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Every time Tolú wrote a new piece, was able to create an eye-catching article, got the spark for a mind-blowing idea, elation and sadness crossed paths.
Who would see her prowess, who would know she had the ability to make ‘eww’ into ‘wow’? These were the regular thoughts that came to her mind. The likes on Facebook didn’t help matters, Twitter citizens didn’t even look her way, talk of the contacts she gathered on WhatsApp… Ugh maybe they didn’t know talent when they saw it.
Faorty Godmothers come in old cloaks to test the hearts of their godchildren, they say. Talk of the regal blue and the endearing dark cloak. The symbol on the pen turned carriage. The way Inside OAU will always find you.
Tolú longed for the day someone would come to her and say ‘Did you write that work? It’s beautiful’. And when it happened, Inside OAU again was not far to help boost it.
  Elation dear elation now walks regally on the path to her face.
  This promotion led her heart out to scribble few words:
      ‘Inside and Out
      OAU now a home of elation to me
      To those who made it happen
      Left out a chance specially for you’
Why won’t you want to ride in the carriage of your pen, majestically like Tolú is doing?
Join Tolú and many others, the many others Fairy Godmothers gave Inside OAU Innovations and project Great Ifẹ̀ to the world.
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