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Have you ever wondered and thought about what you can do that will make your Nigerian Parent disown you?. Funny right? But, it is the truth. As a child, there are some boundaries you will cross that will make your parent disown you. It is just kind of strange how the woman that gave birth to you in this world ceases to be your mother. It is natural. Let us look at things we can do that can make our parents disown us and make them neglect us and treat us like shit. Na small thing dey vex them. Some of the things you can do are:

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1. Breaking Several Plates

If you know African parents truly well, you’ll know breaking a plate is an offence, lol. You know those favorite plates they cherish the most, if you mistakenly break any of them, trust me, you are gone. Be ready to pack your bags and leave their house.

2. Dodging A Slap/ Holding Their Hands

You are surprised right? Nigerian parents are just too dramatic. You just mistakenly dodge a cane/a slap, be ready to face the consequences. You’ll hear things like beat me, you want to beat me right, I didn’t beat my parents, but beat me. Holding their hands is the height of it! It’s reflex, you just mistakenly hold their hands, just know you’ve beat them and you’re ready to move out of their house.

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3. Laziness

This is the funniest, you don’t need to be disowned, you’ll leave yourself because you also know you can’t live with Nigerian parents with a lazy bone, how, where, when? Lol. Once you pack out of their house, just know you’re no longer their child.

4. Coming late at night

This habit is enough to make your parent to disown you. If you are the night walker, trust me you are gone. You stayed out late and you’re expecting your parents to welcome you with full arms, lol, you must be joking! Even though they were worried, once you’re back, that’s the end, you’re finished.

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5. Coming Second Always

This is the height of it all and you know the amount they are spending on you. You decided to come second, after the advices that the first position has just one head, you still came back home with second position. Be ready to return to where you came from, because they were always the first when they were in your class.

6. Drinking And Getting High

Well, except you come from a drinking family, don’t try to get drunk! You decided to come home all drunk and then you started spilling rubbish then you vomit again, be ready to face the panel when you sleep and wake up, better still, pack your bags and jump out of the window because you’ll have to explain who your rolemodel is.

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We know our parents will never disown us over all these, it’s just to express how Over Dramatic our parents can be. We’re definitely going to miss this Generation of parents, because there’d be less drama from our present generation. Is there anything you think can add to this list? Kindly add it in the comment section.

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