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Many people complain of not getting employed after series of Interviews with companies.
In many cases, it’s as a result of their Use of English in both writing and articulation.

This is an online English Class that will teach users some of the trends/proper usages in English Grammar, Syntax/Semantics, Linguistics, Phonology & Morphology.
However, the fallen standard in the Use of English is pitifully dicey, nauseating, and proliferating on a daily basis. Though no one is a Paragon of English. But then, you can write and speak impeccable English. Are you determined?

Test of English on Subjunctive Mood

Tutor: Good morning, everyone. Welcome to today's English Class. Today, we'll run a quick test of English on Subjunctive Mood. Here are the questions; If I ………....

Use of English: The differences between THEY, THERE & THEIR

Question: Good day, Sir. Can I get a clarification on the differences between THEIR, THEY & THERE with examples please? Answer: This question of yours...
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