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As we all know, ASUU strike has been on and on for over three months and I’m sure everyone of us at home have things to say about how they have been treating us at home, for some, it has been bitterlemon while for some, it has been sweetcola.

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To know how OAU Students’ experience has been with their parents during this break, we threw the questions out and below is the compilation of their experiences during this break.

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Bimbo, 21

For me, it has been a sugar lemon experience, because I only visit home once in a while. I can’t afford to stay in that house and turn their housegirl, I rather visit home once in a while.

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Aramide, 20

Mine pass bitterlemon, it has not been a good one at all, I don turn houseboy for here. Me wey be say normal normal I dey wake by 8am/9am, they’ve used chores to restructure my sleeping pattern. Odidi Student of Oba awon university don dey wake by 6:30am to arrange and sweep floor everyday. Life comes at you really fast Sha.

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Tunji, 20

I don turn house boy, laundry man, cook, gate man. Even nagging here and there, I don tire self. If I see japa plan like this, I go japa o.

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Sammy, 22

Actually, I don’t have any problem at all,mine is sweetcola. I traveled home just last month, when hunger wantu fire my head! I refuse to be an independent guy for now, I dont do anything at home just sleep eat and press phone. And most of the time prepare dinner! House is very sweet that I still wish we stay home a little longer. But the only issue I have is that I’m always home alone.

Isabella, 20

Mine is bittercola o, somebody should save me o. Everyday na soso fight, especially with my mom. Do this, do that, Otisumi

“Maryam, 23

It has been very hectic. I’ve had a lot of misunderstanding with my parent and It is very boring and tiring.

Ola, 21

Mine has been sweetcola Sha, I don’t even stay at home. I go in the morning and come back in the night, I only stay at home on Sundays, so it has been sweet with them. Once they don’t see you every time, you guys will be friends but once you start staying at home, you are on your own my dear (lol).

The bitterlemon experience seems to be the case for most people, how has yours been? Share with us

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