The Federal Government on Friday announced the suspension of microblogging and social networking service, Twitter, in Nigeria.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed,
announced the suspension in a statement issued in Abuja on Friday, citing the persistent use of the platform for activities that are
capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence.

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He also announced that the Federal Government has also directed the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to immediately commence the process of licensing all OTT and social media operations in Nigeria.”

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The Obafemi Awolowo University has announced plans and activities to mark it’s 60th anniversary.
The plans for the Diamond jubilee anniversary which marks 60 years of the University’s existence was released earlier today by the 60th Anniversary Celebration Committee and presented by Professor Charles Ukeje, the chairman of the committee.

The activities of the anniversary

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Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), formerly known as University of Ife, is a Federal government owned institution situated in the ancient city of Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. The university was founded in 1961 and classes commenced in October 1962 as the University of Ife, it was later renamed Obafemi Awolowo University on 12 May 1987 in honour of Chief Obafemi Awolowo (1909–1987), the first premier of the Western Region of Nigeria, whose brainchild the university was.

The Diamond Jubilee Anniversary will be celebrated over the course of a week from Sunday, 6th June 2021 to Friday, 11th June 2021 and the entire University Community has been invited.

Call for volunteers

There have also been calls for Volunteers for the event, if you are in your penultimate, final or post Graduate years and you are interested in the effective facilitation of the event, contact [email protected] to signify your interests.

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Every May 27th is recognised as Children’s day in Nigeria. It’s set aside as a public holiday to celebrate kids and gift giving on this day isn’t a strange sight.

It’s name might deceive you to believe that the day is only for children but well,we have some University undergraduates who also qualify to receive children’s day gifts especially if they are your girlfriends.

I will be addressing some reasons or some characters your OAU girlfriend possesses that qualifies her as a recipient for Children’s day gift. Here we go;

She is a Daddy’s girl

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Me and you know that Daddy’s girls rarely grow old

She cries when she gets an unfavorable result

Adults don’t cry over issues like this, we meuve

She stays in Maintenance

I don’t like to say this but you guys will agree with me that most of the ladies staying at Maintenance are childish

She offers to return your gifts when you fight

What an exceptional way to show she is still a kid

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She still drinks Caprisonne,fresh yo and others

Bro, you are dating your younger sister

She watches cartoons

Get her an anime or a Tom and Jerry movie

She eats Cornflakes and Golden morn

Which adult does that

Her shoe size is between size 32 and 39

A konkoshoe for her day won’t be a bad idea

She is the last born

Join her parents and older siblings in spoiling the small child she is

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She is always emotional

Na small small children dey do that Kain thing

She calls Mummy and Daddy every single day

Spoil her bro,get her those precious gifts. Little girl deserves it

Who or what do you think deserves to be here,drop it in the comments section and join the community in discussing what they deserve as gifts.

Culled from Zikoko

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced the date for the 2023 general elections in the country.

Prof Mahmood Yakubu,current INEC chairman, made the announcement on Wednesday at a one-day public hearing on the National Electoral Offences Commission (Establishment) Bill 2021, organized by the Senate Committee on INEC.

According to the INEC boss, the 2023 general elections are exactly one year, nine months, two weeks and six days or 660 days away.

In his speech,the INEC Chairman said, “By the principle established by the Commission, the 2023 General Election will hold on Saturday 18th February 2023 which is exactly one year, nine months, two weeks and six days or 660 days from today,”

“We hope to release the Timetable and Schedule of Activities for the General Election immediately after the Anambra Governorship election scheduled to hold on 6th November 2021.

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“In order to do so, there should be clarity and certainty about the electoral legal framework to govern the election. We are confident that the National Assembly will do the needful in earnest.” he continued.

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Yakubu noted that one of the numerous responsibilities carried out by the commission is the prosecution of electoral offenders, describing it as the most challenging duty for INEC.

He lamented the delay in the prosecution of electoral offenders has been one of the most challenging tasks for the commission since its establishment.

He added, “For instance, since the 2015 general election, 125 cases of electoral offences were filed in various courts out of which 60 convictions have been secured so far, including the most recent one in Akwa Ibom State.

“The commission would like to see more successful prosecution of offenders, not just of ballot box snatchers and falsifiers of election results but most importantly their sponsors.

“We look forward to the day when highly placed sponsors of thuggery, including party chieftains and candidates that seek to benefit from violations of the law, are apprehended. We believe that the work of the proposed Commission will help in this regard.”

Source: Channels tv

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The Obafemi Awolowo University has on Saturday,6th of March announced the dates for resumption of physical classes, Inside OAU Innovations can confirm.

A circular released to this effect reads;



Students from these Faculties are expected to come to campus on the scheduled date against their Faculties for the practical contents of their courses. They are to comply strictly with COVID-19 protocols while on campus.

Do you have a groundbreaking story you would like us to publish? Please reach us through [email protected]

First Group:
Monday, 8th of March,2021 to Friday, 26th of March, 2021

  1. Science – Parts 1 to 4
  2. Pharmacy – Parts 1 to 4
  3. BMS Parts 1 to 2 Nursing and 1 to 3 Med. Rehab
  4. Clinical – Parts 1 to 3
  5. Dentistry – Parts 1 to 3
  6. Education (Science related) – Parts 1 to 4
  7. Social Sciences – Parts 1 to 4

Second Group
Monday, 29th of March, 2021 to Friday, 16th of April, 2021

  1. Administration – Parts 1 to 4
  2. Agriculture – Parts 1 to 3, 5
  3. Arts – Parts 1 to 4
  4. EDM – Parts 1 to 5
  5. Technology -Parts 1 to 5
  6. Education (Arts related) – Parts 1 to 4.

ABIODUN OLAREWAJU Public Relations Officer,
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

Inside OAU Innovations wishes all OAU students the best in their studies.

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We must have all heard some interesting/damning reports/stories about the Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile Ife at some points in our pre-University life to have gotten interested in the institution and to the extent of even picking it in JAMB.

From it being the most beautiful African campus to it’s Aluta spirit,from it’s special Shana breeds to it’s beautiful Aro culture and all in between,Ogbafemi has never run out of ways to endear aspirants even after strong warnings from first hand witnesses of the school’s strong hands.

These information could have been gotten from story teller brothers,sisters,aunts and uncles,from a proud neighbour,friend or even the internet but there is always this truth,not all these people or set of people have attended OAU(like me now,I first learnt about OAU from an uncle who never attended OAU).

You will wonder how these people know this much but don’t worry,I will let you know in case you also want to join this set of OAU Praise singers;

1. Watch Citation

Do you have a groundbreaking story you would like us to publish? Please reach us through [email protected]
Just watch this movie with an OAU student and you will know half the whole of OAU

The 2020 movie ‘Citation’ mainly shot in OAU should be your first step to being a quasi-Great Ife,at least you have known most of the major landmarks in the school.

2. Wear Hoodies and Crocs

Till today,Google has not gotten the chemistry between OAU guys and hoodie+crocs

You have to buy at least a pair of crocs and a hoodie,preferably a OAU logo emblazoned one and try to make people know that that is the traditional Guy dressing in Ogbafemi.

3. Live in Ife

Me telling you to live in Ife doesn’t mean you should be living in Ife city or Edun Abon and you telling me you are living in campus area o

There is no set of people feeling more entitled to owning OAU than Ife Indigenes or people staying in its environs. Even those that did not attend the University will tell you everything you need to know about the school.

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4. Always introduce yourself as a Great Ife

Quick quick,dont let them ask you

Don’t make people ask you before you let them know you are a Great Ife. With this you have set the right foot forward in the convo to follow. Whether you are just a Predite or a student of an affiliated College of Education like ACE Ondo doesn’t matter as long as you are already fully loaded with necessary information. BONUS: Have a good story to tell de

5. Follow anything Great Ife or OAU on twitter

You should follow this type of account

Once you follow any of this kind of account,just know the whole battalion of OAU Twitter community will come for your account. Don’t be afraid though,with a good exposure and rapport with the OAU twitter community,you are sure to know a great deal of happenings within the school which is a plus for your scheme.

6. Know the Great Ife anthem

You don blow with this… BONUS:Attend weddings of alumni and prove the hoodlum in you with the anthem

A strong indicator that OAU has entered you is the anthem,learn it passionately for days you will need it.

7. Know the nooks and crannies of Ogbafemi

This is the real deal

You must know every corner of the school,with this you will be able to provide a good layout of the school and tell a good story when called upon,it doesn’t matter if it is a lie though. BONUS: Know popular joints on Campus.

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8: You must have squat in a school hostel before

No one tells OAU stories better than squatters

You can’t pass for a quasi-Great Ife without this,so carry your 6′ inch bed and off you go to Awo hall to find some Aro observers to squat with. You squat at your own double risk though.

9. Follow Inside OAU Innovations on;

Twitter: @insideoauMedia

Facebook: Inside OAU Media

Instagram: insideoaumedia

You will be seemlessly updated on everything happening inside OAU,you see it’s a lifetime chance for you to actualise your dream of being an ‘Un-OAU Great Ife’.

10. Revisit this piece every two weeks

Revision is key

You know revision is key in all you do,so as you practise all above,try to fall back to this article so that you won’t go off track at some point.

May God be with you!!

[convertkit form=3212458]

Dear OAU aspirants, especially you that you are doing agidi that you must be a Great Ife,this is for you. Don’t say we didn’t tell you when you start witnessing these things firsthand in Ogbafemi.

OAU is only fine on paper,it’s not fine at all in reality o,you will read till your ancestors beg you to stop

in fact people run mad from reading here o

Don’t say we didn’t tell you that you will drag towngboro bus o

Lets see how you will come to class early if you no rough am

Those change you leave with Iya Shaki in your street and return a month later to collect. Don’t try it in Ife o,just forget about it after 10 hours

A whole pepsi/viewing centre money gone,just like that!!

You that you are ajebo and can’t stand insults,how will you survive OAU Aro bayi

Do you have a groundbreaking story you would like us to publish? Please reach us through [email protected]
Just dey your day,if they call you mumu,answer with Yes sir! Let God fight for you

OAU students love Aluta o,you still want to come

Their wahala too much… Let them just reinstate Student Union

You this lady that love money,OAU guys no get money o

Na only packaging and beans dem get

OAU lecturers don’t tolerate casual/fashion/vogue appearance o,that your durag,crazy,dread,you know the rest no follow for Ogbafemi o

You still want to come?

Stress and struggle in all it’s glory is there o

Your head still never follow you talk

Feminists and agnostics are plenty in OAU o

How will you that carry patriarchy and religion on top your head like wig survive like this

This OAU you want to come,some people are already regretting the decision and can’t wait to graduate with their OAU let my people go o

Set Awon EFCC

Parties and Clubs are plenty in OAU/Ife o,takenote,you that you want to be serious

How will you come out with first class bayi

They don’t share First class in OAU o,you work for it

You better stay in your UNILAG where your only hindrance is love of money and girls


Some OAU lecturers demand for matric number at every slightest opportunity/mistake you make

Dont ask me why

If you are Great Ife and we know,we will sing our anthem at your wedding o

Don’t say we didn’t tell you o

If you have successfully gone through this and you still have coconut mind,you are the type OAU is looking for

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Tesla CEO,Elon Musk

Earlier this year, Elon Musk skyrocketed to the summit of the global rich list after a series of success with various start ups.

The Tesla CEO is now worth $187 billion dollars,thanks to the growth of Tesla,an investment in cryotocurrency,Space X and a host of others. We will be addressing who Elon Musk is.

Here’s how he went from getting bullied in school to becoming a small-time entrepreneur and eventually the CEO of two major companies that seem like they’re straight out of science fiction — and how he almost went broke along the way, incited lawsuits and government scrutiny, and became one of the most controversial figures in the world of business.

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa.

His parents divorced in 1979 but he and his younger brother, Kimbal, decided to live with their father. He had a tumultuous relationship with his father.

Do you have a groundbreaking story you would like us to publish? Please reach us through [email protected]

In 1983, at the age of 12, Musk sold a simple game called “Blastar” to a computer magazine for $500. Musk described it as “a trivial game … but better than Flappy Bird.”

Musk’s school days weren’t easy as he was always bullied. He was once hospitalized after being beaten by bullies. The bullies threw Musk down a set of stairs and beat him until he blacked out.

After graduating from high school, Musk moved to Canada with his mother Maye, his sister Tosca, and his brother Kimbal, and spent two years studying at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario but he actually finished his studies at the University of Pennsylvania, earning degrees in physics and economics.

Elon Musk at the University of Penn

While studying at the University of Pennsylvania, Musk and a classmate rented out a 10-bedroom frat house and turned it into a nightclub. The move, which Musk undertook with Adeo Ressi, was one of his first entrepreneurial experiments.

After graduation, Musk traveled to Stanford University to study for his PhD — but he barely started the program before leaving it. He deferred his admission after only two days in California, deciding to test his luck in the dot-com boom that was just getting underway. He never returned to finish his studies at Stanford.

With his brother, Kimbal, Musk launched Zip2. A cluster of Silicon Valley investors helped to fund the company, which provided city travel guides to newspapers like The New York Times and Chicago Tribune.

While Zip2 got off the ground, Musk literally lived in the office and showered at a local YMCA. The hard work paid off when Compaq bought Zip2 in a deal worth $341 million in cash and stock, earning Musk $22 million.

Musk next started, an online banking company. He launched the company in 1999 using $10 million of the money he got from the Zip2 sale. About a year later, merged with Confinity, a financial startup cofounded by Peter Thiel, to form PayPal.

Musk was named the CEO of the newly minted PayPal — but it wouldn’t last long. In October 2000, he started a huge fight among the PayPal cofounders by pushing for them to move its servers from the free Unix operating system to Microsoft Windows. PayPal cofounder and then CTO Max Levchin pushed back, hard. While Musk was en route to Australia for a much-needed vacation, PayPal’s board fired him and made Thiel the new CEO.

But things worked out for Musk — he made another windfall when eBay bought PayPal in late 2002. As PayPal’s single biggest shareholder, he netted $165 million of the $1.5 billion price eBay paid.

Even before the PayPal sale, Musk was dreaming up his next move, including a wild plan to send mice or plants to Mars. In early 2002, Musk founded the company that would be known as Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, with $100 million of the money received from the PayPal sale. Musk’s goal was to make spaceflight cheaper by a factor of 10.

SpaceX’s long-term goal is to make colonizing Mars affordable. Musk has said that SpaceX won’t file for an initial public offering until what Musk calls the “Mars Colonial Transporter” is flying regularly.

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Musk has also been busy here on Earth, particularly with Tesla Motors. In 2004, Musk made the first of what would be $70 million of total investments in Tesla, an electric car company cofounded by veteran startup exec Martin Eberhard.

Musk took an active product role at Tesla, helping develop its first car, the Roadster. The all-electric Roadster debuted in 2006, when Musk was serving as Tesla’s chairman. He’s now also its CEO.

As if that wasn’t enough, Musk came up with the idea for SolarCity, a solar energy company. Musk gave his cousins Peter and Lyndon Rive the working capital to get SolarCity off the ground in 2006. (In late 2016, Tesla bought SolarCity in a $2.6 billion deal.)

Elon Musk with SolarCity

In 2007, Musk staged a boardroom coup at Tesla, first ousting Eberhard from his CEO seat and then from the company’s board and executive suites entirely.

In 2008, with the financial crisis seriously limiting his options, Musk personally saved Tesla from bankruptcy. Musk invested $40 million in Tesla and loaned the company $40 million more. Not coincidentally, he was named the company’s CEO the same year.

But between SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity, Musk nearly went broke. He describes 2008 as “the worst year of my life.” Tesla kept losing money, and SpaceX was having trouble launching its Falcon 1 rocket. By 2009, Musk was living off personal loans just to survive.

Musk’s personal life was in upheaval too: Musk and his wife Justine, a Canadian author, got divorced in 2008. The couple got married in 2000 — their first son, Nevada, died of SIDS at 10 weeks old (the Musks later went on to have twin and triplet boys).

Musk started dating actress Talulah Riley later that year. They went on to get married in 2010, then divorced in 2012. In July 2013, they remarried. In December 2014, Musk filed for a divorce but withdrew the paperwork. In March 2016, Riley filed for divorce; that divorce was finalized in October.

Right around Christmas 2008, Musk got two pieces of good news: SpaceX had landed a $1.5 billion contract with NASA to deliver supplies into space, and Tesla finally found more outside investors.

By June 2010, Tesla held a successful initial public offering. The company raised $226 million in the IPO, becoming the first car company to go public since Ford in 1956. To get his finances back on track, Musk sold shares worth about $15 million in the offering.

Tesla Electric cars

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Musk’s extraordinary career was starting to get noticed in other circles, too, most notably in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Tony Stark in the “Iron Man” movies is at least partially based on Musk. Musk even had a cameo in “Iron Man 2.”

By the end of 2015, SpaceX had made 24 launches on assignments like resupplying the International Space Station, setting lots of records along the way. In 2016, the SpaceX Falcon 9 made the first successful ocean landing of a reusable orbital rocket.
spacex may 6 2016 night launch stars time lapse.

Space X

The Falcon Heavy, the successor to the Falcon 9 and the most powerful rocket SpaceX has built to date, completed a successful maiden launch in February 2018. The Falcon Heavy carried a unique payload: a dummy dubbed “Starman,” and Musk’s personal cherry red Tesla Roadster, which were launched toward Martian orbit.
Falcon heavy launch spacex.

In a similar vein, Musk started another company in 2016 — The Boring Company, which has a mission to dig a network of tunnels under and around cities for high-speed, no-traffic driving.

The Boring Company

And in late 2015, Musk cofounded OpenAI, a nonprofit dedicated to researching artificial intelligence and ensuring it doesn’t destroy humanity.

Musk has expressed concern that the race for better AI could end up sparking a third world war.

More recently, Musk announced he was stepping down from the board of OpenAI in February 2018 to avoid any potential conflicts of interest with Tesla, which has made strides into artificial intelligence for its self-driving car technology.

Musk founded one more company, this one in 2017: Neuralink, which is trying to build devices that can be implanted inside the human brain.

Musk started dating “Aquaman” actress Amber Heard, but the two broke up in 2017 after a year of dating. Musk later said in an interview with Rolling Stone that the breakup was very hard on him.

The year was a bit rocky from a political standpoint as well. Musk joined President Trump’s business advisory council, a move which caused a huge public backlash. He initially defended the move, but he quit after Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Musk said he tried to convince Trump not to withdraw.

In the spring of 2018, there was a new development in Musk’s personal life — he and the musician Grimes struck up a relationship. They reportedly hit it off after they both made the same nerdy joke about artificial intelligence.

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Musk ran into some trouble in 2018 when he sent a tweet declaring he was considering taking Tesla private at $420 per share and had already secured funding. Just a few days later, the SEC sent Tesla subpoenas about the company’s plans to go private and Musk’s comments.

By September, the SEC had formally filed a lawsuit against Musk, accusing him of making “false and misleading statements.” Musk settled with the SEC, which resulted in both him and Tesla paying a $20 million fine and Musk agreeing to step down as chairman of Tesla’s board.

Additionally, Tesla was required to appoint a committee to oversee Musk’s communications.

In November 2019, Musk debuted a new Tesla vehicle: the Cybertruck, Tesla’s first — and very highly anticipated — pickup truck. Since the unveiling, Musk has been spotted a few times cruising around in the truck, including on a night out to dinner at Nobu with Grimes.

Tesla Cybertruck

One month later, Musk won a victory in court when a jury ruled he was not guilty of defaming the British diver Vernon Unsworth. Unsworth had filed a defamation lawsuit in 2018 after Musk called him a “pedo guy” on Twitter.

In the summer of 2018, Unsworth took part in the rescue operation of 12 boys and their soccer coach who were trapped in a cave in Thailand. Musk had offered his help with the rescue mission in the form of a “minisub,” which Unsworth called a “PR stunt,” leading Musk to insult him on Twitter.

Grimes dropped a bombshell in January 2020 when she posted a photo of herself where she appeared pregnant. The musician later confirmed that she was expecting a baby with Musk.

Musk has been outspoken about the coronavirus crisis in the US since early March, when he first tweeted that panic over the virus was “dumb.”

Since then, Musk has gone on to promote a malaria drug as a potential treatment for COVID-19 patients despite a lack of scientific proof, has caused confusion over his promise to deliver ventilators to hospitals, and has promoted misinformation, such as a tweet that said “kids are essentially immune” from the virus.

Musk has also called US shelter-in-place orders “fascist” and has defied local lockdown orders, reopening the Tesla plant in Fremont, California. “If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me,” Musk said in early May. (Local officials later allowed Tesla to reopen its operations.)

In November, Musk tweeted his skepticism about coronavirus testing after he received two positive and two negative tests from different labs, saying: “Something extremely bogus is going on.” Musk later said he likely had a moderate case of COVID-19, which prevented him from attending a recent SpaceX launch.

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Despite having a substantial real estate portfolio, Musk recently said that he “will own no house” and would sell almost all of his physical possessions. He has since reportedly sold two of his Bel Air homes and listed several other properties in California.

On May 4, Grimes gave birth to a baby boy who the couple named X Æ A-Xii Musk, or “X Ash A-12 Musk.”

X Æ A-Xii Musk

SpaceX has had two major milestones this year: first, in May, SpaceX partnered with NASA to complete its first launch of astronauts into space. Then, in November, SpaceX completed its first “operational” human spaceflight by sending four astronauts to the International Space Station for what’s expected to be a six-month stay.

Tesla has also been having a good year: It’s set to join the S&P 500 in December, which has caused its stock to soar. Now, the company’s market value is nearing $500 billion.
tesla battery day
Tesla’s Battery Day event earlier this year.

Now, thanks to Tesla’s stock surging in 2020, Musk is the richest person in the world with a net worth of $187 billion. Musk’s wealth has surpassed Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, and now, Jeff Bezos.

Tesla roadster

He is now interested in Dogecoin,a coin he described as the people’s crypto,he announced on February 8 that he and Tesla would be investing $1.5 billion in Bitcoin thereby making the currency to skyrocket to a new high,Tesla will start accepting Bitcoin as payment for it’s services

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Being a Great Ife comes with it’s own flex,you are in Africa’s most beautiful campus,you sabi Aluta,your school ranks well in best university ranking,your family and friends respect you,you be Shana and you still fine join,spec.

But have you ever wondered how you managed to pull some things off or you haven’t even given it a thought,either ways it proves you are smart.

I will be taking you guys through some of the shits you have successfully gone through as students in Ogbafemi,if you didn’t go through half of the things on this list,go and recheck your status on the school portal,there should be a mixup somewhere!

When you pick OAU in JAMB

Oau list
God,please I must make this OAU…By thunder by fire🤲🏾

When you pass JAMB with a little over 200

Do you have a groundbreaking story you would like us to publish? Please reach us through [email protected]

When OAU finally gives you admission

You on Eve of resumption

When this night go finish bayi🤭

When you are resuming OAU and you are seeing fine fine buildings

And na this same Nigeria this one too dey🥰

During Fresher registration(faculty,departmental,MSSN/GLOGSFE,health center etc registration.


I can’t take this anymore😩

Classes haven’t commenced and you have started doing overnights and tutorials,you have visited Oluwasanmi countless times

Iwe ogba,5.0 candidate😌

You: I am definitely graduating with first class from this OAU,I am my school’s best student ever,I am my family’s MVP,I won an international quiz competition,I am the one to break this department’s record,blah blah blah!!!


Gentlemen shall we👺?

After first semester examinations

Intense dangerous thoughts😕

When you return home for holidays in your OAU branded T shirt

Put some respeck on my name mehn😎(hmm,his portal is burning o)

When you see your portal after Part one examinations

Ahh,this thing no be shere shere o🥺

You the stale stalite

Cheers to my fellow class stabbers

Awo boys doing their Aro

Broda towo skirt kilen wa ni room wa🥴

You doing Aluta

Of the Greatest gba gba😠

When you as an Awo guy use Crocs and hoodie to snatch a Moz queen from an Angola guy

Ko easy mehn😎

The Angola guy’s response to you snatching his Anglomoz bae

You sef go tush yourself up😏

When you are one Mark shy of a Grade

This is unfair🥶

Exam time…


Your timetable: Monday: IRS206(9am) SSC(3pm)… Tuesday: Soc… Wednesday: ECN,Thursday:CHM(9am),PHY(4PM)… Friday:MTH


OAU,kuku kill me na😫

Your geng escorting the Shana in ur midst to the Exam hall

Protect him,he is King🤡

You seeing first ‘A’on your portal

Omo,I will screenshot,frame and hang this result🤩

OAU: Go to special electives class or go to prison


We die here😈

You when you realise you have just 3 semesters to your Graduation

How will I graduate with 2 1 bayi,it’s high time I take my portal serious🤔

When you finally Graduate

I finally made it🙈(Moremi brother,with which grade o🥴)

You at a Great Ife wedding or alumni meeting

Random OAU hoodlums:

Great Ife Great Ife Africa’s most beautiful campus… Of the Greatest Gba gba🤡

So we have come to the end of this edition’s list,feel free to drop which you think should make the list or not,your proposal will be addressed in the next edition. Till then,have a nice day Of the Greatest hoodlums😏

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The OAU Centre for Distance Learning(OAU-CDL) has made it known to the public that it is still accepting applications from candidates. A statement gotten by reads;

Special Notice – 2020/2021 JUPEB & Pre-Degree Programmes
Due to the directives from the the Federal Government of Nigeria, the general public is hereby notified as follows:

It is compulsory for every student to come with their Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer

Supplementary entrance Examination for both Pre-Degree and JUPEB Programmes now holds on the 11th of February, 2021.
Thank you.
OAU-CDL Management.


Do you have a groundbreaking story you would like us to publish? Please reach us through [email protected]

If you are interested in taking the Examinations,you can visit

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