Are you concerned about the future security of your dream career or about the evolvement of the world’s demand of jobs? if so, this article is definitely for you (sit back and enjoy).
There has been a general evolution from the last 20 years compared to 200 decades ago some of the most paying and ranked jobs no longer exists e.g VCR Repairman, Video store employee, Leech collector and so on.
However, below are the jobs with great future opportunities in the future and with awesome monetary rewards.


Research by the career junctions postulates that financial management ranks among the three highest demanded sectors and as you know the higher the demand the higher the price due to the economic situation and the need for financial intelligence financial managers are highly demanded. Financial managers are responsible for the optimum financial health of an organization, they create financial report, develop financial goals of a company and drives the organization to achieve this financial goals also they oversees the finances, provides financial guidance to clients and supervise economic stability. Financial managers has been predicted to grow 17% from 2020 to 2030 which exceeds most occupations. 64,200 opportunities are provided each year because finance is as important as living.
The rate at which they are being sought after is amazing because of the skills, professionalism and proficiency it requires to be exceptional in this fields and the relavance of this job has risen over the years.

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Data science is a job description that involves transforming business data into assets that helps companies improve funds and reduce production cost. It is a job that requires dexterity in mathematics, business acumen, machine learning.
It’s a great career that takes not much time to learn coupled with amazing opportunities for advancement in the future. It’s important you know that they are competitively sought after, “the LinkedIn ascribed data science as the most promising career” .
The US Bureaus of Labour statistics predicted 28% increase in demand for data science and Glass door qualifies it as the best job in America.

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Software engineers design and creates software, they research and design new programs by employing the knowledge of engineering to soft ware development. They are responsible for analyzing and modifying software application.
According to US Bureau of Labour statistics, the job opportunity is predicted to increase by 22% from 2020 to 2030, the US news and world report ranked software development occupation as the second overall job in the 100 best jobs in 2021. Software developers are among the most sought jobs all over the world.

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Due to the current state of depression in the world, people have sought for ways to improve their mental health thus promoting this profession. Video game designers works typically in studio or office setting with some other professional there are many job opportunities in video game designing which includes lead designing, level designer, mechanic designer and content designer. They focus mainly on developing user friendly games for mobile devices, websites and computers. It takes creativity to be successful in this career because it requires wild mental imaginations. Statistically the demand of video games has been predicted to increase 5.31% every year.

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They include physicians, dietitians, nurses and occupational therapist. Medical occupation is a very respected profession. According to American Medical association, an health care professional is anyone suited by education and training. They are responsible for educating and enlightening the populance about how to maintain a healthy lives, prevention of diseases and infection. They are also in the best position to offer medication and proffer solutions to diseases.
They offer essential services to promote health,prevent diseases and deliver health care services to individual, families and communities.

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The world is evolving, we need to evolve too and think of professions outside the box. I hope you gained one or two things from this article, thank you for reading.

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