project was worthwhile.

The coordinator, Mr Taiwo Sokunbi said: ” The expression of joy by the members of the team can be traced to the backstage processes of the project. The late nights, market survey, community mapping, call for donations, proposal submissions, logistics, cooking and other personal sacrifices. The success of the project was indeed a fulfilling one for us all.”

Our sincere appreciation goes to Almighty God for His infinite mercies and the success of the “FEED THE SLUM” project. We sincerely appreciate our generous donors both in cash and kind, our administrative organisation (SRHIN NIGERIA), Members of SRHIN, Osun state chapter, Sabo leadership council,  partnering organizations, volunteers, logistics personnel and everyone who made FEED THE SLUM PROJECT a great one.

May God bless you all abundantly. Thank you.

For sponsorship and partnership, you can reach out to us at @srhinafrica.

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The whole Great Ife was thrown into mourning after the Unfortunate death of Miss Heritage Ajibola, after falling into a septic tank at Bvers hostel.

The sad incident happened on Wednesday evening, 9th of February. It was reported that Miss Heritage left her room to spread her clothes before she fell into a septic tank close to her hostel. Although, she was rescued after close to an hour but she didn’t survive the fall.

Since then, the management of Bvers hostel have been heavily criticized for poor management of their hostels even after collecting heavy sums of money for rent.

That same evening, the Vice Chancellor visited the hostel to comfort her friends and other occupants of the hostel. Moreso, he promised that the University’s management would investigate further.

But the Great Ife Students’ Union aren’t also folding their arms as they have taken drastic measures to ensure that justice is served for the death of Miss Heritage.

These are the full details of the Great Ife Students’ Union statement release:

Ken Saro-Wiwa Building, OAU
[email protected]

Friday, 11 February 2022


ON Wednesday, 9 February 2022, Heritage Ajibola, a Part 2 student of Department of Linguistics and African Languages, passed away after falling into a septic tank at her hostel, Bvers Suites. A painful death it is; the Union continues to mourn her while also demanding that justice is done, given that the circumstances of her death were unnatural and preventable.

Before the steps taken by the Union so far are recounted, it is important to state that, above all things, one disturbing reality about Heritage Ajibola’s death is that the welfare of students of this University has been seriously undermined. One is compelled to ask what amount of money would be enough to secure a safe apartment where a student can sleep eyes closed in Ife. There are increased cases of theft, extortion, amongst others. It becomes intolerably more mind-boggling that maintaining a livable environment is a worry despite the unregulated, expensive and uneven amounts students are charged for rents in all but especially private hostels.

The Union has taken important steps, apart from the swift response from the Union when called upon and the Union’s active involvement during the process of retrieving Heritage from the septic tank and taking her to the Accident and Emergency Unit of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital where she was confirmed dead. These are:


1. Conducting immediate check across reported hostels in Maintenance Hostels.

Immediately the news of the unfortunate incident happened, the Union received numerous reports from occupants of different hostels in Maintenance. Some of the reports were given on the spot and visitations were done instantly. One of such visits was one made to Stella hostel, where a septic tank like the one Miss Ajibola fell into was reported to be.


2. Conducting a check across all hostels in Maintenance Hostels.

In an effort to better identify various lapses across hostels in Maintenance Hostels, the Union conducted a check across all hostels, documenting in videos and photographs evidences of septic tanks, hostels, rooms, in bad condition.

3. Demanding for immediate repairs of some places, especially septic tanks.

While the Union conducted checks, ultimatum were instantly issued to Managers, hostel workers to immediately fix places that were identified as death traps.

4. Checking the excess of one Mr Lanre who harassed a student for making complaint about a septic tank in bad condition.

Amidst several reports about welfarism of students, the Union got a report that a man identified as “Mr Lanre” asked an occupant of Stella Hostel to evacuate the hostel because she identified a septic tank in bad condition and complained about it.

The Union went there to intervene, confronting the man, maintaining that instead of the student, it is the hostel Management that would rather leave should they continue to be irresponsible to students who are the tenants they have failed to serve correctly by keeping the hostel facilities in good shape.

5. The Union engaged the Manager of Bvers Hostel.

The Students’ Union visited Bvers Hostel again, engaging the Manager with series of questions. For the records, the Manager claimed that the septic tank was last evacuated in 2017 and that he covered it. The first aid box of the hostel (photographed on the spot) was filled with brushes and litters. He was unable to give convincing answers to most of the questions he was asked about how the Management of the hostel checks the condition of the hostel.


6. Visiting the State CID where the case was transferred from Moore Police Station.

Members of the Students’ Union CEC visited the State CID, Osogbo, upon hearing that the case was being transferred to them. The case, the Union was told, was being handled at the Homicide Unit. A visit was paid to the officers in charge. There, the President-elect, Olayiwola Folahan Festus “Reform,” communicated the unwavering interest of the student community, as represented by the Union, to see that justice is gotten for late Miss Ajibola Heritage. There, the Union met again the Manager of Bvers who had been arrested on Thursday who was now kept in detention at State CID.

With the Union CEC were Class Reps from Miss Heritage Ajibola’s class. The activities of the Union have thus far included an open communication between the Union and the Departmental association.

7. Participating in the Candlelight Procession for Miss Heritage Ajibola.

The Students’ Union took active participation in the Candlelight Procession done for Miss Heritage Ajibola. The Union, through the Public Relations Officer-elect, consoled students at Aluta Square where the Procession ended. Assurances were also given not only about seeing justice done for Heritage but also comprehensively dealing with all issues regarding welfare of students.

Viva Aluta!

As the issue unfolds, Inside OAU media would keep you updated

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ASUU OAU branch hits back at OAU’s VC over “cheap blackmail” and refusal to disburse EAA funds to deserving members

It is no longer news that ASUU OAU branch has embarked on an indefinite strike since Monday thereby crippling activities in the institution.

Although, the University management insisted that academic activities would still continue while the strike on, but a great number of ASUU lecturers have refused to lecture students.

The heat of the situation just got a bit higher as members of ASUU OAU expressed their grievances on campus streets today. Moreso, the Union union released a fresh statement accusing the Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede led administration of “cheap blackmail”.

Read full details in the release below:

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Dear Comrades,

The current strike action was declared by ASUU OAU Branch on 31st January, 2022 because of the failure of the University Administration, led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede, to effect
the payment of EAA to deserving members of the branch despite series of meetings with ASUU Executive and interventions by the Zonal Coordinator, National President and some elders in the Union/University.

The Branch Strike Coordinating Committee (BSCC) commends members and their families for their perseverance and absolute commitment to the branch’s struggle towards ensuring that our EAA is paid without any further delay. Please be assured that we shall enforce the rights of all our members to be paid their EAA.

The administration however resorted to cheap blackmail against the Union that we were not ready to subject our computation to verification as well as other propaganda. It was shocking that the first place we encountered the word “verification was on social media as reported by a name never known to law. We have since submitted all required documents for the so called verification yet the VC refused to disburse
our EAA. The Union is left with no other option than the present action and our members should rest assure that we shall not succumb to blackmail.

No member of the Union should attend any statutory meeting, physical or virtual, for whatever reason in the course of the strike. Do not allow yourself to be used in any manner whatsoever. Remember: all acts of violation of the ongoing struggle are betrayals. Where and when in doubt, consult the Chairperson or Branch Strike Coordination Committee (BSCC) for further information and action.

As ASUU members, we should intensify our activities in the areas of public enlightenment to give explanations as to why we are on strike and all the efforts made by the Union to avert this avoidable situation because of the envisaged impacts on academic activities, especially on our students as well as our members we should be resolute and note that no amount of threat or directive by the administration should be allowed to derail our struggle our strike is just and patriotic United we win, divided be beg!

Adéglá Oyèbísí Egbędokun

Keep following the Inside OAU blog to get updates on the conflict between ASUU OAU and the VC.

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The Director of students affairs warns students against the illegal sale of bedspace on campus.

In a release from the office of the DSA today, the DSA frowned about the sale of bedspaces by the rightful owners. Moreso, the DSA wrote that both sellers and buyers could lose their studentship if caught.

Read the full details below:


It has come to the notice of the Division of Student Affairs that some Students have started selling the bed-spaces allocated to
them. It is important to remind and warn those engaging in these illegal practices to desist from doing so.

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Illegal sales and transfer of bed-spaces are against the regulations guiding the allocation of bed-spaces in the Halls of Residence.
Therefore, any offender would be dealt with accordingly. Both sellers and buyers are putting their studentship at risk.

New students are strongly advised to beware of these illegal vendors.

Prof. I. O. Aransi,
Dean, Division of Student Affairs,
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

However, we advice that students shouldn’t sell their bedspaces to avoid being expelled from the institution.

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Obafemi Awolowo University ASUU lecturers have today embarked on an indefinite strike. This news was made known to the Great Ife populace after the union’s congress. Before now, the Union had expressed their grievances to the federal government over unpaid bonuses that was promised.

Check out details of the ASUU congress below;

The Congress was called to order at about 10.16 am. Items on the agenda were adopted as follows: (i) Update an EAA Disbursement.

Update on EAA Disbursement

Chairman briefed congress on the series of engagement the executive has had with some senior members of the University community. He also reported his phone conversation with the Vice Chancellor. Congress noted that there was no serious commitment on the part of the University to effect payment of EAA to deserving members. Congress also noted that all political and diplomatic means to resolve the imbroglio has failed. Consequently, the congress resolved that:
i. Total, Comprehensive and Indefinite Strike should commence immediately.
ii. The strike must not be called off without a congress resolution to the effect.
iii. Payment of EAA must be based on ASUU computation. Anything short of this would unacceptable.
iv. The Strike Coordinating Committee be set up to monitor the strike.

Based on the above and on the strength of the permission granted by ASUU National
President, the Chairman, on behalf of the congress declared the commencement of ASUU OAU’s strike at exactly 11:53 am.

Adjournment: Congress rose at about 12 noon.

As it stands, the strike has been declared officially, but not all lecturers would go on strike as not all lecturers are under OAU ASUU. OAU lecturers are partly divided into 2 unions, ASUU and CONUA. While the lecturers under ASUU are on strike the lectures under CONUA will continue giving students lectures.

As a result of this, it’s adviceable for students to remain on campus and attend the available lectures. Moreso, study ahead for courses in which the lecturers are on strike.

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It is no longer news that there has been security threats on students lives and properties especially, off campus. Also, that has been one of the reasons why Ooni of Ife declared a curfew in the town from 11pm to 5am.

In response to this, the Great Ife Students’ Union CEC has started taking drastic measures to ensure the safety of student lives. Check out some of the steps already taken by the Union in the announcement made through the PRO below.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Building, OAU
[email protected]


TODAY, Sunday, 30 January 2022, Hall-to-Hall announcements were made about the burning issues of insecurity and the welfare of Great Ife students. The announcements, which continue tomorrow, Monday, 31 January 2022, have become imperative due to the fact that there have been threats to security on and especially off campus. The announcements were also of great importance because of the troubling issue of water scarcity that have become prevalent almost across all Halls of Residence.

Speaking at Akintola, Fajuyi, Moremi and Alumni Halls, the President-elect called on all students, fresh and returning, to be more security conscious for their own safety and the safety of others, as security of lives and properties on OAU campus can only be sustained through collective responsibility. Fresh students were charged to not yield to the antics of thieves and perpetuators of other social vices by being more security conscious. The President-elect also assured students of the readiness of the Union officers-elect to swiftly intervene in any issue that affects their welfare.

In commitment to welfare of students, consultations are being made on the issue of water scarcity with a sense of urgency so that adequate water supply is restored in earnest. While this issue is being resolved, students are implored to exercise patience. With efforts made so far, it is expected that there will be water supply in the affected Halls very soon.

However, the management of Inside OAU Innovations also urges all students to stay safe and remain vigilant at all times. May God keep us safe.

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