Ramadan is here and I’m sure you’ve been planning and thinking on how it is going to be like. I know we can’t always cook as Students, we like to go for easy options. But there are some foods you need to avoid this period, not because they’re bad, but because you might get exhausted or get thirsty in no time!

1. Bread and tea.

Yes, this combination is really common. Don’t even go close, avoid anything made out of flour, because they might stimulate thirst. When you drink more than enough water, you visit the toilet often and feel light almost immediately.

2. Moin moin and custard/pap

This depends on your stomach though, but one thing you should know again is that pap is water, you’d urinate in no time and moin-moin might disturb your stomach, you might get running stomach and visit the toilet, imagine emptying your stomach, how will you get energy to enjoy the rest of the day, it’s better as Iftor, so you can empty your stomach before sahoor.

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3. Beans and Plantain

This would have been a better option for Sahoor as you’d get a full stomach for a very long time, but beans often cause running stomach, you might not enjoy the whole of your day.

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4. Noodles

Well, except you’re a natural light eater, noodles might not sustain you throughout the day, don’t come and be looking like someone that was beaten because you’re fasting.

5. Cereals

Well, except you’re taking oats, don’t even try cornflakes and that decietful goldenmorn! After an hour, you feel empty back, it feels like you’ve not even taken anything at all.

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We wouldn’t want you all to come out of Ramadan looking like someone that is not properly fed, because of what you chose to feed yourself with. Explore all kinds of food, but consider your stomach first and don’t go too heavy too. It’s a blessed month, you should remember to be generous, gentle and calm.

From all of us at Trybecity, have a wonderful Ramadan.

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